16/06/15: Israeli Army invade Qaryot and destroy property

In the early hours of Tuesday morning the Israeli Army invaded the village of Qaryot, to the south of Nablus city. The marauding soldiers shut residents into one room of their homes while they vandalised their property and allowed dogs to roam the house.

SFP activist Abdullah Qaryouti explained how a group of soldiers broke down the door of his home, while his younf family were sleeping, at 3am. The soldiers shut Abdullah and his family into one room while they vandalised the rest of the home. Abdullah explained how this was typical behaviour from the Israeli soldiers, who regularly invade, vandalise, steal and kidnap Palestinians late at night. He explained he further suspected this was a revenge attack to try and intimidate the villagers into ceasing their non-violent resistance against the illegal Jewish-only colonies that surround them and continue to steal more of their land.

SFP has been continuing to support the village of Qaryot and their steadfast resistance to the illegal colonisation and occupation of their land.

الثلاثاء -16-6-2015 –قريوت –جنوب نابلس

قوات الاحتلال الاسرائيلي تقوم بعمليات اقتحام و تخريب داخل البيوت

اقتحم عشرات الجنود الاسرائيلييون قريه قريوت –جنوب نابلس وقاموا باقتحام البيوت وعمليات تخريب داخل البيوت حيث قال عبد الله اوهو احد المواطنين الذين تعرض بيته للتفتيش ان الجنود اقتحموا بيته الساعه الثاله صباحا وطلبوا من العائله البقاء في غرفه واحده وقام الجنود بتخريب داخل البيت بطريقه همجيه حيث ادخلوا الكلاب البوليسيه وداسوا على الملابس وقال عبد الله ان الجنود استمروا لساعات داخل البيت وان ما حدث هو انتقام من اهالي قريوت الذين يطالبوم بحقهم في زراعه اراضيهم ورفضهم لعمليات المصادره التي تتم من اجل توسيع المستوطنات.

يذكر ان قريوت تتعرض لعمليات مصادره من اجل توسيع المستوطنات وعزل القرى الفلسطينيه وربط المستوطنات وعزل مدن الضفه الى معازل وكانتونات

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15/05/15: SFP spread the word that “we will return”

On Friday 15 May activists from SFP went to Huwwara checkpoint and distributed hundreds of Palestinian flags and black ‘right of return’ flags to passing motorists. This is part of a series of activities SFP has been organising to commemorate Al Nakba and reassert the right of return.

SFP stands firmly with the refugees in saying “we will return” and will be organising more actions in the days to come.

اليوم الجمعه – نابلس

نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه  Sfp يقومون  بتوزيع  الاعلام السوداء والاعلام الفلسطينيه على السيارات

بالقرب من حاجز حواره قام نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه  من sfp بتوزيع مئات الاعلام الفلسطينيه والرايات السوداء على السيارات الفلسطينيه الداخلة والخارجه من نابلس    وقد اكد النشطاء في الذكرى 67 للنكبه  على ان حق العوده  وان الشعب الفلسطيني لن ينسى  حقه في العوده  الى اراضيه التي تم تهجيره منها

11251664_10205933914041181_1032568834_n 11292782_10205933913961179_326002545_n 11287360_10205933914121183_1450368337_n 11257645_10205933913921178_471111106_n 11118104_10205933914001180_808629854_n 11208975_10205933914081182_806539829_n 11273426_10205933914241186_1672981127_n 11297814_10205933914281187_46473595_n 11297647_10205933914201185_1499260766_n 11301557_10205933914361189_1435675897_n 11256478_10205933914321188_1786745482_n 11287119_10205933914401190_986266167_n 11297714_10205934095085707_2023478188_n 11291805_10205934095125708_600394196_n 11272232_10205934095045706_1010266275_n 11225977_10205934095165709_184315221_n 11164165_10205934095245711_1073064641_n 11261432_10205934095205710_455646471_n 11292651_10205934095285712_1454839975_n


18/04/15: SFP plant trees in Burin to honour its prisoners

On Saturday 18 April activists from SFP planted olive trees for the 17 prisoners of Burin village, including SFP Committee member Ghassan Najjar. Joined by the prisoners families SFP activists planted symbolic olive trees as a token of their steadfastness on the land and sacrifice for the cause of freedom. SFP organized the action with the villages cultural centre, the Bilal Najjar Centre, and were joined by its volunteers.

