27/02/15: SFP honour the martyr Muataz Washaha 1 year on from his brutal murder

One year after the brutal murder of 24 year old Muataz Washaha by the Israeli Army, SFP visited his family in Birzeit to pay their respects and honour his memory. In London international SFP volunteers also paid their respects to Muataz, demonstrating outside British-Dutch firm G4S.

On the morning of 27 February 2014 the Israeli Army invaded the village of Birzeit, near Ramallah, and surrounded the home of the Washaha family.  The Israeli Army besieged a the home, forcibly evacuated its residents and those of neighboring houses, destroyed parts of it and set the rest on fire.

Even more cruelly, the military kept the family watching as their belongings and memories burned and as Muataz Washaha, who was active in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, was attacked.

The Israeli occupation forces had stormed the Washaha family’s house, looking for Muataz. They assaulted members of the Washaha family and detained his brother, Ramiz, as well as his friends Fadi Sedqi and Samir al-Qaisi.

A few months had only just passed since 24-year-old Muataz Washaha was released from an Israeli prison. He knew very well what being imprisoned meant for he refused to surrender to the Israeli military. He prefered to barricade himself in a corner of his house and resist arrest. He chose to die within his home, where he had spent his childhood and youth.

Do not worry. I will be free here. Leave and do not worry about me. I will stay here and not surrender. I will not return to prison.

These were the last words Muataz Washaha uttered to a civil defense worker, who was the last person to have access to him before the house was evacuated of everyone else.

The civil defense man had no choice than to kiss Muataz’s forehead and leave, respecting his wish.

Soon afterwards, the Israeli military located Muataz with its sophisticated technology and started shooting live bullets and shells at him. He was called on to turn himself in but Muataz would not. After the withdrawal of the Israeli forces, Muataz’s body was found torn by tens of live bullets.

Shortly after Muataz’s murder SFP activists visited Muataz’s family. They had this to say to the world:

SFP pays tribute to Muataz and all Palestine’s freedom fighters who have lost their lives in the struggle. SFP reaffirmed our commitment to freedom and justice and said “we will never surrender”.

اليوم الجمعه -27-2-2015 ذكرى السنويه لاستشهاد معتز وشحه- بيرزيت – رام الله
توجه نشطاءالمقاومه الشعبيه SFP بزياره تضامنيه لعائله الشهيد معتزوشحه اكدوا فيها على العهد والوفاء للشهداء وعبروا عن اعتزازهم بعائله الشهيد وشحه وبالشهيد معتز متذكرين ما قاله الشهيد(ابدا لن استسلم )
ثائر وشحه رحب بsfp وشكرهم على هذه الزياره التضامنيه واكد شكره لكافة المتضامنين الدوليين الذين يناصرون القضيه الفلسطينيه ويعملون في كافة المجالات لنصرة القضيه الفلسطينيه

نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه يستعدون لاحياء يوم المراة العالمي عبر التوجه الى الحواجز


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