02/07/14: When do “acts of revenge” become systematic terrorism?: Aqraba suffers more Zionist terrorism

On Wednesday morning,mat approximately 03:30am, illegal settlers from the terrorist group calling themselves ‘Price Tag’ attacked the village of Aqraba, just south of Nablus. Illegal settlers set fire to bales of straw, barley and bran crops belonging to Fadi Bani Jaber, and painted racist slogan on the walls of the barn. Thankfully Fadi was able to rescue the sheep from the burning buildings. The losses are estimated at thousands of dollars.

The Jewish terrorist group known as Price Tag are well known for their attacks on Palestinian property and people. They were even granted the rare honour for any Israeli terrorism, usually left unnoticed by the international community, by being mentioned in the USA State Departments monthly terrorism watch report, much to Israel’s protestations. As we have seen over the past few weeks Apartheid Israel’s crimes are deemed ‘alleged’ and ‘one off’ while any possible act by a Palestinian is ‘fact’ and ‘terrorism’.

Since the alleged kidnapping and discovery of the bodies of three settlers in the occupied West Bank area of Palestine, Palestinians have suffered an increase in the collective punishment and terrorism meted out by Apartheid Israel and it’s illegal, terrorist colonists. While world leaders and organisations condemned the deaths of the three settlers, the 10 Palestinians murdered since 12 June went unmentioned.

16 year old Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir from the Shufat neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem was kidnapped and murdered last night, in what is being described as a ‘revenge attack’. No terrorism label for this murder. Or for 15 year old Mohammad Dudeen, 17 year old Sakher Dorgham Zaamel Abu al-Hasan or 16 year old Yousef Abu Zagha. All murdered by Apartheid Israel since 12 June.

As villages and cities across Palestine brace themselves for more ‘revenge attacks’, Aqraba village is calling for the formation of local protection committees and demanding international protection from Israeli terrorism. SFP supports and will work toward this aim with Aqraba and across Palestine.

اقدم بعض المستوطنون من مجموعات  دفع الثمن صباح  يوم الاربعاء الساعه الثالثه والنصف  بحرق بركس للاغنام  يعود للمواطن فادي باسم بني جابر من عقربا  وبعد ذلك قاموا بكتابة شعارات عنصريه على الجدران  وقد قام اهالي عقربا بانقاذ الاغنام واخراجها ما البركس وقد تم حرق100باله ,و2طن شعير ,و2طن نخاله  و تقدر الخسائر بالاف الشواكل  ,,يذكر ان عقربا تعرضت اكثر من مره لاعتداءات المستوطنين وهدم منازل وبركسات ,وقد دعى نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه الى تشكيل لجان الحراسه وطالبوا بالحمايه الدوليه للشعب الفلسطيني


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