Month: January 2014

27/01/14: Army continue to terrorise Burin village, Nablus

In what is unfortunately a typical day for the villagers of Burin, just south of Nablus, the Army attacked the eastern side of the village and terrorised residents. They fired volleys of tear gas, stun grenades and sound bombs at youth who bravely tried to stop the Army.

Burin is surrounded by the illegal settlements of Yitzhar and Bracha, which are home to some of the most extreme and violent settlers. For two days running settlers from Bracha have been attacking villagers and last week, when villagers began construction on and agricultural road to improve access to their lands for farmers, both settlers and the Army attacked them.

In a statement in defense of her decision to become the face of Apartheid company SodaStream, Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson talked about the cooexistence SodaStream promoted. SodaStream’s factory is located in the illegal settlement of Ma’ale Addiumim which is built on stolen Palestinian land and cuts the West Bank in two dividing West Bank Palestinians’ from their capital city, Jerusalem.

SFP kindly asks all our friends ask Ms Johansson to cease her relationship with Apartheid supporting SodaStream, or that Oxfam ceases in relationship with her. Please take action here.

اقتحمت قوات الاحتلال الاسرائيلي اليوم المنطقة الشرقية من قرية بورين حيث دارت اشتباكات بين الشبان و قوات الاحتلال التي امطرت القرية بوابل من قنابل الغاز المسيل لدموع و قنابل الصوت قبل ان تنسحب من المكان



27/01/14: Ms Johansson is this the coexistence you are talking about? Beit Furik village attacked by settlers for second day running

For the second day running residents from the east Nablus village of Beit Furik have been subjected to terrorism from illegal settlers. As the illegal settlers attacked Palestinian youth bravely defended the village. As is usual the Israeli Army then came to stand with the settlers attacking villagers. Ambulances were seen in the village and Abu Saud was injured by the attacking Army.

Beit Furik, like many of the villages around Nablus are surrounded by illegal settlements that not only steal Palestinian land but also house some of the most radical and criminal settlers. Villagers and their property are regularly attacked, terrorized and even murdered by the settlers. 

In 2005 Palestinian grassroots activists launched a call for boycott, divestment and sanctions similar to the effective call by South Africans in their own struggle against Apartheid. People around the world have been hearing the Palestinians call and refusing to deal with Apartheid Israel. Recently Scarlett Johansson, a famous Hollywood actress, became a brand ambassador for SodaStream, a company that profits and is located in an illegal settlement, Ma’ale Addumim. Johansson is also a human rights ambassador for Oxfam. In response to the campaign requesting Ms Johansson cease her relationship with SodaStream, she stated that she saw companies like SodaStream as promoting cooexistence, despite being built on stolen Palestinian land, in ‘Jewish’ only illegal settlements, harboring violent criminals. A complete contrast with the line Ms Johansson has stated as fact.

Villages such as Beit Furik, Burin and many more, suffered everyday from these illegal settlers. They are attacked, terrorized and their land stolen. This is not coexistence that Johansson professes is reality for Palestinians.

SFP kindly asks all our friends ask Ms Johansson to cease her relationship with Apartheid supporting SodaStream, or that Oxfam ceases in relationship with her. Please take action here.


سيارات الاسعاف الان متواجده في بيت فوريك نتيجة للمواجهات بين شبان البلده وقوات الاحتلال

اسم المصاب معروف أبو السعود

لاء الجيش الاصابة نتيجة رصاصة ناريه

27/01/14: Muhammad Shaker Shtewi from Kufr Qaddoum, released today from Salem Military Court

SFP has just heard that 23 year old Muhammad Shaker Shtewi from Kufr Qaddoum village in Qalqliya has been released from Salem Military Court today.

Muhammad was kidnapped on Thursday evening, 24 January 2014, at a flying checkpoint, as he returned back from Nablus where he works as a Palestinian Authority police officer.

Kufr Qaddoum is regularly targeted by the Israeli Army, that violently suppresses the villagers weekly protest against the illegal occupation and closure of their main access road. Murad Shtewi, Coordinator for the local popular resistance committee in the village, was held on 20 December 2013 for 72 hours, in an attempt to intimidate protesters and suppress the popular resistance.


26/01/14: Israeli Army hand demolition orders to Qaryot family, south Nablus

Musleh Ahmed Badwai, a resident of Qaryot village, south of Nablus! was handed a demolition order from the Israeli Army today. The order, dated the 21 January 2014, gives Musleh until 26 February to demolition the house! which is under construction and water wells. It claims Musleh has no permission for the structures.

