24/07/14: Northern West Bank rises

On Thursday evening activists from SFP accompanied the youth of Sebastiya village as they marched on the illegal settlement of Shave Shomron. Upon arriving the youth threw fireworks towards the illegal settlement to symbolise the Israeli bombs that are currently dropping on Gaza, massacring the people.

The Army fired volley’s of tear gas at the demonstrators and then began to shot live ammunition, low velocity bullets and rubber coated steel bullets directly at demonstrators. 2 youths from the village were shot in the leg and middle chest. They were taken to Rafidia hospital in Nablus where one required an operation to remove the bullet. An SFP international volunteer was hit in the chest and was also taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

Later SFP activists also joined demonstrators at Huwwara checkpoint, just south of Nablus. The Army attacked the unarmed protesters and an SFP activist was hit in the leg with a low velocity bullet. He was kept overnight in hospital and released early Friday morning.

Demonstrations erupted across the West Bank overnight as Palestinians took to the streets to face the Occupation who have massacred nearly 800 Palestinians in Gaza. On Thursday the Israeli Army bombed a UN school in Beit Hanoun, which was sheltering nearly 800 Palestinians, mainly women and children. To date 17 were murdered in the bombing, mostly children and hundreds injured as Gazan hospital became overwhelmed with the flood of injuries. In Qalandia, near Ramallah, 1 Palestinian was shot dead and 234 shot with live ammunition as they demonstrated. Several are still in a critical condition this morning.

Palestinians have declared Friday a “Day of Rage”. SFP implores all people to take to the streets and join the struggle for freedom. Now is the time to end the Nakba, and say “no more, no more, no more”.

991079_10203718311052491_669749413_o 10478244_10203718322972789_1553802269_o 10530960_10203718390654481_1539978696_o 10559478_10203718375094092_292935182_o 10562111_10203718358133668_1702360638_o 10566112_10203718376734133_188310321_o 10567644_10203718377334148_635522039_o 10571908_10203718309212445_838180875_o 10577989_10203718305612355_1992336965_o 10578124_10203718307132393_389518600_o 10585512_10203718391454501_597653095_o 10585543_10203718374614080_1565858763_o 10585788_10203718321452751_2016591877_o

Bullet hole shown going through the chest area




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