17/08/14: The shackles removed but not broken …. the scars are visible

Today activists from SFP visited Muath Dureidi in the Arab Specialist Hospital in Nablus, where he is being treated for a mental breakdown after 30 days in interrogation by the Israeli forces. Muath was released from Israeli Apartheid prison on Thursday 14 August. SFP activists were present at his release at Salem Military Court and witnessed his severe mental and physical state. SFP activists had to help carry him and his belongings to his fathers car, before his father rushed him to hospital.

Muath was arrested after attempting to cross the Allenby Bridge on his way back from Jordan. He was returning home after receiving word that he had been accepted for a job in his native country. Muath is an IT professional and expert in his field.

He was held for 30 days in Israel’s notorious interrogation facility, Al Jalame. He was held and interrogated relentlessly and had no access to a lawyer or family member. He was refused released when finally brought before Israel’s military courts in Ofer. However, his brave Palestinian lawyer persevered and took the case to Salem Military Court, where his release was granted after a hefty payment was made by his family. It is also unclear if Muath received any medical treatment or when his physical and mental condition commenced. The Israeli Apartheid prison authorities are refusing to provide Muath’s family with any details, which would aid his recovery.

Since then Muath has remained largely mute and refusing to eat. When SFP activists visited him today he remained in the bathroom, not wishing to see visitors. Activists just stayed briefly to express their solidarity with him and his family and wish for his speedy recovery.

On the same day Muath was released SFP learnt that Ismail Okal, held in administrative detention for 6 months, had his order renewed for a further 6 months. Ismail was the youngest hunger striking, when administrative detainees undertook a hunger strike in March this year. He now will have to endure another 6 months in prison neither knowing his charge or subject to any form of rule of law. Ismail is only 19 years old. SFP will continue to support his mother during this difficult time.

SFP activists, however, today welcomed home Thaer Najjar who was released from Meggido Prison after being kidnapped by the Israeli Army 2 weeks previously. While celebrating with his family SFP activists reaffirmed their commitment to work towards the freedom of all Palestinian political prisoners held in Apartheid Israeli prisons, an end to the Occupation, and the return of the refugees, so a new generation of children will live in freedom in their land.

This picture is courtesy of Palestinian media. SFP did not wish to take a photo of Muath while he was in such a delicate mental state





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