URGENT: SFP activists kidnapped by the Israeli Army

On 25 August Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq was arrested from his home by the Israeli Army. Dr. Yousef is a retired Professor at An-Najah National University and runs the Tanweer Cultural Forum in Nablus, as well as a member of SFP. A man in his 70s Dr. Yousef has been subjected to years of imprisonment and harassment by Apartheid Israel. To this date SFP have still be unable to track his whereabouts and no lawyer has had any contact with him.

He was arrested from his home in Nablus, where his daughter was the only one at home with him at the time. It was part of a campaign of arrests by the Israeli State to attack the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Several other people were arrested across the West Bank, including Abu Keefah, a comrade of SFP, and refugee living in Balata refugee camp. Both men are older and SFP demands their immediate release. We implore people around the world to sign the campaign letter launched by Samidoun organisation and we will be posting further updates as they become available.

Dr. Yousef on the right with SFP in the Jordan Valley


Following Dr. Yousef’s arrest, Ghassan Najjar, SFP Steering Committee member, was arrested from his home in Burin on 27 August. Ghassan is a community leader and has been imprisoned by Apartheid Israel previously. The day before he had defended the children of Burin as they were at school and the Israeli Army attempted to arrest the children.

Ghassan was taken to Huwwara Military camp. While other SFP members were visiting his family, his family received a phone call from soldiers at Huwwara at approximately 17:00 stating he was still at the camp. SFP’s lawyer had been told earlier in the day he was going to be transferred to a prison inside the ’48 territories.

SFP demands and will work tirelessly until Ghassan, Dr. Yousef and all Palestinian prisoners are home free. We ask you to please raise the issue with your local representative, asking them to raise Ghassan and Dr. Yousef’s case with your respective Governments and particularly the European Foreign Representative, Baroness Catherine Ashton. Please also keep checking SFP’s website for further updates on what you can do to help.

Ghassan Najjar SFP Steering Committee




  1. This is a great loss to Burin and to Nablus, people like Ghassan have worked endlessly to bring people together and engage them in social work and activities for the benefit of their communities. Activities like teaching children other languages, or how to make kites, or establishing the youth football club in Burin. This is why the occupation targets him. I am very frustrated at this news and I will follow closely the updates you post.

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