UPDATE: SFP Prisoners update


 Ghassan Najjar

Ghassan_Najjar.jpgGhassan last appeared before Salem Military Court on Sunday 19 April 2015. As with every previous appearance the Military Judge again granted the Prosecutor more time and adjourned the Court hearing until 28 May 2015. By this time Ghassan will have been held for 9 months without trial or charge.

Ghassan was kidnapped from his home in Burin village, just south of Nablus city, on 27 August 2014. The previous day Israeli soldiers had threatened Ghassan after he attempted to prevent them invading and attacking young children in their lessons at Burin High School. A video of the attack and threats to Ghassan can be seen below.

Soldiers invaded Ghassan’s home in the middle of the night, vandalising Ghassan’s home, which he shares with his elderly parents and taking Ghassan away. Ghassan was held in solitary confinement with limited access to legal advice for one month in the notorious Petah Tikva interrogation facility before being transferred to Meggido prison, inside 1948 territories.

Since his internment Ghassan has only been able to see his baby son through a glass petition and his parents are reliant on Israeli security permission to enter ’48 to visit him in prison.

SFP understands that Israeli Apartheid Prosecutors are talking of interning Ghassan for 3 years once he finally is charged. Their claims against him reolve around resistance, all legal under international law. By the time he is released his son will have started school.

Ayman Gharib

Ayman_Gharib.jpgAyman last Court appearance was postponed at the last minute. He is due to appear before a Military Court on 7 May 2015. By this time Ayman will have been interned without trial or charge for 6 months.

Despite being granted permission to visit Ayman, his wife and mother were denied access to see Ayman at the last minute, adding to their torture and distress.

Ayman was kidnapped from his home in Tamon village on 18 December 2014. He had been continually harassed by Israeli soldiers prior to his kidnapping, with threats made against him.

Samer Maklouf

Arrest_in_Qaryut_of_Samer_Maklouf_and_Mohammed_Qaed.jpgSamer Maklouf was attacked and knocked unconscious by Israeli soldiers in Qaryut village while planting olive trees on 15 March 2015. He was then kidnapped and transferred to Meggido prison with Mohammed Qaed. Despite agreement by Ofer Military Court for the release of Mohammed and Samer on 4000NIS fines, this was later rescinded in Samer’s case.

Samer is accused of throwing stones at the Occupation soldiers and following an ‘appeal’ by Prosecutors, the initial agreement to his release was reneged. Samer is due back in Military Court shortly.

SFP is closely in contact with lawyers and providing support to Ghassan, Ayman and Samer’s families. We would like to thank all those that have shown their support around the world for Samer, Ghassan and Ayman and we will continue to keep you updated on their situation and wellbeing. We pass all messages to their families who get great comfort from your support and well wishes.



16/04/15: Nablus marches for Palestinian prisoner

On Thursday 16 April SFP joined Palestinian political parties, associations and residents in a march of solidarity for Palestinian political prisoners interned by Apartheid Israel. The march comes a day before the annual solidarity day for Palestinians prisoners, with actions taking place across Palestine and the world.

Demonstrators marched to Nablus’s central square, Martyrs Square, with families of prisoners and ex-prisoners to raise awareness and call for an end of internment and freedom for all prisoners. SFP currently has several members in prison.

There are currently around 6,500 prisoners languishing in Israeli prisons, with around 480 serving multiple life sentences. The number of children detained is at an unprecdented high and those held under administrative detention orders. SFP joined the call for the end of internment and ultimately the Occupation, bringing all the prisoners home and freedom. We repeat our call for actions around the world in support of Palestinian prisoners, and the further targeting through boycott, divest and sanctions (BDS), of those Government’s, institutions, companies and individuals that support and profit from the Occupation of Palestine.

In addition, SFP will be planting olive trees with prisoner families over the coming weeks. The aim of this is to not only reclaim the land but help families and ex-prisoners have a livelihood to help them rebuild their lives stolen from them by Apartheid Israel. We would be very grateful for your donations to buy as many crops as possible. Please click here to find out how to donate.

 نابلس –الخميس -16-4-2015

نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه من حركة تضامن من اجل فلسطين حرة SFPيشاركون في مسيرة التضامن مع الأسرى

بمناسبة السابع عشر من نيسان (يوم الأسير الفلسطيني ) شارك نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه SFP المسيرة التضامنية مع الأسرى الفلسطينيون حيث انطلقت ألمسيره من المجمع الشرقي باتجاه ميدان الشهداء وسط المدينة وقد رفع المشاركون صور الأسرى وشعارات تطالب بالحرية للأسرى ويذكر أن حركة تضامن من اجل فلسطين حره SFP سوف تقوم بزراعة اشتال زيتون في المناطق المهددة بالمصادره وتضع عليها أسماء الأسرى .

