01/10/14: Refugees of Al Fara’ camp under attack

In the early hours of Wednesday morning the Israeli Army attacked Al Fara’ Refugee camp as the residents slept. The soldiers broke into home, ransacking and destroying property. They also kidnapped 25 year old Zakaria Mahmoud Abadi, after shooting towards him and beating him on his back and head. He was taken away in an Army ambulance with his head bleeding severely, and his condition is unknown.
The Army broke into the home of Zakaria’s father, Abu Qasim, arresting and attacking his son while also destroying the contents of their home. They also desotroyed the car of Jamal Al Zaidan.
The brave youth of the camp tried to defend against the attack and were met with volleys of tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets and sound bombs. As the invading soldiers withdrew the camp was strewn with debri from their attack and the blood of Zakaria.
The Army regularly attack the camp, destroying property and kidnapping residents. There is currently near 7,000 Palestinians being held in Israeli Apartheid prisons in violation of international law. SFP asks people around the world to stand with the Palestinian people and join their struggle to end the Occupation and free Palestinian political prisoners. SFP members Ghassan Najjar and Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq are just two being held without charge by Apartheid Israel. To find out how you can help, please click here.
N.B. This report and pictures were provided by Al Fara Refugee Camp Committee.
قوات اسرائليه معززه تقتحم مخيم الفارعه فجر يوم الاربعاء الموافق 1 / 10 / 2014 حيث قام الجنود باقتحام بعض المنازل عرف منها منزل السيد فاروق ابو الحسن حيث خلفوا ورائهم دمار كبير وتخريب في محتويات واثاث المنزل وكذلك تم اقتحام منزل السيد محمود العبادي ابو قاسم واعتقال الشاب ( زكريا محمود العبادي 25 عام ) بعد ان قاموا باطلاق الرصاص المعدني عليه حيث اصيب باصابت في ظهره وراسه وبعدها قاموا بالاعتداء عليه بالضرب المبرح مما تسبب بحدوث نزيف في وجهه واقتادوه بمركبة اسعاف تابعه للجيش الى جه غير معروفه كما تم تحطيم زجاج سيارة السيد جمال الزيدان وقد دارت مواجهات عنيفه بين شبان المخيم والجنود الاسرائلين الذين قاموا بالرد على الحجاره باطلاق الاعيره الناريه والمطاطيه وقنابل الغاز والقنابل الصوتيه الحريه للمعتقلين والاحتلال حتما الى زوال صور لبعض الدمار الذي احدثه الجنود في بوت المخيم والدماء التي نزفت من الشاب المعتقل
10665208_761821950546269_406234025557358602_n 10382816_761821880546276_3202695642930420896_n 10381988_761821790546285_1375527030488339510_n 10352990_761821733879624_2749525447278386778_n 10269490_761821650546299_4914642436040067093_n 1911805_761821840546280_7956179974872996904_n 1781925_761821770546287_8002544351248705009_n 10712932_761821980546266_2767803557641974019_n

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