The trees were planted on the land of each prisoner and pictures of the prisoners were hung on the tree in their honour. Activists then joined the families in their homes to hear their stories and suffering present them with a token of SFP’s respect for the sacrifice they had made to Palestine’s freedom.

Ghassan Najjar, SFP Committee member, has been interned since 27 August 2014, after defending the local school from attack by marauding Israeli soldiers. Ghassan’s mother and father were visibly distressed at the absence of their youngest son and SFP continues to provide Ghassan’s family with solidarity and support as we work towards the release of all Palestinian Prisoners.

While visiting Zakaria’s home his mother told the heart wrenching story so many Palestinian families endure, of standing at barriers and checkpoints at 5am in the hope of being able to visit her son for just 45 minutes behind a glass partition. In recent months all the requests the family have made for visits has been refused by the Israeli authorities on the pretext of ‘security’, a common torture tactic of the Occupation. When they are able to visit his family, including female members, are subjected to humiliating strip searches.

SFP also visited the family of Ibraheem Omran, who is sentenced to 11 life sentences plus 90 years. His father told activists of his sons high morale and pride at the duty, despite the sacrifice he had had as a result, for the Palestinian cause. Activists expressed their thanks and respect for Ibraheem’s bravery and sacrifice.

Nasif Asous and Rafat Asous’s father had suffered a stroke since his two sons had been imprisoned and he told SFP how for more than a year the Occupation had denied his request to visit them.

At the end of the action SFP also honored the memory of international activists Vittorio Arrigoni, who was murdered in Gaza.

SFP sincerely thanks all those that have already contributed to our campaign to raise funds for prisoners, their families and the planting of saplings. We kindly request any further donations you could make and encourage you to share our campaign with your friends and colleagues. Please click here for details of how to donate.

السبت -18-4-2015في يوم الأسير الفلسطيني زراعة اشتال زيتون في بورين 

حركه تضامن من اجل فلسطين  حره sfp ومركز  الشهيد بلال النجار و متضامنين دوليين يزرعون اشجار زيتون ويضعون عليها أسماء  أسرى بورين البلغ عددهم 17 أسير فلسطيني, ويقدمون الهدايا الرمزية لأهالي الأسرى  تقديرا لصبرهم وصمودهم وتضحياتهم .

حيث توجه النشطاء  الى الأراضي  التي يمتلكها اهالي الأسرى  وقاموا بزراعة شجر الزيتون ووضعوا عليها أسماء الاسرى وشارك الأهالي  بزراعة الاشتال  ووضعوا عليها صور أبنائهم     وبعد الانتهاء من زراعة أشجار الزيتون  توجه المشاركون الى بيوت الأسرى جميعا وقاموا بتقديم هديه متواضعة لعائلة الأسير  تقديرا لهم 

عائله الأسير غسان النجار عضو sfp زرعوا شجره باسمه قالوا ان غسان تعرض للاعتقال لأنه كان يدافع عن طلاب المدرسة الأطفال أثناء اقتحام جنود الاحتلال الإسرائيلي المدرسة وطالبوا كافة المؤسسات الدولية والحقوقية التدخل للإفراج عن غسان .

وفي زياره لعائلة الاسير زكريا تحدثت والدة الأسير زكريا  عن معاناتها أثناء الزيارة حيث يستعدون للزيارة من الساعه الخامسة صباحا  وينتظرون فترات طويلة على الحواجز  مع العلم انمدة الزيارة 45 دقيقه فقط  ولا يسمح لافراد الاسره جميعهم الزياره بحجة الرفض الأمني  وأحيانايتم حرمان العائلة من الزياره لعدة أشهر ,وذكرت والده الأسير عن المعاناة اثناء وصولهم الى السجن حيث يتم تفتيشهم يطريقه مذله ومهينه تصل الى التفتيش العاري  دون أي سبب .

