about us

SFP is a Palestinian popular resistance movement. Bringing together Palestinian activists planning and undertaking actions against the illegal occupation of Palestine with international supporters.

SFP was established in August 2013, 20 years after the Oslo Accords which failed to realize a free Palestinian State.

SFP is governed by a Steering Committee: Wael Faqeeh (Nablus); Ghassan Najjar (Burin); Badia Dwaik (Hebron); Hisham Jamjoum (Jerusalem), Dahlia Nassar (Ramallah) and Sireen Khudairi (Jordan Valley).

The Committee is constituted from experienced Palestinian activists that work together with local contacts (known in SFP as Regional Councils) to implement the decisions of the Committee.

See below for the governance structure of SFP.

SFP structure

Note: The Steering Committee is currently actively seeking to expand into Gaza with 2 further Committee members.

Basic Principles: The movement is Palestinian led both in its composition, decision making and actions. We practice non-violence and consensus decision making.

Composition: We are not affiliated to any political party, nor do we wish to become an alternative to any existing parties or organisations. Rather this movement aims to work towards unity in resistance against the occupation. Our actions will focus on the three basic principles of freedom, equality, and right of return.

Our struggle is one struggle, and through resisting together we will be stronger.

Please note: SFP does not work with any Israeli individuals, groups or organisation. However, we respect those that recognise and support the removal of the illegal occupation and acknowledge our right of return to Palestine. We encourage them to work within historical Palestine to support us in asserting our rights.

ملاحظة:إن مجموعة التضامن من أجل فلسطين حرة لا تتعامل مع أي مجموعات او منظمات اسرائيلية , و مع ذلك فإننا نحترم المجموعات التي تدعم ازالة الاحتلاال الغير شرعي و تعترف بحق العودة إلى فلسطين و نشجعهم للعمل في مناطق فلسطين التاريخية لمساندتنا في استيفاء هذه الحقوق


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