UPDATE (07/09/14): Detention of Ghassan Najjar – lawyer denied access

Yesterday, Sunday 7 September, Ghassan Najjar, kidnapped from his home in Burin nearly 2 weeks ago, appeared again before Petah Tikva Military Court. His detention for interrogation was again extended for a further 7 days. The lawyer was not able to speak to Ghassan as the Shabak (Israeli internal intelligence) denied him access.

In addition, we have learned that Ghassan is suffering from back pain and the Israeli prison service has denied him medical care. The lawyer managed to get this information from the Prosecutor yesterday as he was unable to see Ghassan. Ghassan also has a previous knee injury for which he was due to have surgery. He was on pain killing injections and we assume these have not been administered either. Palestinian prisoners are often held in stress positions for hours at a time during interrogation. The pain Ghassan is suffering is only likely to increase due to this torture.

Ghassan was transferred to Petah Tikva from Huwwara Military Camp on Sunday 31 August. Since then he has been held in isolation and interrogated without the presence of a lawyer or contact with any family member. Petah Tikva interrogation facility is inside historical Palestine (Israel) and therefore Ghassan’s lawyer is unable to attend and we are reliant on temporary Palestinian lawyers inside ’48 to attend Court. Normally lawyers are allowed access to their clients, however Ghassan has been denied access to his lawyer.

Ghassan’s family are distraught. The olive harvest is due to start shortly and Ghassan played a key role helping his elderly mother and father harvest their trees, which are in the most dangerous areas of his village, near the illegal colonies of Bracha and Yitzhar. SFP is supporting Ghassan’s family and in regular contact. We have launched a petition and we kindly as that you all sign and share the petition widely. Please click here to sign.

We are particularly asking that people write to the British authorities and the British Consulate in Jerusalem as Ghassan’s wife and child are British citizens. Please write and call the British Consulate and demand they visit Ghassan in Petah Tikva. Details are below:

British Consulate General
15 Nashashibi Street
Sheikh Jarrah Quarter

East Jerusalem 97200
P O Box 19690
The Occupied Palestinian Territories

In addition, SFP is urgently requesting volunteers to assist farmers in harvesting their olives in the dangerous areas. If you would like to join us this harvest please click here for more details.




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