A mother’s pain – a message from the mother of detainee Shireen Issawi

Below is a message from the mother of detainee Shireen Issawi, Laila Issawi. Laila visited her daughter on 3 November 2014. Despite her physical and mental anguish Laila was able to share her experience with us. Please share Laila’s message widely.

Yesterday I went to visit my daughter Shireen, and I suffered from this visit in a way that I will not forget. Usually, when I visit her, it comforts me, and makes me forget my physical exhaustion, but this time it really wrecked me. Shireen was ill and looked thin and exhausted, as if she had been sick for a long time, and when I asked her how she was doing, she told me: ‘Since the day of the trial I have been feeling very cold, and started having pain and shivers in my whole body, and caught a cold. Until now, I am still in the same condition”. May God bring you health, my daughter. I had not sat there for half an hour, and then a servicewoman came and said: “The visit is over.” 

I asked her why only half an hour, while we always visit 45 minutes, and she answered that she is being punished. I told her that we always visit her for 45 minutes while she is being punished. She said: “This is the law”, so I didn’t answer her and we left. On the way home, all the time I was thinking about my daughter, and about who is looking after her while she is living in an isolation cell that is cold and damp.

When we arrived home I felt dizzy, and had a headache, and when I checked my blood sugar I found it severely elevated, up to 465, so I took an injection of insulin and sat on my bed, as I couldn’t sleep from thinking about my daughter, may God protect her.

The message of Shireen to those who are struggling for the rights of the political prisoners, was that she is calling upon you to continue on this road, for the sake of the sick prisoners in the Ramleh hospital, and for the prisoners who are on a hunger strike, and that their cause must be reactivated, and she calls upon you to stay true to the service of the motherland and the political prisoners.”

This message was shared with SFP by SFP members and the Human Rights Defenders grouphttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Human-Rights-Defenders-المدافعون-عن-حقوق-الانسان/705136872867221
Free Shireen Issawi campaign: https://www.facebook.com/freeshireenissawi
Palestinian lawyers, Shireen and Shadi Issawi and Amjad Al Safadi were arrested on 6 March 2014.  Shireen’s brother, Medhat Issawi, the office manager for the legal firm where all the lawyers work was arrested six days later on 12 March.  Shadi was swiftly released on bail but Shireen and Medhat remain imprisoned. Shireen has been held in isolation since 5 August 2014 and her health is failing.
SFP calls on all Palestinians to rise up and bring all the Palestinian prisoners home. We also encourage people around the world to join our uprising and work to expose the international complicity with the Occupation and particularly internment of Palestinians. Please click here for details of how you can get involve in international campaigns.
Shireen Issawi

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