27/08/14: ‘Education’ courtesy of the Israeli Army in Burin

As the school children of Burin returned to school after the Summer holidays they were greeted with tear gas and stun grenades courtesy of the Israeli Army. On Wednesday 27 August soldiers stormed the school in an attempt to arrest students as they undertook lessons, firing indiscriminately. At the time of writing Burin is still declared a closed military zone by the Army.

Burin Boys School is near the main road frequented by settlers and Army. The Army placed a watchtower near the school in an act of provocation. Prior to the Summer holidays the Israeli Army regularly attacked the school during lessons and threatened to arrest the youth.

Surrounded by the illegal colonies of Yitzhar and Bracha, home to some of the most extreme Jewish terrorists, Burin is regularly attacked by the settlers and soldiers. Only yesterday the Army set up checkpoints around the village, restricting access, under the pretext of security.

اقتحمت قوات كبيرة من جيش الاحتلال الاسرائيلي مدرسة بورين الثانوية و دارت اشتباكات عنيف بين الطلاب و جنود الاحتلال حيث قام جنود الاحتلال بطلاق قنابل الصوت و الغاز المسيل لدموع داخل صفوف المدرسة في محاولة لاعتقال عدد من الطلاب لكن تصدي اهالي القرية والطلاب للجنود حاله دون اعتقال اي طلاب و حتى الان تم اغلاق جميع مداخل قرية بورين و اعلانها منطقة عسكرية مغلقه

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