والد الأسير إبراهيم عمران   والمحكوم 11مؤبد مدى الحياة  و90 سنه  قال ان ابنه يتمتع بمعنويات عاليه  وان ابنه غير نادم  وانه ناضل من اجل حرية وطنه .

والد الاسير ناظم عسعوس   و رأفت عسعوس    والذي تعرض لجلطه  قال ان يتمنى ان يزور ابنائه وان الاحتلال ل يسمح لهم بالزياره تصل الى اكثر من سنه 

في ذكرى الشهيد فيتوريوا اريغوني  قام النشطاء بزراعه شجرة زيتون ورفعوا صورته  تخليدا  له. 

Sfp يشكرون كل من  ساهم في شراء اشجار الزيتون  وسوف نبقى نزرع لنذكر أسماء الشهداء والاسرى ولنحمي الارض والوطن



17/04/15: SFP plant olive trees for prisoners in Burqa

On Friday 17 April SFP planted olive trees in and Massoudia area of Burqa village on behalf of Palestinian prisoners. Joined by villagers and prisoners families activists prayed on the land and then planted saplings in honour of their fellow citizens interned by Apartheid Israel.

Massoudia is an area of outstanding natural beauty and under constant settler and Army attack. Last year the Israeli Army demolition public toilets the local Council of Burqa had erected for visitors to the park. The Army declared areas of the park prohibited from construction limiting the ability of the Council to refurbish the area for visitors. At the same time groups of illegal settlers regularly invade the area attempting to take it over and steal the land.

On the occasion of Palestinian prisoners day SFP reaffirmed their support to all prisoners, their families and the struggle for freedom. By continuing to plant trees and reclaim the land SFP aims to support villages and families remain steadfast in the face of the Occupation. We intend to plant more trees in villages for prisoners and would welcome your continued support and donations. To find out how to donate please click here.

 اليوم الجمعه17-4-2015
نابلس- برقه –منطقه المسعوديه
نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه من حركة تضامن من اجل فلسطين حره SFP واهالي الاسرى ومركز تنوير ولجان المرأة الفلسطينيه ومجلس قروي برقه وحركات فلسطينيه يتوجهون لاحياء يوم الاسير الفلسطيني  وزراعة اشتال زيتون, عليها اسماء الاسرى في السجون الاسرائيليه  من اسرى قريه برقه  وقد اختار النشطاء منطقه المسعوديه  لانها تتعرض بشكل دائم لاعتداءات المستوطنين وهي مهدده بالمصادره  حيث يحاول المستوطنون التواجد فيها بشكل شبه دائم تمهيدا لاقامه مستوطنه عليها في حين جنود الاحتلال الاسرائيلي يمنع البناء وعمل اي نشاط في المنطقه  حيث قام قبل سنه بهدم حمامات وحديقة اطفال , والتي تم بنائها بدعم من المؤسسات الدوليه الصديقه .
بعد الانتهاء من الصلاه على الاراضي المهدده بالمصادره توجه لجميع لزراعة  اشجار الزيتون والتي وضع عليها اسماء الاسرى وصور الاسيره خالد جرار الى  الاراضي المهدده.
SFPيشكرون كل من يدعمنا بشراء  الزعتروالزيتون
ويؤكدون الاستمرار بزراعة اشتال الزعتر والزيتون في كافة المواقع حيث سيتم لتوجه الى المناطق والقرى المهدده .


