09/08/14: Shooting on Shabbat

As Jews around the world observed the Jewish day of rest (Saturday), known as Shabbat, settlers from the illegal colony of Bracha attacked the village of Burin, just south of Nablus. The youth of the village bravely defended against the attack before the Israeli Army arrived and fired volleys of tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets towards the defending Palestinian villagers.

Burin is regularly attacked by the Jewish terrorist settlers from the surrounding illegal colonies of Bracha and Yitzhar. These two colonies, and several others around Nablus, are home to some of the most extreme Jewish settlers, many of whom are part of and encourage the “Price Tag” policy. This is the name for terrorist attacks against Palestinians and their property by settlers whenever they perceive either the Israeli Government or Palestinians attempt to curb their illegal activities.

In 2008 Burin’s neighbouring village of Asira al Qibliya was attacked by a marauding group of settlers from the Yitzhar colony. They opened fire on residents of the village and rampaged through the Palestinian village. Several villagers were injured. The attack, caught on film, showed Israeli soldiers stood with the settlers as they attacked and when the settlers ran out of bullets soldiers passing their guns over to them.

Following a culmination of regular attacks, mainly on the Jewish holiday of Shabbat (Saturday’s) Palestinians enlisted the help of international groups to provide a permanent deterrent presence in the villages on Saturday’s.

This comes at the same time as Israel renewed its bloody attacks on the Palestinians besieged in the Gaza Strip. After a brief respite, where Palestinians were able to pull bodies from the rubble that was once their homes, 3 Palestinians were murdered by Israel in renewed strikes. The Palestinian Ministry of Health puts the total killed in the latest Israeli massacre of Palestinians at 1,914, with over 10,000 injured.

SFP is determined to continue its resistance to the illegal occupation of Palestine. We thank all those that have taken to the streets around the world in recent weeks, and particularly those that have taken the brave step of taking direct action against the enablers and profiteers of the Occupation. We ask that you all do not turn away should Palestine no longer be headline news. We stand firmly with our brothers and sisters in Gaza but also maintain that the massacres will not end until Palestine is free and all the refugees are able to return home. Therefore, we ask you to remain on the streets and taking action until we achieve that end. The Disasters Emergency Committee has also launched an appeal for funds to help those trapped in Gaza. SFP would be very grateful for anything you may be able to donate.

 هاجم عشرات المستوطنين من مستوطنة براخا اليوم قرية بورين جنوب مدينة نابلس و دارت اشتباكات عنيفة بين المواطنين و المستوطنين قبل ان يتدخل الجيش و يبدا باطلاق وابل من الغاز المسيل لدموع و الرصاص المطاط ولم يصب احد و تعاني قرية بورين من اعتداءات مستمرة من قبل المستوطنين و جيش الاحتلال الاسرائيلي

Tear gas clouds over the village of Burin

Tear gas over the Palestinian village of Burin, with Israeli Army soldiers visible on the mountain

Tear gas over the Palestinian village of Burin, with Israeli Army soldiers visible on the mountain

Tear gas over the Palestinian village of Burin



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