25/03/15: UPDATE – Arrest and attack of Samer Maklouf and Mohammed Qaed

UPDATE: SFP would like to thank all those that kindly contributed towards our fund to pay for the fines to release Samer Maklouf and Mohammed Qaed. After agreeing to their release at Ofer Military Court and setting a fine of 4000NIS each on Tuesday 24 March, the Prosecutor has appealed the decision of the Israeli Apartheid Judge.

Samer and Mohammed are due back at Ofer Military Court tomorrow, Thursday 26 March at 08:30am. We are hoping the  decision will stand and we can pay the fine and secure their safe release to their families. We will keep you all updated and thank you again for your kind contributions.

We are still collecting funds for the fines if you were able to contribute SFP and their families would be very grateful. Please click here to donate.

In addition, if any internationals are present in the Ramallah area tomorrow morning we encourage them to attend Samer and Mohammed’s Court to provide an international presence.

For further details on the events leading to Samer and Mohammed’s arrest and attack by the Israeli Army please click here.

Thank you again for your kind donations and messages.


 بعد قرار الافراج عن الاسير سامر مخلوف والاسير محمد قعد   مقابل 4000 شيكل لكل شخص ,قرر  الادعاء الاسرائيلي استئناف الحكم ورفض قرار الافراج  وتاجيل المحاكمه الى يوم غدا الخميس ..تشكر كل من وقف معهم وساعدهم وتامل  من الجميع المساهمه في تغطية الغرامه الماليه

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