11045449_10205759479520427_2449046531975788089_o 10511607_10205759479480426_2295618009570440426_o 11163401_10205759460479951_1277077023249074414_o 11155014_10205759457959888_2844228440822374418_o 11084171_10205759444439550_2339695221813660317_o 10363439_10205759442839510_1876811098477708494_o 11155080_10205759432799259_3836680258959239085_o 11141243_10205759428319147_8991821169111751482_o 11096402_10205759406878611_9120897263119695555_o 10985957_10205759404558553_4567458098195764733_o 11154819_10205759385518077_3025992757685979549_o 11168028_10205759381157968_3479353880787512993_o 11159920_10205759378397899_5869369319186918639_o 11169777_10205759371517727_2950273807947587363_o


25/09/14: Raising the flag on the mountain of fire

On Thursday evening activists from SFP erected a flag pole and hoisted the Palestinian flag on the northern mountain, overlooking Nablus city. The action formed part of a week-long campaign, which saw activists across the West Bank area of Palestine undertake actions under the auspices of the Palestinian flag, symbolizing freedom.

Nablus city is situated between two mountains, Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal. They are known, as is Nablus city, as the mountain of fire, named such after the cities fierce resistance over the centuries to invaders. Building, including raising the Palestinian flag, is forbidden by the Israeli Occupation, which maintains Army camps on the mountains, where they regularly use to reign rockets down on the cities residents during the Second Intifada.

SFP activists erected the flag as a symbol of the cities continuing resistance and defiance of the Occupation.

اليوم الخميس -25-9-2014-

قام نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه من حركة تضامن sfp وتشطاء  المؤسسات الوطنيه بالتوجه الى جبل عيبال (شمال نابلس ) ورفع العلم  الفلسطيني على ساريه طولها 6 امتار وبالقرب من معسكر جنود الاحتلال الاسرائيلي.

ويقام  هذا النشاط في اسبوع العلم الفلسطيني ولما يمثله من رمز الحريه والاستقلال والذي يمثل ايضا الوحده الجغرافيه السياسيه للشعب الفليسطيني وللتعبير عن رفضنا  للاحتلال الذي يقيم  معسكرات  ومستوطنات  له على قمم جبال فلسطين بشكل عام وعلى جبال نابلس  بشكل خاص وياتي هذا النشاط ايضا   تاكيدا على حقنا في الحريه والاستقلال .

يذكر ان جبل عيبال  ممنوع  البناء عليه  بسبب وجود معسكر  عسكري للاحتلال الأسرائيلي على قمته .

نابلس تقع بين جبلين عيبال (الشمالي ) وجرزيم (الجنوبي ) ويقيم الاحتلال على قمه الجبلين معسكرات ومستوطنات للاحتلال الاسرائيلي

22/09/14: Raising the Palestinian flag – a call to the World

As part of a series of activities planned over the coming week, Palestinians marched around the Old City of Nablus chanting patriotic sound bites and waving the Palestinian flag. Similar events took place across the West Bank area of Palestine organised by the popular resistance, student movements and several Palestinian organisations.

Under the symbol of the Palestinian flag, the events aim at reaffirming the Palestinian national struggle for liberation. A struggle, and flag, which many Palestinians have given their life for, most recently the over 2000 Palestinians massacred by the Occupation in Gaza.

The organisers, which include SFP, are calling for the raising of the Palestinian flag across the world to symbolise the Palestinians right to freedom and justice. SFP asks friends around the world to join in this week and show solidarity with the Palestinian struggle by changing your profile pictures on social media to the Palestinian flag, lobbying your local government and associations to fly the flag over buildings and raise the flag in your own homes and communities.

ضمن نشاطات اسبوع العلم الفلسطيني والتي ينظمها مؤسسات وحركات طلابيه ولجان مقاومه شعبيه  حيث تم اطلاق حمله بدء الفعاليات اليوم الاثنين 22-9-2014-في مدينه نابلس  عبر مسيره من الطلاب والطالبات  والنشطاء انطلقت من البلده القديمه  جابت  شوراع نابلس  تجاه الدوار (مركز المدينه ) وهتفوا للعلم ولفلسطين وتأتي هذه الحمله تعبيرا عن التمسك بالعلم الفلسطيني  وما يمثله من رمزيه وطنيه سيما ان العديد من الشهداء قد سقطوا وهم يدافعون عن العلم  وسوف تستمر الحمله في الكثير من المناطق ومدن وقرى الوطن وطالبوا المنظمون ان يتم رفع العلم في كل مكان في العالم تضامنا مع الشعب الفلسطيني والمطالبة باسترداد حقه وحريته كباقي الشعوب …