The buildings are located in so called Area B, after the failed Oslo Accords. This gives the Palestinian Authority alleged full civil control. However, as is usual, the Israeli Army has defector control of all Palestinian lands and demolitions and confiscates land at will.

Musleh currently has ten family members living in their home, near the illegal settlement of Eli. The family have suffered constant settler and Army harassment. SFP has been supporting families such as Musleh to remain steadfast and reclaim their stolen land. A small part of this is through planting land the settlers or Army are further trying to steal. Please consider donating to our olive tree planting campaign. Details of how to donate can be found here.

وجهت قوات الاحتلال الاسرائيلي اخطارا للمواطن مصلح احمد البدوي من سكان قريوت جنوب نابلس يقضي بهدم البيت (الذي هو قيد الانشاء ) وبئر مياه تابع للبيت بحجه عدم الترخيص ويذكر ان البيت يقع في منطقه المواجه والمصنفه بمنطقه Bوالتي ايضا فعليا تقع ضمن السيطره الفلسطينيه ويذكر ان المواطن بنى هذا البيت ضمن الظروف الصعبه التي يعيشها المواطن الفلسطيني حيث تتالف عائله المواطن مصلح من عشرة ابناء ويعمل مزارعا ويذكر ان المواطن مصلح بتعرض دائما لاعتداءات المستوطنين ويمنع من دخول ارضه من قبل جنود الاحتلال الاسرائيلي

26/01/14: Activists from Bethlehem tear down an Apartheid gate

Early on Sunday morning activists from SFP and the Popular Resistance Committees of Bethlehem tore down an Apartheid fence near the illegal settlement of Efrat.

The fence prevents access to yet more Palestinian land! already stolen by the illegal settlement itself. An activists spoke of their rejection if the illegal settlements which violate Palestinian rights. He said “the demolition if the gate comes as an expression of the rejection of the settlement and the racist Zionist occupation”.

SFP and the popular resistance are united in working together to reclaim their land and reject Israeli Apartheid. If you are interested in joining us please click here for details.


شطاء المقاومه الشعبية يكسرون بوابة مستوطنة افرات الشرقية:    استطاع مجموعه من نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه من الوصول الى بوابه مستوطنه افرات  المقامه على اراضي بيت لحم  وهدم البوابه تعبيرا عن رفضهم للاستيطان  وما يمارسه المستوطنون على الارض وقال منسق المقاومه الشعبيه  والناشط في حركة تضامن من اجل فلسطين حره sfp ان هذا العام سيكون عام التصدي للاستيطان والمستوطين وسيتم مواجهة كافة اعتداءاتهم  ضد الارض والانسان   وهدم البوابه ياتي تعبيرا عن رفضنا للاستيطان وللعنصريه الصهيونيه  الاحتلاليه الاستيطانيه

26/01/14: Hasan Breijieh, popular resistance leader and SFP activist arrested

Hasan Breijieh, Coordinator of the National Committee Against the Wall and Settlements and SFP activist, was arrested this afternoon by the Israeli Army in Khirbet Al Nahleh, near Wad Rahal, Bethlehem. A group of illegal settlers had been bulldozing land belonging to Ahmed Ayesh in order to steal it, when Hasan and other activists attempted to stop them. The Army then attacked the activists and chased them across the land, arresting Hasan.

The Army regularly protects settlers committing criminal activity, instead arresting Palestinians that bravely attempt to stop them. Popular resistance leaders such as Hasan are regularly targeted by the Army with many being kidnapped and imprisoned for their resistance to the illegal occupation of their land.

اعتقلت قوات الاحتلال بعد ظهر اليوم الأحد، منسق اللجنة الوطنية لمقاومة الجدار والاستيطان في محافظة بيت لحم حسن بريجية، أثناء مقاومته لقوات الاحتلال التي شرعت بتجريف أرض لأحد المواطنين جنوب بيت لحم.
وأفاد شهود عيان، بأن قوات الاحتلال اعتقلت بريجية في منطقة ‘خلة النحلة’ القريبة من قرية واد رحال، أثناء تصديه إلى جانب مجموعة من النشطاء وأهالي القرية لمجموعة من المستوطنين الذين شرعوا بتجريف أرض المواطن أحمد عايش.
وأضافوا أن قوات الاحتلال قامت بملاحقة ومطاردة المواطنين وسط الأراضي.

ACTION ALERT: SFP asks all friends to show solidarity with sick prisoner, Ibrahim Bitar

Ibrahim Khalil Bitar is desperately sick in Apartheid Israeli prison. Ibrahim is suffering from a multitude of medical problems all of which are not being treated adequately by Apartheid Israel, in to what amounts to medical negligence.

33 year old Ibrahim, from Khan Younis, Gaza, was sentenced to 17 years in prison in 2003. He was arrested while returning to Gaza through the Rafah crossing after receiving medical treatment in Egypt for a gunshot wound to the eye. Like many sick Palestinian prisoners Ibrahim receives little more than antibiotics or pain killers (paracetamol) despite his severe medical state.

Ibrahim is still suffering pain from his right eye, after the treatment before his arrest, and his left eye is now deterioriating. He is also suffering chronic intestinal inflammation, osteoporosis, arthritis, anemia and ulcers in the intestines. His only treatment to date has been on tumors in his lower back in mid-December. However, following his operation he was returned to Nafha prison, not allowing any recovery time and thus exacerbating his health situation as he suffered bleeding as a result. As well as a complete lack of adequate health care, Ibrahim also does not receive proper food and has been living on soup.

According to his family Ibrahim underwent telescopic view of his gut and samples were taken to ascertain whether his is now suffering from bowel cancer. Analysis should be known in 14 days.

Medical neglect is just another form of torture practiced against Palestinian prisoners in Apartheid Israeli prison cells. Last year alone 3 Palestinian prisoners died inside occupation prisons, with Human Rights organisations citing a lack of medical care as the reason for their deaths.

His family are desperately appealing to the international community and the Red Cross to intervene and save the life of their son. SFP kindly asks all our friends to write to their respective representative and implore their Government to act to save Ibrahim and all sick Palestinian prisoners. We also ask you all to leave your messages of support on the families Facebook page so they and Ibrahim know they are not alone.

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25/01/14: Continuous Illegal settler attacks on Burin village, Nablus

On Saturday approximately 15 settlers from the illegal settlement of Bracha attempted to attack Burin village, just south of Nablus. The youth of the village attempted to defend the village from the criminal settlers but were attacked by the Israeli Army who fired volleys of tear gas and sound bombs. This continued for around an hour.

Burin village suffers attacks from illegal settlers and the Army on a daily basis. It is surrounded by the illegal settlements of Bracha and Yitzhar, who regularly attack villagers, their property and their olive groves.

SFP is supporting villagers to remain steadfast and just a small part of that is through planting olive trees in areas where the settlers are trying to steal more land. Please consider donating to our campaign. Details on how to donate can be found here.

السبت 25/1/2014 هاجم ما يقارب 15 مستوطن من مستوطنة براخا اطراف قرية بورين حيث تصدى لهم اهالي القرية ودارت اشتباكات عنيفة بين الشبان و المستوطنين حيث تدخل الجيش وقام بالاقاء قنابل الغاز المسيل لدموع و قنابل الصوت واستمرت المواجهات بين الجيش و الشبان بعد ان عاد المستوطنين الى المستوطنة استمرت المواجهات ما يقارب ساعة واحدة


25/01/14: Hebron and Nablus demonstrate against the Kerry plan

On Saturday thousands of Palestinians in Hebron and Nablus demonstrated against the ‘peace’ negotiations and the so called Kerry framework. Marches organised by the Left wing parties demanded an end to negotiations, national unity and an end to American power in Palestine.

The demonstrators called on the Palestinian Authority not to give up Palestine and acquiesce to American/ Israeli pressure to legitimize the occupation. They called for a return to resistance against the illegal occupation and the reinstatement of the PLO as a liberation movement.

Marchers gathered in the main square in Nablus and in front of the Huseein Mosque in Hebron.

25/01/2014, Alkhalil

لا لخطة كيري التي تهدف لصفية القضية الفلسطنية

شارك م اليوم المئات في المظاهرة الاحتاجية التي نظمتها القوى اليسارية واليمقراطية ضد استمرار المفاوضات وخطة كيري التي هي بمثابة وصفة اسرائيلية امريكية لتصفية القضية الفلسطنية . وانطلقت المسيرة الحاشدة من بعد صلاة الظهر من امام مسجد الحسين وسارت في شارع عين ساره وهم يرددون الشعارات التي تدعوا الى الوحدة الوطنية والوقوف صفا واحد امام الضغوط الامريكية ووقف المفاوضات التي تهدف الى شرعنة الاحتلال وتصفية القضية الفلسطنية ولقد وصلت المسيرة الى دوار ابن رشد حيث تم القاء بعض الكلمات التي تدعوا القيادة الفلسطنية الى الصمود في وجه الضغوطات وعدم التفريط بالثوابت الوطنية وانه لايجوز التفاوض مع استمرار الاحتلال والاستيطان كما دعت الى عدم الاعتراف بما يسمى بالدولة اليهودية والعودة الى خيار المقاومة في مواجهة الاحتلال لان الاحتلال لا يعرف الا لغة المقاومة فقط


