28/07/14: SFP visits injured Gazans on Eid Al-Fitr

SFP activists, accompanied by international supporters, visited injured Gazans at An-Najah National University Hospital in Nablus on the first day of the Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Fitr. SFP spoke to their families and heard their stories of horror, extending their solidarity and respect to Gaza and all Palestinians suffering due to the illegal Occupation of their land.

An-Najah hospital has taken in 2 Gazans injured due to the Israeli attacks. Doctors stated they are expecting a further 5 either later today or tomorrow.

12 year old Musa Shaadi Masardiq was transferred to the hospital 2 days ago after sustaining life threatening injuries in an Israeli bombardment of his home neighbourhood of Maghazi 5 days previously. Musa underwent an operation yesterday and is in life support, unable to breath on his own. He was hit in the lower abdomen destroying his colon, intestine and several damaging all his organs. The next 48 hours are critical for little Musa as he struggled to live. SFP activists spoke to his mother, who was the only family member given permission to travel with Musa, and her face spoke a thousand words. She also told SFP that she still has 4 other children in Gaza and fears for their safety.

67 year old Fatima Odet was transferred to Nablus on 21 July from central Gaza. She was injured due to the Israeli bombardment and is suffering multiple injuries: hip fracture; fracture of 7 ribs; large laceration across her forehead from falling debris; and multiple trauma. The doctor explained they fear for any internal bleeding. Fatima was awake and able to speak to SFP, who passed on their best wishes for her speedy recovery and their absolute unwavering solidarity with Gaza.

An-Najah is also treating 6 Gazan cancer patients. 19 year old Muhammad Barka from Khan Younis was transferred on 26 June. As well as his cancer the doctors were also able to operate on his knee, where he had an old gun shot wound from previous Israeli massacres.

Activists also visited the Zachikia family from Zeitoun area. Zachikia’s wife explained how they had to wait for months to get permission from Israel, which maintains a total blockade around Gaza, to transfer to the West Bank for her husbands vital cancer treatment. Only his wife was given permission to make the journey with him. They are from the Zeitoun area of Gaza near to the residential neighbourhood of Shujaiyya, the site of an Israeli massacre last week and now virtually destroyed. Zachikia and his wife spoke about how several of their family members had lost their homes in the relentless Israeli bombardment.

SFP paid their respects to the doctors at An-Najah hospital, who work tirelessly to treat the sick and injured. SFP also extends that respect to all Palestinians doctors and medical workers, particularly those in Gaza that are working around the clock to treat the thousands and thousands of injured. This is on top of the fact that the hospitals in Gaza are being targeted by the Israeli Army, which has already bombed 4 of the main hospitals. The protection and safety of medical workers should be sacrosanct as stated under international law.

Israel’s deliberate targeting of Palestinian medical workers and medical facilities add to the list of war crimes the Occupation commits with impunity. SFP asks medical workers and particularly trade unions and their representative bodies around world to show solidarity with Gazan doctors and demand an end to the targeting of Palestinian medical workers and facilities and the bringing to justice of war criminals.




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