flag demo 3 Flag demo flag demo 2

14/09/14: ACTION ALERT: Ghassan’s detention order renewed for 3rd time

On Sunday 14 September Ghassan Najjar, community activist and SFP Steering Committee member, appeared before Petah Tikva interrogation facility court where a military Judge renewed Ghassan’s detention order for another 7 days. This is the third renewal following his kidnapping on 27 August.

Ghassan’s family are extremely concerned for Ghassan’s health. As previously reported by SFP Ghassan has an underlying knee injury, which he was due to have surgery on and in the meantime was receiving daily painkilling injections. Ghassan is also suffering back pain from the stress positions he is being held in during interrogation. He is receiving medication but typically this is only aspirin and Israeli prison doctors have been accused on many occasions of turning a blind eye to evidence of torture of detainees and inadequate care.

Ghassan was kidnapped from his home on 27 August and since then he has only been able to briefly call his parents once. His lawyer is only able to see him in court for the few minutes he appears and the Israeli Military Judge renews the order under which the Israeli Security Services can continue to hold Ghassan. Ghassan has had no legal advice and his lawyer has not had access to the ‘evidence’ against him. He is also not able to be present with Ghassan while he is being interrogated, which can typically last for hours each day, before detainees are returned to isolation.

Petah Tikva is a notorious interrogation facility inside historical Palestine (‘Israel’), in violation of international law, which states that prisoners must not be transferred out of the territory they are detained within by the occupying force. This also prevents many families from being able to visit their loved ones, as Palestinians are regularly denied permits to travel inside ’48 (historical Palestine, ‘Israel’). Many Gazan families are permanently denied, with their loved one often not seeing their family for many years.

Human rights organisations have repeatedly documented cases of torture, with Palestinians held for weeks on end in tiny cells, subjected to extreme temperatures and constant artificial light. They are then interrogated by the Israeli Security Services for hours on end, shackled with their hands behind their back to metal chairs. Many Palestinians also report beatings and threats against them and their families if they do not ‘confess’. Lawyers are not able to access or accompany their clients during these weeks of interrogation.

On Tuesday 9 September 35 year old Raed al-Jabari died while in Israeli custody. Raed was due for release on bail but was pronounced dead, with the Israeli Prison Service claiming he hung himself. However, following an autopsy, which showed no marks around his neck you’d expect to see if someone hung themselves, the cause of death was established as internal bleeding from multiple blows. It is clear Raed was murdered by the Israeli prison authorities, following his torture. In a similar case a week prior to Raed’s murder, 33 year old Muhammad Hussein Rabee was hospitalised after being tortured for 35 days inside another notorious Israeli interrogation facility in Jerusalem, known as the ‘Russian Compound’.

As of 31 July there were 6,578 Palestinians illegally held by Apartheid Israel, this includes 446 Palestinians held under what is known as administrative detention orders. These detainees receive no trial and are not charged, and their lawyer has no access to any ‘evidence’ against them. They are held under secret orders authorised by an Israeli Military Judge, which can be renewed indefinitely. 73 year old Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq, a community leader and SFP member, is currently being held under a 4 month administrative detention order after he was kidnapped in the middle of night by the Israeli Army on 26 August.

The number of detainees held by Apartheid Israel has already rapidly grown with many Palestinians kidnapped during Israel’s war on the people of Gaza not included in the above figure. The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society also released a statement that in the last week alone a further 174 Palestinians had been kidnapped across the West Bank area of Palestine.

SFP urgently asks all friends around the world to sign and share our petition calling for the immediate release of Dr. Yousef and Ghassan.To sign the petition and share with your friends and colleagues please click here.

