25/07/14: Israel’s blood lust continues across Palestine: report from Beit Ummar

The following report is from an SFP activists from Beit Ummar:

On Friday 25 July, shortly after the noon prayers, thousands of Palestinians began to march from the central mosque in Beit Ummar (just north of Hebron) along the main street, in solidarity with Gaza. People of all ages joined the march and they were chanting slogans in solidarity with our brothers in Gaza. The Israeli Army then shot live ammunition at the demonstration, deliberately targeting people. Most of the shots were at chest level resulting in the murder of three men: Hashim Khader Abu Maria (47 years old); Sultan Za’aqeeq (30 years old); and Abd Al Hamed Brigheith (35 years old). None of the men were holding any rocks in their hands or posed any threat to the Army.

They all left the mosque after the “Dohor” prayers to be brought back for the “Aser” prayers, 3 hours later, martyrs. They leave behind their families who will miss them forever.

The 3 martyrs were buried together after a march to the cemetary. At the funeral march the soldiers continued to attack the mourners with tear gas and live ammunition. This resulted in more injuries for residents. At the same time the Army closed the main road leading to Beit Ummar from the “Azzion” area, preventing journalists and reporters reaching the area.


The martyr Hashim Khader Abu Maria (47 years old), a friend of SFP activists and Director for DCI-Palestine, an NGO working for Palestinian children

Hashim Khader Abu Maria in happier times


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