يذكر أن 6500 أسير، ما زالوا قابعين في سجون الاحتلال ومن بين هؤلاء 480 صدر بحقهم أحكاماً بالسجن المؤبد لمرة واحدة أو لمرات عديدة، و24 أسيرة، بينهن قاصرتان، و200 طفل قاصر دون سن الثامنة عشر، و480 معتقلاً إدارياً، و14 نائباً، بالإضافة إلى وزيرين سابقين.

كما ان 1500 أسير يعانون أمراضاً مختلفة، بينهم قرابة “80” أسيراً في حالة صحية خطيرة جداً، و30 أسيراً معتقلين منذ ما قبل أوسلو ومضى على اعتقالهم أكثر من 20 عاماً في السجون، و16 أسيراً من القدامى مضى على اعتقالهم أكثر من ربع قرن، وفي مقدمتهم الأسيران، كريم وماهر يونس مضى على اعتقالهما 33 سنة بشكل متواصل.

11162036_10205748346682113_3460936130111975033_o 11103069_10205748347922144_1671959277813340026_o 10982900_10205748329321679_3914737741834436347_o 1795344_10205748330321704_4265799211978578932_o 10011919_10205748346162100_7841817174709465994_o 11159955_10205748473245277_4372846711998949237_n 11659_10205748500205951_1474008775029847679_n




27/03/15: SFP prisoners update

Following on from our update earlier in the week, Samer Maklouf and Mohammed Qaed appeared again before Ofer Military Court on Thursday 26 March. The Judge allowed the Prosecutor more time, intern the boys without trial or charge again, until Sunday 29 March. We hope that the original decision to release them both on 4000NIS fines will stand and they can come home to their worried families.

Thank you again to all those that have already donated to help us raise the money for the fines. We would be ever so grateful for your continued donations as we await the outcome of the Apartheid Court hearing on Sunday.

Ayman Gharib has been interned without trial or charge since December 2014. On 16 March his mother and wife went to visit him at Meggido prison but the prison authorities rescinded their permits and refused to allow them to see him. Ayman’s next Coirt appearance has also be postponed until 6 May 2015. By then he will have spent nearly 6 months away from his young family without any trial or charge brought against him by Apartheid Israel.

Ghassan Najjar has been held by Apartheid Israel since August 2014. He still has not received any trial or charge. Fortunately his father and sisters have also now been given visiting permits to visit him. His wife and baby son have also seen him. Ghassan has only met his son 3 times since he was born, 2 of those through prison glass. He is due back in Apartheid Military Court on 19 April 2015. By then he will have spent over 7 and half months in prison. His wife asks everyone around the world to please help bring Ghassan home, so he can hold his son again:

I know how frustrating it is, being back in our home countries and feeling helpless about what we can do to support the struggle, but contacting your MPs or other appropriate people and applying pressure is a massive thing we can do. If no one stands up to say it’s not right, if we become complacent then it looks like we are accepting this. I cannot accept that this will continue. I can just about handle visiting my husband in prison, I don’t want to have to visit our son in prison in 17 years time.

We would like to thank everyone around the world for their continued support. Please hear Ghassan’s wife’s call and write to your respective representatives and demand Ghassan and the other prisoners are released. For more details about SFP’s campaign to release Ghassan and contact details for letters please click here.

Thank you.



06/03/15: SFP prisoners update – Dr. Yousef released

SFP is delighted to report that Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq, kidnapped from his home in Nablus on 26 August, has been released. He returned to his family on 15 February 2015 after spending 6 months in Israeli Apartheid prisons without charge or trial, known as administrative detention. SFP were there to welcome him home.

Dr. Yousef was emphatic in his request that we continue to work for the release of all Palestinian prisoners, not least the 463 (December 2014 figure) currently still being held under administrative detention in violation of international law.

Dr. Yousef said:

Everyday Apartheid Israel kidnaps many Palestinians from their family, Ghassan, Ayman, the boys of Hares are some of the 7,000 Palestinian detainees, sentenced by Apartheid Israeli military courts from one month to life sentence, just because they defended their right to freedom, justice and equality.

Unfortunately, we, as humanized humans do little for them. In Palestine, Arab countries and all over the world we must continue and increase our efforts and be more creative in our activities. For example, I suggest the establishment of a group of distinguished lawyers to call for an international conference to discuss Administrative detainees, or “political prisoners”, so as to find the best way to support them.

It is first step then we can go on. I feel extremely grateful to all of you, my humanized humans over all the world.

Stay humanized.

SFP would like to thank all those friends and supporters who sent messages to Dr. Yousef and his family during his detention. However, we ask you all to maintain pressure and step up your activities to support the release of all Palestine’ prisoners from Apartheid Israeli prisons.

