23/09/14: Youth under attack – detention and shooting in Burin

At approximately 17:00 on Tuesday afternoon, as Palestinians returned home from their jobs, the Israeli Army detained several young men at a flying checkpoint set up at the entrance to Burin village and opened fire on them, shooting 25 year old Montaser Mansour in the leg.

At the height of rush hour in Palestine, the Israel Army set up a flying checkpoint to disrupt Palestinians journeys home from work to their village in Burin, just south of Nablus city. As the group of young men approached the checkpoint on their way home the soldiers detained them and began to beat them. As the youth tried to get away from the soldiers attack, the soldiers then opened fire, hitting Montaser in the leg.

Montaser’s brother Nasr (22 years old) and Baraa Yasi Hussein (19 years old) were detained by the Army and taken to Huwwara Military Camp where they were interrogated before being released later that night. Montaser was taken to Rafidia Hospital, where SFP members met him and he was released later in the evening after treatment for his wounds.

Burin is under constant attack from the Army and illegal colonies, home to some of the most extreme Jewish terrorists. In recent days the Army has been kidnapping several of the village youth, including SFP member Ghassan Najjar, who has been held in isolation for a month in the notorious interrogation facility, Petah Tikva, with no access to a lawyer or his family.

As the olive harvest approaches the village are braced for more Army and settler attacks, as they attempt to access their trees and bring in the harvest, vital for the villages economy. Many of the villagers will be harvesting their trees without important members of their family to help due to their internment by Apartheid Israel. SFP is calling for Palestinian and international volunteers to help families this harvest and accompany us to trees in dangerous areas and with families of prisoners. To find out how to volunteer and more about SFP’s 2014 Olive Harvest campaign please click here.

كما هي بورين التي تتعرض دائما لاعتداءات من قبل المستوطين واغلاقات متكرره كم قبل الجنود الاسرائليين .
قام جنود الاحتلال الاسرائيلي يوم امس الثلاثاء  باغلاق بورين –جنوب نابلس –منذ الصباح   ووضع الحواجز وتوقيف وتفتيش السيارات, اضافة الى المضايقات  والاستفزازات للاهالي  وفي حوالي الساعه الخامسه عصرا اوقف الجنود  منتصرنافع عبد االلطيف منصور 25عام  وشقيقه نصر20 عام و شخص اخر اسمه براء واحتجزتهما وقاموا بتوجيه الاهانات والشتم ومن ثم قاموا بالاعتداء بالضرب عليهم  وبعد ذلك  قاموا باطلاق الرصاص  الحي من مسافه متر على قدم منتصر  واقتادوا شقيقه  نصر والشاب الاخر براء الى معسكر حواره واحتجزوهما لمدة ثلاث ساعات دون توجيه أي تهمه  او سبب الاحتجاز ومن ثم تم اطلاق سراحهما من حواره  .
يذكر ان بورين شهدت في الفتره الاخيره سلسله من الاعتداءات والاعتقالات  وهذا ما يوثر على  موسم الزيتون الذي يستعد المزارعين  لتغطيه نفقاتهم واحتياجاتهم   .



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