29/07/14: Thaer Nasser Najjar kidnapped from Burin

At approximately 10:30am today the Israeli Army erected a flying checkpoint in the village of Burin and kidnapped 22 year old Thaer Nasser Najjar. Thaer was taken to an unknown location and to date SFP and lawyers have been unable to locate him to ensure his safety and demand access to legal counsel.

Thousands of Palestinians are interned by Apartheid Israel, many held without trail or charge. Since the killing of 3 illegal settlers last month Israel has been invading and kidnapping Palestinians on mass across the West Bank. Those that are put on trial are subject to military courts, which does not have any semblance of justice or rule of law. The ‘conviction’ rate stands at 99.6%. This is due to the fact that many Palestinians are forced to agree (under torture) to lesser charges, as to plead ‘not guilty’ would mean a lengthy trial (sometimes years in prison while they await court dates) and harsher sentence. Many agree to ‘deals’ with the Israeli intelligence to be released early in exchange for pleading guilty, despite committing no crime.

SFP will continue to work with lawyers to determine where Thaer has been taken and secure his speedy release. We ask all people at this time to step up the pressure for a free Palestine: free from Occupation, siege, aggression and internment.

اعتقلت قوات الاحتلال صباح اليوم الشاب ثائر ناصر نجار 22 عاما من قرية بورين على حاجز طيار اقيم على مدخل القرية حيث اقتياده الى جه غير معلومة حتى الان بعد ان تم تفتيش سارته

Thaer Nasser Najjar


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