04/07/14: Anti-Palestinian pogroms increase

On Friday 4 July Palestinians in the capital of Palestine, Al Quds (Jerusalem) buried 16 year old Muhammad Abu Khdeir. Muhammad was abducted by Jewish terrorists and, as the autopsy report released on Saturday morning, he was burned alive. The pogroms against Palestinians has seen a significant increase as the Apartheid Israeli Government incites violence and allows these terrorist to attack and murder with impunity.

In the early hours of Friday morning illegal settlers drove through the village of Burin and fired live ammunition at Palestinian homes. Fortunately no Palestinians were injured and the damage to property was minimal. Youth from the village bravely attempted to chase the terrorists but they got away.

At around midnight on the same day illegal settlers drove into the village of Osarin, just south of Nablus, and abducted 22 year old Tariq Ziad Zuhdi Adeli as he was walking in the village. He was severely beaten and his leg was fractured with what doctors suspect were sharp metal objects. The bones protruded out through the skin. SFP visited Tariq on Saturday in Rafidia hospital in Nablus. He stated was abducted by two settlers but Aqraba, a nearby village, reported seeing four. It is likely the other two were lying in wait. Fortunately Tariq was still conscious enough to make a phone call to his brother who came in search of him. SFP spoke to doctors and due to the fact that his wound is open they are unable to set the bone at present. He will undergo an operation in a couple of days to reset the bone. Tariq was visible in a lot of pain when activists visited him.

At the same time Tariq was being abducted in Osarin, illegal settlers attempted to abduct a 13 year old child from Deir Al-Hateb, east of Nablus. Majed Odeh was attacked by terrorists from the illegal settlement of Elon Moreh, located to the north on stolen Palestinian land. Fortunately the attempt was thwarted by SFP members and activists from the nearby villages of Salem and Azmut. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society and the three villages are meeting to discuss the increase in pogroms and form emergency neighbourhood watch schemes to ensure residents are protected from attacks.

These three incidents are just a snapshot of what is going on in Palestine at the moment, since 3 settlers went missing in the West Bank area of Palestine and were later found dead. Immediately attacks and pogroms increased against native Palestinians despite no evidence being produced of their involvement and denials from Hamas, who the Apartheid Israeli Government blame. To date 10 Palestinians have been murdered, five of which are children and nearly 600 have been kidnapped by the Army. Jewish terrorists are determined it appears to continue their blood lust against the native Palestinian population. There have been reports across Palestine, including the capital, of further attempted to kidnap children.

SFP asks all those around the world to now make a stand in solidarity, at this crucial time, for Palestine. Please put pressure on your Governments and respective representatives to demand an end of the illegal Occupation and the return of the refugees. Now is the time to act.

في يوم الجمعة الساعة الثانية صباحا حاول عشرات المستوطنين من مستوطنة براخا الاعتداء على منازل المواطنين في قرية بورين و ياتي هذا الاعتداءات ضمن سلسة اعتداءات ينفذها المستوطنين الصهاينة بحق المواطنين الفلسطينين بعد ان وجد الثلاث جنود المختطفين في مدينة الخليل مقتولين و في يوم السبت الساعة الثانية و النصف صباحا قام مجموعة من المستوطنين باطلاق النار على احدى المنازل في قرية بورين حيث كانو يستقلون سيارة و لم يبلغ عن اصابات او اضرار

نابلس _دير الحطب

حاول مساء أمس الجمعه الموافق 4/7/2014 مجموعة من قطعان المستوطنين من مستوطنة ألون موري المقامه على اراضي قرى سالم دير الحطب عزموط شرق مدينة نابلس في الضفة الغربية إختطاف الطفل أحمد ماجد عوده من قرية دير الحطب البالغ من العمر 13 عاما حيث تصدى أهالي القرية ولجان الحراسة التابعة للجان المقاومة الشعبية لهذه الهجمة ،،حيث أقام أهالي القرى الثلاث مع لجان المقاومة الشعبية في المحافظة إجتماع طارئ مساء أمس وقاموا على تشكيل لجان لحراسة وحماية القرى ومصالحها وأهاليها من هجمات محتمله من قبل المستوطنين ،،حيث باشرت هذه اللجان نوبات الحراسه منذ مساء يوم الأربعاء الموافق 4/7/2014

Muhammad Abu Khdeir’s funeral on Friday 4 July. Muhammad was burned to death after being abducted by Jewish terrorists


Muhammad Abu Khdeir’s family in mourning


Funeral procession of 16 year old Muhammad Abu Khdeir in Shufat, Al Quds


22 year old Tariq Ziad Zuhdi Adeli from Osarin in Rafidia hospital (Saturday 5 July) after he was abducted and beaten by illegal settlers


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