16/06/15: Israeli Army invade Qaryot and destroy property

In the early hours of Tuesday morning the Israeli Army invaded the village of Qaryot, to the south of Nablus city. The marauding soldiers shut residents into one room of their homes while they vandalised their property and allowed dogs to roam the house.

SFP activist Abdullah Qaryouti explained how a group of soldiers broke down the door of his home, while his younf family were sleeping, at 3am. The soldiers shut Abdullah and his family into one room while they vandalised the rest of the home. Abdullah explained how this was typical behaviour from the Israeli soldiers, who regularly invade, vandalise, steal and kidnap Palestinians late at night. He explained he further suspected this was a revenge attack to try and intimidate the villagers into ceasing their non-violent resistance against the illegal Jewish-only colonies that surround them and continue to steal more of their land.

SFP has been continuing to support the village of Qaryot and their steadfast resistance to the illegal colonisation and occupation of their land.

الثلاثاء -16-6-2015 –قريوت –جنوب نابلس

قوات الاحتلال الاسرائيلي تقوم بعمليات اقتحام و تخريب داخل البيوت

اقتحم عشرات الجنود الاسرائيلييون قريه قريوت –جنوب نابلس وقاموا باقتحام البيوت وعمليات تخريب داخل البيوت حيث قال عبد الله اوهو احد المواطنين الذين تعرض بيته للتفتيش ان الجنود اقتحموا بيته الساعه الثاله صباحا وطلبوا من العائله البقاء في غرفه واحده وقام الجنود بتخريب داخل البيت بطريقه همجيه حيث ادخلوا الكلاب البوليسيه وداسوا على الملابس وقال عبد الله ان الجنود استمروا لساعات داخل البيت وان ما حدث هو انتقام من اهالي قريوت الذين يطالبوم بحقهم في زراعه اراضيهم ورفضهم لعمليات المصادره التي تتم من اجل توسيع المستوطنات.

يذكر ان قريوت تتعرض لعمليات مصادره من اجل توسيع المستوطنات وعزل القرى الفلسطينيه وربط المستوطنات وعزل مدن الضفه الى معازل وكانتونات

11407271_10206219057969601_4273065923669879801_n 11430160_10206219059769646_7024206500051866919_n 1907481_10206219056689569_4543341741138088739_n 1907536_10206219054809522_4591141322927213427_n 10258496_10206219057089579_1873707559802666306_n 10622871_10206219055449538_1214532323748363272_n


05/06/15: SFP marches with Qaryot to reclaim the land

On Friday 5 June activists from SFP joined the village of Qaryot after noon prayers to march against the colonisation of their land by Apartheid Israel. The Israeli Army opened fire on the demonstrators, firing volleys of tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets and sound bombs. Many demonstrators suffered suffocation from the toxic gas.

Qaryot is surrounded by no less than 6 illegal Jewish-only colonies. The Israeli Army is constantly issuing the village and its neighbours with confiscation orders, under the pretext of security, which then hands their land to these settlers.

SFP supports the village of Qaryot and has been planting olive trees and thyme with the farmers to reclaim the land. We are very grateful to all those that already have donated to our campaign and would ask if you were able to donate further or share our campaign with your friends and colleagues. