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Joining us in Palestine

SFP welcome international supporters to join them in their actions. To do so we ask any internationals to call Hisham Jamjoum on +972598 527 853 or +972598 840 092 upon their arrival in historic Palestine. We recommend that internationals do not keep this number on them when crossing the border for security. The number for Hisham is also available on our facebook page. There is no need to register before you arrive.


Upon arrival all international activists are required to undertake the SFP’s mandatory 2 day training course. This covers topics as varying as the history of Palestine, non-violence resistance and what it means for SFP, cultural awareness and legal issues amongst others. Training is on Monday and Tuesday and is generally in English.


Internationals stay in SFP apartments and on occasion with Palestinian families. Apartments are equipped with kitchens, showers, mattresses, bedding and utensils for cooking. Apartments also have internet access and the use of an SFP computer.


SFP asks for 250NIS to cover the expenses of training. This includes food over two days and two nights accommodation. Following this activists are asked for 35NIS per day they work with SFP. This money covers the costs of SFP apartments and incidentals.


SFP international volunteers are encouraged to not only work in the field but also write reports which are published on the SFP website. On occasion they are also asked to undertake interviews with both the international and local media outlets on their experiences.

To note:

While SFP does have a facebook page, for security, international activists that have their own facebook in their real name should not ‘like’ the page before arriving in Palestine. This is for security as we must assume the page is monitored by the Israeli occupation authorities and you may be denied entry at the airport or border crossings.

We also encourage internationals to not travel with anything recognizable to Palestine or SFP, in case they are stopped and searched at the border.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions about how to get to Palestine.

Please note: SFP does not work with any Israeli individuals, groups or organisation. However, we respect those that recognise and support the removal of the illegal occupation and acknowledge our right of return to Palestine. We encourage them to work within historical Palestine to support us in asserting our rights.

ملاحظة:إن مجموعة التضامن من أجل فلسطين حرة لا تتعامل مع أي مجموعات او منظمات اسرائيلية , و مع ذلك فإننا نحترم المجموعات التي تدعم ازالة الاحتلاال الغير شرعي و تعترف بحق العودة إلى فلسطين و نشجعهم للعمل في مناطق فلسطين التاريخية لمساندتنا في استيفاء هذه الحقوق



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