SFP welcomes donations to fund our activities. Our expenses range from day-to-day expenses such as maintaining an apartment for volunteers, to expenses related to actions we undertake.

No one in SFP receives any monies for their work. We believe working for the freedom of our land is a duty and we should not receive money for this work. We only ask for your kind donations directly related to our expenses.

We are currently seeking funds for our campaign for “Palestinian female farmers“. We would be so grateful for anything you could donate.

To transfer via Paypal (tax deductible for American residents) please click here.

Please note we are having some problems with linking to the PayPal button. If the link above does not work please cut and paste the following code into your browser:

To transfer to the Palestinian Account:

Beneficiaries: Hisham Jamjoum; Badia Dwaik; Ghassan Najjar (all three names should be quoted on any transfer)
To transfer in €: Swift: UBSIJOX Acc. No.: 901213 IBAN: PS92UBSI043109012131000010000

To transfer in $: Swift: UBSIJOAX Acc. No.: 901213 IBAN: PS92UBSI043109012130030010000

The Steering Committee takes full responsibility for all monies and accounts to donors.


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