23/08/14: Taking back the land in Burin

On Saturday morning volunteers from Burin’s Bilal Najjar Cultural Centre and its partners planted grapes on land confiscated from the village by the Israeli Army. The activity was part of a programme of actions to reclaim land that the illegal colonies and Army have stolen from the village.

Since the occupation of the West Bank area of Palestine in 1967, Burin has lost 32,000 dunums (75%) of its land to Israeli Army orders and the two illegal colonies and their infrastructure built on village lands. These confiscations continue to this day with the colonies expanding onto more and more village lands, while Burin is constrained in its growth due to its classification under the Oslo Accords as Areas A, B and C. This means that in areas B and C (usually the outskirts of the village where any expansion would necessarily need to occur) they are limited in their ability to build as they require permission from Israel, which is rarely if ever given.

Burin and other villages are now taking direct action to reclaim their land through planting of crops. In the absence of international action against the illegal actions of Israel, the villagers are taking back their land themselves.

بدا متطوعين مركز الشهيد بلال النجار الثقافي و بالتعاون مع مراكز الشراكة من اجل التنمية في عميلية استصلاح للاراضي القريبة من المستوطنات في قرية بورين حيث سوف يتم استصلاح الاراضي و زراعتها بالعنب و ياتي هذا الاستصلاح بعد العمليات الممنهجة من قبل الاحتلال الاسرائيلي في الاستيلاء على الاراضي و مصادرتها حيث تبلغ مساحة قرية بورين 32 الف دونم تم مصادرة اكثر من 75% من الاراضي و تقسم بورين حسب اتفاقية اوسلو الى مناطق ( ب , س, ا ) و تحيط قرية بورين مستوطنتان من اكثر المستوطنات سوء هما براخا و يتسهار

10621027_817161081637988_641622344_n 10563348_817160911638005_48722812_n 10617363_817160998304663_1955323205_n 10643340_817161014971328_626863141_n 10622359_817160864971343_1071232878_n 10581050_817160948304668_1326803459_n


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