25/07/14: The Jordan Valley rises and Nablus mourns

At noon on Friday SFP activists joined the youth of Tamon and Khirbet Atuf as they marched towards their land which is used as a training zone for the Army. As they marched they were met by 5 Army jeeps and a lorry used to fire toxic water at Palestinians, known as “skunk water”. The Army fired live ammunition and rubber coated steel bullets hitting two of the youth. They also fired volleys of tear gas and sprayed the activists with the skunk water. 4 young people were arrested and SFP and Tamons cameras were stolen by the Army.

Since the massacre on Gaza began, the West Bank and ’48 areas of Palestine have been rising up against the illegal Occupation. Today 3 Palestinians were murdered in Beit Ummar and 2 in Huwwara village, just south of Nablus. As the killing by a blood thirsty Israel continues, the total of those murdered in Gaza has risen to over 800.

SFP implores Palestinians and the world to hear the cries from Gaza and rise up to end the illegal and murderous Occupation of Palestine.

SFP also kindly asks if anyone could urgently donate towards a new camera for SFP. This is the only weapon we have to report and document the crimes committed against us as we continue to demonstrate for the liberation of our land and people. To donate please click here.

Please note we are having some problems with linking to the PayPal button. If the link above does not work please cut and paste the following code into your browser: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=GAFCK56EZ3RRS

An archive photo of the firing zone on Khirbet Atuf land (all our pictures were lost when SFP’s camera was stolen by the Israeli Army)


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