14/07/14: Nablus will not allow the lights to go out for Gaza

Following their action in Huwwara checkpoint today, SFP activists joined Palestinian political parties and associations in a candle lit vigil for Gaza. Hundreds of Nablusi’s gathered to light candles and then marched around the main square of Nablus, shouting slogans and support for Gaza.

On early Monday morning the Gazan Ministry of Health stated that there were 172 murdered and 1260 injured. 36 of those murdered were children and 26 were women. In a UN OCHA briefing it was stated that 80% of those murdered were civilians. The death toll has since risen as Apartheid Israel continues it’s blood lust.

SFP implores people around the world to continue and step up their efforts by showing solidarity through demonstrations, boycotting and contacting your respective representatives to demand an end to Israel’s killing. We would also like to thank all those that have already shown their support and continue to do so. Even when the bombs stop dropping Palestine will still be occupied and we ask you all to keep the light shining on the Occupation until all of Palestine is free.


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