20/08/14: Attempting to silence music in Burin – the Israeli Army attack

On Tuesday night/ early Wednesday morning over a dozen Israeli Army jeeps invaded the village of Burin. The Army overran the village vandalising the homes of 15 residents, including the well known Palestinian singer, Qasim Najjar. The Army threatened the youth and their families, stating that if they did not stop defending the village against attacks by Jewish terrorists they would be arrested.

The Army destroyed property and terrorised villagers for 4 hours before retreating. They also interrogated an elderly grandmother for over 3 hours with relentless questioning.

Qasim had been planning a follow on song to his recent hit for hunger striking prisoners, “Water and Salt”. His latest song is to pay tribute to Gaza and those murdered and under Israeli bombardment in the besieged Strip. Qasim became famous for his track with Shadi Najjar, entitled “Hit Tel Aviv”, an ode to the freedom fighters of Gaza. By providing an anthem for the Palestinian struggle Qasim has been targeted several times by the Occupation, being imprisoned in an attempt to silence his music in 2009.

Burin is surrounded by the illegal colonies of Bracha and Yitzhar, home to some of the most extreme and violent Jewish terrorists. The settlers regularly attack Burin, supported by the Army, shooting at villagers and burning and cutting the villages’ olive trees. As is the case across occupied Palestine, these colonies continue to grow, stealing more Palestinian land, while Palestinians are confined to ever smaller areas (known as “Bantustans” under Apartheid South Africa).

SFP stand firmly with the resilient villagers of Burin and is determined to support them not only as they defend against these violent terrorist attacks but also in taking back their land. SFP with Burin’s Bilal Najjar Cultural Centre, will be working towards taking back Burin land for Burin farmers in the coming months. If you would like to support and/ or join us please click here.

اقتحمت قوات الاحتلال الاسرائيلي في تمام الساعة الواحدة بعد منتصف الليل باكثر من 20 جيب عسكري قرية بورين جنوب مدينة نابلس وباشرت في عمليات تفتيش واسعة طالت اكثر 15 منزل و عرف من بين المنازل منزل الفنان قاسم النجار صاحب اغنية اضرب اضرب تل ابيب و عاثت في منزله فسادا وخرابا و قامت ايضا بالتحقيق معه و قامت ايضا بتفتيش عدد كبير من البيوت في القرية و التحقيق مع الشبان و امياتهم و تهديدهم بالاعتقال في حال قاموا بالدفاع عن القرية اثناء هجوم المستوطنين و لم يبلغ عن اعتقال أي شاب اثناء هذه الحملة حيث تتعرض قرية بورين لاعتداءات شبه يومية من قبل جيش الاحتلال و مستوطنيه و ان هذه ليست المرة الاولي التي يتم فيها اقتحام المنازل و التحقيق مع ساكنيها حيث ان قبل اكثر من شهر اقتحمت قوات الاحتلال منازل المواطنين في القرية وشنت حملة تفتيش و اعتقال بحق ابنائها والجدير بالذكر ان هناك ما يقارب 10 اسرى في شجون الاحتلال الاسرائيلي من قرية بورين


The destruction caused by the Israeli Army in the home of a Burin villager


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