SFP members Ghassan Najjar and Ayman Gharib still remain in Israeli prisons. We would ask that you continue to write to your respective representatives calling for their immediate release and undertake actions to target the profiteers of Israel’s brutal internment system.

Ghassan Najjar

Ghassan.JPGGhassan has been interned by Apartheid Israel since 27 August 2014 after being kidnapped from his home in Burin, just south of Nablus. Ghassan was held in Jalame interrogation facility for 1 month. The facility is notorious for torture.

He has now been transferred to Meggido prison, in violation of international law (Meggido lays within the UN ’48 Green line). His mother has been able to visit him twice and we are pleased to report that his wife and young son were also able to visit him in January. They hope to also attend his next Court appearance.

During the visit Ghassan was not able to hold his son, only the second time he had seen him since his birth, being divided by glass. He was only able to speak to his wife and son through a telephone connection. His mother and sister are due to visit him again this week and we will provide further updates on his well-being.

Ghassan is due to appear in Court again on 12 March 2015. He will have already been held for 7 months without trial or charge. The Israeli intelligence is seeking to imprison him for 2-3 years. His son will be 5 by the time his father is released.

Ayman Gharib

Ayman_Gharib.JPGAyman was kidnapped on 11 December 2014. He was held for 1 month at Jalame interrogation facility where he suffered ill health and was refused medical treatment. He has since been transferred to Meggido prison, in violation of international law.

His mother and wife were able to visit but were not able to hug or touch Ayman, who was separated by a glass divider. Ayman was also shackled in both his legs and wrists.

His mother is very concerned for his health and is keen for his immediate return to his young children and wife.

Ayman is due in Court on 19 March 2015. He will have already spent 4 months in prison without charge or trail. The Israeli intelligence is seeking 1-2 year imprisonment. We hope this will be 1 year and are liaising with lawyers and his family for constant updates.

Hares Boys

Mohammad Suleiman, Ammar Souf, Mohammed Kleib, Tamer Souf, and Ali Shamlawi are being held in Israeli Apartheid prison charged with 20 counts of attempted murder each for alleged stone-throwing, with no evidence whatsoever. On 16 March 2015 the boys will have spent 2 years in prison awaiting ‘trail’.

SFP will be visiting the village of Hares to show our support for the family. You can get more details about the case at the boys dedicated website here.

We implore you to continue to raise the issue of the 5 boys with your respective representatives and particularly consider actions and demonstrations you may be able to organise in your own countries on the 2 year anniversary of their internment.

The campaign is also asking for those holding international passports that are in Palestine to attend the next Court dates to show your support for the boys.

The boys are due in Salem Military Court (near Jenin, northern West Bank area of Palestine) on:

  • Tamer Souf: 25 February & 11 March 2015
  • Ali Shamlawi: 12 March 2015
  • Mohammed K., Mohammed S. & Ammar Souf: 16 March 2015


22/02/15: SFP visit the family of Ayman Gharib from Tamon, held by Apartheid Israel

On Sunday 22 February activists from SFP visited the family of the prisoner Ayman Gharib from Tamon. Ayman was arrested by Apartheid Israel 3 months ago. Since then he has been held in solitary confinement in Jalame interrogation facility for a month, notorious for the torture of Palestinians at the hands of their Israeli jailers. He has now been transferred to Meggido prison.

SFP spoke to Ayman’s mother and wife and brought gifts for his small children. Ayman’s mother relived her pain to the activists after visiting Ayman a week ago and only being able to see him through the glass divider, while he remained shackled. She explained his harsh treatment at the notorious Jalame facility and his ill health as a result. She spoke of her hope that he would be home with his family soon.

SFP will continue to show support for prisoners and their families. We ask people around the world to join our struggle and raise the issue of Palestinian Prisoners with your respective representatives and organise actions in support around the world.

نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه من حركة تضامن sfp يقومون بزيارة لعائلة الأسير أيمن غريب –طمون شرق نابلس . والذي تم اعتقاله قبل ثلاثة أشهر وقد قالت والدته أنه تم السماح لها لأول مره بزيارة ابنها أيمن وقالت انها بكت عندما رأت ابنها للمره الأولى وهو مقيد اليدين والقدمين وقالت زوجة أيمن ان زوجها أيمن تعرض للتحقيق في مركز تحقيق الجلمه وعاش ظروف قاسيه أثناء التحقيق واستغربت سبب اعتقاله وقالت أتمنى ان يعود أيمن قريبا ليعيش مع أطفاله مثل كافة العائلات .
حركة تضامن sfp تقوم بزيارة الأسرى في المواقع وتدعوا إلى عمل المزيد من فعاليات التضامن مع الأسيرات والأسرى وخاصة الأسرى الأطفال .