12/12/14: SFP and Qaryot attacked by the Israeli Army as they plant olive trees in memory of Zaid Abu Ein

On Friday 12 December activists from SFP joined the village of Qaryot to plant olive trees along a road closed to them by the Israeli Army since 2002. The trees were planted in the name of Zaid Abu Ein, the Palestinian Authority Minister murdered by Israeli soldiers at a protest earlier in the week. The activists were attacked by Israeli Army soldiers as they attempted to plant the trees, with several being hospitalised due to tear gas inhalation and being hit with rubber coated steel bullets and the gas canisters fired direct at their bodies.

Qaryot, to the south of Nablus city, is surrounded by illegal Jewish-only colonies. The violent Jewish settlers have been attempting to steal more land and link the illegal colonies. The olive tree planting action, arranged by SFP and the village, attempts to prevent them stealing more Palestinian land and affirm the villages right to access to their village, cut off by the various illegal colonies and closed military zones.

SFP is continuing to support villages across the West Bank area of Palestine plant their land with olive trees and Zatara (a Palestinian herb) to reclaim their stolen land from the Occupation. To help us help more villages please donate to our campaign to buy more trees and herbs. Also, if you would like to make a donation as a Christmas present then if you email us the name of the recipient we will send you a gift certificate to let your loved one know you brought olive trees for Palestine for them for Christmas.

To find out how to donate and about our campaign please click here.

اليوم الجمعه-12-12-2014
شارك نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه من حركة تضامن من اجل فلسطين حره sfp مع اهالي قريوت مسيرتهم من اجل فتح الشارع الرئيسي الذي تم اغلاقه عام 2002 والذي يصلهم بمحافظه رام الله وللتعبير عن رفضهم المخطط الاسرائيلي الاستيطاني والذي يهدف الى مصادره الاف الدونمات من اراضي قريوت من اجل ربط المستوطنات بعضها ببعض وعزل القري الفلسطينيه عن باقي القرى.كما حمل المشاركون صور الشهيد زياد ابو عين Zeyad Abo Eain وقاموا بزراعه اشتال زيتون تحمل اسم الشهيد تخليدا له ولتاريخه النضالي وتاكيدا على الاستمرار في المقاومه الشعبيه ومن اجل طرد الاحتلال والاستيطان .
جنود الاحتلال الاسرائيلي واجهوا وقمعوا المسيره بقوه وقاموا باطلاق الغاز المسيل للدموع والاعيره المطاطيه والرصاص الحي مما ادى الى اصابه العشرات من النشطاء والمشاركين في المسيره .
نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه اكدوا على الاستمرار في المقاومه الشعبيه والتصدي للمشاريع الاستيطانيه والاستمرار في زراعه الزيتون من اجل الشهداء ,والشهيد زياد ابو عين
1012933_10204747699866568_7286224029241119641_n - Copy 10421515_10204747695986471_8320749004647463607_n - Copy 10811241_10204743384038675_1490683554_n - Copy 10836212_10204743096031475_1454388676_n - Copy 10836385_10204743383998674_1625976208_n - Copy 10836521_10204743409719317_245184338_n - Copy 10841323_10204743289236305_1455947210_n - Copy 10846518_10204743409639315_2086980741_n - Copy 10847947_10204747695626462_539533401698447667_n - Copy 10850415_10204743244275181_1551570351_n - Copy 10850483_10204743244315182_1204090267_n - Copy 10850511_10204743095991474_1994738958_n - Copy 10850551_10204743244355183_1070175108_n - Copy 10850697_10204743409679316_45597280_n - Copy 10857862_10204747694506434_4001762906820312330_n - Copy 10857984_10204747702146625_3402525196788071466_n - Copy 10859705_10204743384078676_126025097_n - Copy 10866831_10204743096071476_387076390_n - Copy 10867145_10204743289196304_1221236451_n - Copy



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