UPDATE: Detainee Ghassan Najjar’s family appeal to human rights organisations for visitation

On Monday 3 November Ghassan Najjar’s father submitted an appeal to the International Committee of the Red Cross to appeal to them to intervene to pressure Israeli authorities to allow him and his wife to visit Ghassan. Ghassan has been interned by Israel since he was kidnapped from his home by the Army on 27 August 2014.

Since his kidnapping Ghassan was held in solitary confinement with no access to legal advice, his family or human rights organisations for nearly a month. He was then transferred to Megiddo prison, inside the ’48 borders in violation of international law, and his elderly mother and father have been denied visits with the Occupation citing unexplained “security” reasons. He is due to appear back in front of a military judge on 24 November, nearly 3 months since his kidnapping.

Palestinians are regularly denied permission to visit their interned family members. By transferring Palestinians to prisons inside the ’48 borders Israel is violating international law and ensuring limited access to their families. SFP members regularly attend the military courts to observe and provide support to interned Palestinians. Please click here for a recent account of a day in Salem Military Court.

We would kindly ask those that have not already done so to sign our petition calling for the release of SFP members Ghassan Najjar and Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq and share this with your friends. This petition will be submitted to the Chief Prosecutor prior to Ghassan’s next appearance in Court on 24 November, and therefore we need as many signatures as possible to add weight to the appeal. Please sign and share the petition by clicking here.

SFP calls on all Palestinians to rise up and bring all the Palestinian prisoners home. We also encourage people around the world to join our uprising and work to expose the international complicity with the Occupation and particularly internment of Palestinians. Please click here for details of how you can get involve in international campaigns.

من تاريخ 27-8 -2014 تم اعتقال غسان النجار من بيته في بورين ,وهو الان بانتظار المحاكمه .
عائلة الاسير غسان تنتظرالسماح لهم بزيارت ابنهم مثل كافة الاسرى الفلسطينيين, واليوم 3-11-2014 توجه والد غسان الى الصليب الاحمر لتقديم طلب لزيارة غسان في سجن مجدوا ولكنه تفاجأ حين قال له موظف الصليب ان الاحتلال لا يسمح له ولا لافراد عائلة غسان بزيارته والسبب هو المنع الامني دون أي تفصيل , ان والدة ووالد الاسير غسان وعائلته تناشد المؤسسات الحقوقيه العمل من اجل الضغط على الاحتلال الاسرائيلي السماح لهم بزياره ابنهم غسان في سجن مجدوا



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