29/07/14: SFP continues to show solidarity with Gaza, visiting Gazans

Just as SFP activists did the previous day, on the second day of Eid Al-Fitr, activists visited Al Arabe hospital in Nablus to pay respects to two Gazans being treated at the hospital. Activists listened to their stories of horror and pledged to the two women that they would remain active, working for a free Palestine and an end to Israeli impunity.

Umunarwar Bachtite (39 years old) and Leila Sultan (50 years old from Khan Younis) had both undergone open heart surgery at the hospital, arriving in Nablus before the current Israeli massacre. They had left behind their families and friends, unable to travel to western Palestine and could only watch the horror unfolding on television.

Umunarwar is from the devastated Shujjaiya neighbourhood, which was the site of a massacre last week. Umunarwar’s home was destroyed in the bombing and her family have now joined the 10% of the Gazan population defined as ‘Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)”.

So far, more than 1,100 people Palestinians have been murdered by Israel. The UN said yesterday that 229 of the victims have been children but more have reportedly been killed since. Last night Israeli bombardment was at it’s worse since the attack began. In addition, in the West Bank area of Palestine Alaa’ Jihad Al-Zghir (21 years old from Idhna, Hebron) succumbed to his wounds inflicted by the Israeli Army 9 days ago and died today.

SFP asks everyone around the world to join the Palestinian struggle for freedom. We particularly asks that even when Palestine is no longer headline news, people remain on the streets and demand an end to the illegal Occupation and Israeli impunity from war crimes prosecutions.

Al Arabe hospital, Nablus

Al Arabe hospital, Nablus

Alaa’ Jihad Al-Zghir died today (21 years old from Idhna, Hebron)



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