Please also see our campaign, with suggested letters for your respective representatives, regarding he illegal detention of Dr. Yousef.

In addition, we would ask that you kindly continue to email the British Consulate in Jerusalem asking them to intervene in the case of Ghassan. Ghassan’s one year old son is half British and both his son and British wife are understandably distraught. Please email Suha Zeidan ( at the Consulate and ask them to visit Ghassan in Petah Tikva and raise the matter of his immediate release with the Israeli Government.

Your help does make a difference and we understand was the reason Ghassan was able to finally, briefly, call home. We kindly ask you keep up that pressure until Ghassan and Dr. Yousef are both safely home with their families, along with all Palestinian political detainees. Dr. Yousef and Ghassan both tirelessly campaigned for Palestinian prisoners, suffering harassment and imprisonment from the Occupation as a result. Ghassan is due back in Court on Sunday 21 September, where is interrogation could be renewed again, please keep up the pressure and demand his unconditional release.

اليوم الاحد -2014-09-14 ..قررت المحكمه الاسرائيليه في مركز تحقيق بتاح تكفا  تمديد توقيف  الاسيرغسان النجار ثمانية ايام اخرى,و يذكر ان غسان معتقل  منذ حوالي 18 يوم  يوما مع العلم ان هذا التمديد هو الثالث في ظل ظروف صحيه  صعبه يعيشها غسان النجار حيث لازال ممنوعا من التواصل مع المحامي ومع عائلته, وقالت والدته انها تشعر بالقلق على صحة ابنها غسان الذي يعاني من اوجاع في الظهر والقدم  والذي يعيش ظروفا نفسيه صعبه وقاسيه وناشدت الهيئات الدوليه التدخل من اجل اطلاق سراح ابنها غسان  وتامين العلاج له كما طالبت من كافه الهيئات الانسانيه والحقوقيه  التدخل من اجل السماح للمحامي زيارة غسان


25/08/14: Burying a child in Nablus

On Monday 25 August 16 year old Hazem Hassan Ashour succumbed to wounds he sustained after being shot in the head by the Israeli Army at Beit Furik checkpoint the previous week. Hazem had been demonstrating with others at the checkpoint in solidarity with Gaza and calling for an end to the Occupation when the Army indiscriminately opened fire.

Large crowds joined the demonstration, which left from Rafidia hospital in Nablus to his home in the city, before mourners laid Hazem to rest in the cemetery. Hazem adds to the growing total of Palestinian children murdered, wounded and displaced by Apartheid Israel since their latest massacre started. On the 49th day of the Israeli massacre against Gaza (24 August) the total murdered had grown to 2,122 Palestinians: 1,633 of whom are civilians, including 507 children and 292 women, killed; and 10,621 others, mostly civilians, including 3,224 children and 2,056 women, wounded.

SFP encourages activists around the world to continue and step up their efforts against the profiteers and enablers, including Governments, of the Occupation. We would also like to thank all those that have already and continue to take part in actions around the world in support of the Palestinian people and freedom.

نابلس -الاثنين -25-8-2014-شيعت جماهير غفيرة في مدينة نابلس جثمان الشهيد حسان حازم عاشور16 عاما من مدينة نابلس والذي استشهد اليوم الاثنين متأثرا بجرحه التي اصيب بها يوم الجمعة الماضي في مواجهات اندلعت على حاجز بيت فوريك في اعقاب مسيرة انطلقت من نابلس باتجاه الحاجز نصرة لغزة… وانطلق موكب التشييع من مستشفى رفيديا بنابلس الى منزل ذويه لالقاء نظرة الوداع عليه ومن ثم الى مثواه الاخير…حركة التضامن من اجل فلسطين حره sfp تدعوا المؤسسات الدوليه القانونيه والانسانيه لتوفير الحمايه للشعب الفلسطيني وخاصة الاطفال الذين يتم قتلهم دون اي مبرر كما ترحب حركة تضامنsfp بكافة المتضامنين الدوليين في العالم على دورهم الفعال في حملة المقاطعه ومحاسبه الاحتلال الاسرائيلي على المجازر الوحشيه بحق الشعب الفلسطيني كما ترحب sfpبكافة المتضامنين الدوليين الذين يرغبون بالقدوم الى فلسطين