25/01/14: Israeli soldiers and settlers beat a child, Hebron

At 14:30 on Saturday afternoon, 14 year old Zidane Sharbati was detained and beaten by Israeli soldiers and settlers near Shuhada Street in Hebron. Zidane had been walking with his brother Yusuf, aged 5 years old, to the local store near the checkpoint, near the illegal settlement of Beit Hadassah. As they were walking they were confronted by illegal settlers who began to attack the two children and verbally abuse them. Yusuf, terrified ran towards home. However, Zidane, as he turned to leave also was grabbed by soldiers and dragged to the barrier at the entrance to Shuhada Street.

After the violent assault by the settlers and soldiers, Palestinians and internationals came to the scene and began filming, including Zidane’s friend Ahmed, who himself had been assaulted by the Army.

During the assault one of the soldiers forced Ahmed to the ground and restrained his hands. Both boys were terrified. Both boys were then handcuffed until the Israeli Border Police arrived. The Police promptly arrested both boys accusing them of attacking the settlers and Zidane’s father of disrupting the work of the soldiers. His father had been one of those attempting to film and document the situation. After 5 hours Zidane and his father were released but pending appearance in Court, despite the overwhelming evidence, including video evidence that they were a victim of assault from the illegal settlers.

The Sharbati family have been the victims of continuous attacks and harassment from illegal settlers and soldiers. One of the family members was severely beaten 5 months ago and is still receiving treatment in Jordan.

Click here to watch the video.  

25/01/2014,Alkhalil,Tel Rumidh

جنود الاحتلال والمستوطنين يعتدون بالضرب المبرح على طفل فلسطني

اسم الطفل : يزن زيدان الشرباتي عمر الطفل : ١٤ سنة خرجت تقريبا الساعة ٢:30 من البيت المتواجد مقابل مستعمرة (بيت هداسا الغير شرعية) في شارع الشهداء مع اخي يوسف البالغ من العمر ٥ سنوات لشراء بعض الحاجات من المتجر المتواجد خلف الحاجز العسكري . عندما كنت مشيت بالشاع مغ اخي الصغير يوسف كان هناك مجموعة من المستوطنين اليهود يمشون خلفي بالشارع وكانوا يشتموني ويسبوني بالفاظ وكلمات سيئة وقاموا بالتفاف الى الامام وهم يشتموني وبدؤا بضربي جسديا وهنا ركض اخي يوسف وهو مرتعب وخائف جدا وكان يبكي باتجاه البيت وجاء احد الجنود الذي موجودن على الحاجز مقابل بيتي وقام بجري بطريقة وحشية وعنيفة الى حاجز الاحتلال في مدخل شارع الشهداء واحتجازي هناك ولقد حضر مجموعة من الاجانب والفلسطنين الذين بدؤا بالتصوير وكان من بينهم صديقي احمد العزه وعمره ١٣ سنة حيث قام احد المستوطنين بالاعتداء عليه بشكل عنيف امام جيش الاحتلال وكان في حالة نفسية سئية . واثناء اعتداء احد المستوطن على احمد هجم علي احد جنود الاحتلال وقام بالقائي على الارض بطريقة عنيفة ووجهي الى الارض وقاموا بتقيد يداي بالقوة وبصورة عنيفة وكنت في حالة خوف شديد وحالة نفسية سيئة نتيجة الخوف وكنت ابكي من الخوف وقام جنود الاحتلال باحتجازي وانا مقيد اليدين ومعي احمد في احد مداخل البيوت الفلسطنية وبعد ذلك وصلت الشرطة الاسرائلية وقامت باخذي مع والدي الى مقر شرطة الاحتلال وفوجئت بان الشرطة وجهت لي تهمة الاعتداء على المستوطنين وبأن والدي قام بعرقلة عمل جنود الاحتلال ولكن والد كان قد احضر معه فيديو قام في تصويره اثناء عملية اعتداء المستوطنين ويثبت ان هذه التهم باطلة وتم الافراج عني بعد عملية احتجاز وتحقيق استمرت معي ووالدي زيدان لمدة ٥ ساعات لحين تحديد محكمة لحضورها . يذكر[ان عائلة الشرباتي تتعرض للعديد لاعتداءات المستوطنين وجنود الاحتلال بطريقة دائمة على افراد العائلة والتي كان منها الاعتداء على مفيد الشرباتي بالضرب المبرح قبل قبل خمسة شهور مما ادى الى انحراف في في فقرات عموده الفقري وهو الان يتلقى العلاج في احد المستشفيات الاردنية في عمان .