24/07/14: While Gaza burns so will the Occupation

Late on Wednesday evening/ Thursday morning activists erected barricades on a main road near the illegal colony of Yitzhar. Activists burnt tyres and created an earth mound to prevent the movement of settler cars around Palestine.

Activists said:

We will continue to resist the occupation and remove the Apartheid system that is built on Palestine: from the river to the sea.

Activists also confirmed that they will continue to shut down the roads to the Zionist colonies and prevent the free movement of criminals around their land.

Since the massacre on Gaza SFP has been intensifying its efforts to face and remove the Occupation from Palestine. We are very grateful to all those people around the world who have shown solidarity and also donated to help the people of Gaza. SFP would welcome any donations, big or small, you are also able to make to help fund our activities so we too can work to end the illegal Occupation, ongoing Nakba and seek justice. To find out how to donate please click here.

تمكن نشطاء من المقاومة الشعبية بعد منتصف يوم الاربعاء يوم الاربعاء من اغلاق تام لشارع مستوطنة يتسهار جنوب مدينة نابلس

حيث قام النشطاء باشعال الايطارات و وضع السواتر الترابية و الحجارة على شارع المستوطنة

وقال النشطاء انهم مستمرون في مقاومتهم الاحتلال و ازالة الفصل العنصري في كافة ارجاء فلسطين من النهر الى البحر و اكدوا انهم سيستمرون في اغلاق الطرقات على المستوطنين الصهاينة في كل مكان

Picture from previous blockades of military road by activists (archive picture - 11/07)

Picture from previous blockades of military road by activists (archive picture – 11/07)


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