Photos courtesy of Ahmad Talat Hasan

Photos courtesy of Ahmad Talat Hasan


Photos courtesy of Ahmad Talat Hasan

Photos courtesy of Ahmad Talat Hasan


Photos courtesy of Ahmad Talat Hasan

Photos courtesy of Ahmad Talat Hasan

25/08/14: Israeli Army looting and ransacking in Burin

In the early hours of Monday morning the Israeli Army invaded the village of Burin and ransacked several homes in Burin. This is the second time the Army has ransacked the homes of the village youth in the last week, attempting to intimidate villagers into submission. At the time of writing Burin is still deemed a closed military zone and the Army are preventing exit and entry to the village.

After pulling out and destroying property within several homes the soldiers did not give any indication as to the reasons for today’s harassment, only stating that they would “come everyday”. One youth was detained for over an hour before he was released with no explanation. They also erected checkpoints at the entrances to the village.

On 20 August the Israeli Army invaded the village ransacked 15 homes, again threatening the youth and their families. Burin is subject to constant harassment by the Israeli Army and the illegal colonies of Yitzhar and Bracha that surround the village and are built on stolen village lands. On Saturday the youth of the village launched a campaign to retake land and plant it with grapes near the illegal colonies.

اقتحمت قولت الاحتلال الاسرائيلي قرية بورين و قامت باقتحام عدة منازل و تفتيشها و العبث في محتوياتها حيث ان هذه المرة الثانية خلال اسبوع التي تقوم به قوات الاحتلال من اقتحام للمنازل و تقوم قوات الاحتلال بإغلاق مفرق قرية بوربن و منع اهالي القرية من الخروج من القرية و تشدد الاجراءات عليها و الجدير بالذكر ان قرية بورين تتعرض لاعتداءات مستمر من قبل الجيش الاسرائيلي و المستوطنين و تحيط بقرية بورين مستوطنتان من اسوء المستوطنات في الضفة الغربية وهما براخا و يتسهار

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23/08/14: Taking back the land in Burin

On Saturday morning volunteers from Burin’s Bilal Najjar Cultural Centre and its partners planted grapes on land confiscated from the village by the Israeli Army. The activity was part of a programme of actions to reclaim land that the illegal colonies and Army have stolen from the village.

Since the occupation of the West Bank area of Palestine in 1967, Burin has lost 32,000 dunums (75%) of its land to Israeli Army orders and the two illegal colonies and their infrastructure built on village lands. These confiscations continue to this day with the colonies expanding onto more and more village lands, while Burin is constrained in its growth due to its classification under the Oslo Accords as Areas A, B and C. This means that in areas B and C (usually the outskirts of the village where any expansion would necessarily need to occur) they are limited in their ability to build as they require permission from Israel, which is rarely if ever given.

Burin and other villages are now taking direct action to reclaim their land through planting of crops. In the absence of international action against the illegal actions of Israel, the villagers are taking back their land themselves.

بدا متطوعين مركز الشهيد بلال النجار الثقافي و بالتعاون مع مراكز الشراكة من اجل التنمية في عميلية استصلاح للاراضي القريبة من المستوطنات في قرية بورين حيث سوف يتم استصلاح الاراضي و زراعتها بالعنب و ياتي هذا الاستصلاح بعد العمليات الممنهجة من قبل الاحتلال الاسرائيلي في الاستيلاء على الاراضي و مصادرتها حيث تبلغ مساحة قرية بورين 32 الف دونم تم مصادرة اكثر من 75% من الاراضي و تقسم بورين حسب اتفاقية اوسلو الى مناطق ( ب , س, ا ) و تحيط قرية بورين مستوطنتان من اكثر المستوطنات سوء هما براخا و يتسهار

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