17/04/15: SFP activists march on Ofer Apartheid prison

On the occassion of Palestinian Prisoners Day, SFP activists joined their fellow Palestinians in marching on Ofer detention facility calling for the release of all Palestinian prisoner. Israeli soldiers opened fire on the demonstrators with many suffering suffocation from tear gas inhalation and Mohammed Nadir being shot in the leg.

SFP joined the call for the release of all Palestinian prisoners and freedom for Palestine, particularly SFP activists currently interned by Apartheid Israel: Ghassan Najjar; Ayman Ghraib; and Samer Maklouf. Ofer detention facility is located near Ramallah in the centre of the occupied West Bank area of Palestine. Palestinians, including children are held in the facility, and tortured, as well as it housing one of the several kangeroo Military Courts, ‘prosecuting’ Palestinians.

There are currently around 6,500 prisoners languishing in Israeli prisons, with around 480 serving multiple life sentences. The number of children detained is at an unprecdented high and those held under administrative detention orders. SFP joined the call for the end of internment and ultimately the Occupation, bringing all the prisoners home and freedom. We repeat our call for actions around the world in support of Palestinian prisoners, and the further targeting through boycott, divest and sanctions (BDS), of those Government’s, institutions, companies and individuals that support and profit from the Occupation of Palestine.

In addition, SFP will be planting olive trees with prisoner families over the coming weeks. The aim of this is to not only reclaim the land but help families and ex-prisoners have a livelihood to help them rebuild their lives stolen from them by Apartheid Israel. We would be very grateful for your donations to buy as many crops as possible. Please click here to find out how to donate.

 اليوم الجمعه 17\5\2015
شارك نشطاء المقاومة الشعبية من حركة تضامن من أجل فلسطين حرة sfp  مع أهالي وشباب منطقة بيتونيا في رام الله أحياء ذكرى يوم الأسير الفلسطيني وذلك خلال مسيرة إحتجاجية في منطقة عوفر ،
أنطلقت المسيرة بعد صلاة الجمعة من أمام مسجد بيتونيا بإتجاه ما يسمى معسكر عوفر الإحتلالي ،حيث هاجم الجنود الاسرائيليين الشبان بالغاز المسيل للدموع وقنابل الصوت والرصاص المطاطي والحي ،
أسفر هذا الإعتداء عن إعتقال الشاب محمد نادر من بيتونيا ،وعشرات الإصابات بالغاز المسيل للدموع ومن المصابين متضامنيين دوليين وأيضا هناك ثلاث اصابات في الرصاص الحي في منطقة القدم
وأكد نشاط المقاومة الشعبية من حركة تضامن من أجل فلسطين حرةsfp  أنهم مستمرون في مقاومتهم الشعبية حتى نيل حقوقنا وحرية أسرانا وأرضنا ودحر الإحتلال منها

11130704_1012305345469451_774952824_n 11164087_1012305338802785_1940956523_n 11169118_1012305328802786_1217434012_n 11160097_1012299575470028_1022180548_n 11121677_1012296632136989_1523333054_n 11164161_1012296212137031_1976993358_n 11139882_1012296065470379_2068148063_n 11148994_1012295965470389_1679023160_n




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