29/06/14: Ramadan starts, the kidnapping continues

In the early hours of Sunday 29 June, as Muslim Palestinians began observing the Holy month of Ramadan, the Israeli Army invaded the village of Madama, just south of Nablus. The Army terrorised residents and ransacked the home of Abu Uday, kidnapping his son, Muhammad Naeem Faraj. The Army interrogated the members of the family, using attack dogs, before kidnapping Muhammad and taking him to an unknown location.

Muhammad’s kidnapping brings the total Palestinians kidnapped since the start of Apartheid Israel’s assault on occupied Palestine to well over 500. Many of those kidnapped will be held without trail or charge for an indefinite period. The kidnappings, conducted under the pretext of looking for 3 missing illegal settlers, include 250 children.

During this month SFP will be supporting families of those kidnapped by Apartheid Israel. We will be collecting donations for the families, many of which have lost their main breadwinner. We ask if you would kindly consider donating to support the family of a Palestinian prisoner during this month. For details of how to donate and about SFP’s Freedom Summer campaign please click here.

 قامت قوات الاحتلال يوم امس باتحويل احد الغرف في منزل السيد “ابو عدي ” الى غرفة للتحقيق الميداني , فقامت باستجواب الشاب عدي فرج و “محمد فرج ” , يضاف الى ذلك ان الجنود يقومون بالتفتيش بالمنزل بشكل همجي وبوجود الكلاب البوليسية وقامو بالعتداء على العائلة بضرب .

وبعد ذالك قامو بعتقال الشاب ” محمد نعيم فرج ” وقتياده الى جهة مجهولة

Muhammad Naeem Faraj – kidnapped from his home on the eve if Ramadan


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