05/12/14: Settlers attack and cut olive trees in Aqraba

On Friday 5 December settlers attacked the olive groves belonging to Aqraba village, cutting dozens of ancient trees and releasing cows onto the land. Aqraba has been under constant attack from the Israeli Army and the surrounding Jewish-only illegal colonies in recent months. The Army has demolished several Palestinian homes, most recently cutting the electricity in the eastern part of the village which borders the Jordan Valley.

Aqraba is located just south of Nablus city and surrounded by illegal colonies, which houses some of the most violent Jewish terrorists. Despite constant attacks on Palestinians and their property complaints are largely ignored by the occupying Israeli Army and rarely are settlers prosecuted for their crimes.

SFP coordinator in Aqraba and Khirbet Yanon (a small village completely surrounded by the illegal colony of Itamar) Yousef Derya stated:

We are always subject to attacks by the settlers and the Army as they attempt to push us from our land. But every time they attack we replant more saplings, renewing our steadfastness that we will not leave our land.

SFP recently planted more trees near Aqraba and will continue to support the villagers in their resistance. SFP is supporting villages across the northern West Bank area of Palestine to reclaim their land, particularly land settlers have or are trying to steal. We are doing this by planting olive trees, zatara (a Palestinian herb) and assisting farmers and villages to work their land. To help us with this we are asking for donations. If you would like to donate or learn more about the campaign please click here and share it with your friends and colleagues.

اليوم الجمعه – 5-12 -2014-

المستوطنون يعتدون على الأراضي في عقربا ويقتلعون اشجارالزيتون.

لا زالت اعتداءات المستوطنين مستمره على الأهالي وعلى أراضيهمالزراعيه حيث قام المستوطنين باقتلاع عشرات أشتال الزيتون  وقاموابإطلاق الأبقارcow لتدمير اشجار الزيتون  وقال الناشط في حركهتضامنsfp  منسق قريوت” يوسف ديريه ان عقربا بشكل عام ومناطق خربة الطويل ويانون تتعرض دائما لاعتداءاتالمستوطنين والجيش الإسرائيلي من اجل ترحيلنا عن أرضنا ولكنفي كل مره نقوم بزارعه اشتال جديده لان صامدون على ارضنا ولن نرحل.

نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه وجهوا نداء لكافة الاصدقاء في العالم من اجل دعم حملة الزعتر والزيتون  من اجل زراعتها على الأراضي ودعم صمود المزارع

ويذكر ان  نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه من حركة تضامن قاموا مؤخرابزراعه  الزعتر والزيتون في اراضي عقربا ويانون

ChildChildren of Aqraba hold up the broken branches of olive trees


Olive tree branches lay in the ground after being cut by illegal settlers


Domestic cows roam the land after being released by illegal settlers

Ancient olive trees of Aqraba village attacked and cut by illegal settlers

Ancient olive trees damaged by illegal settlers


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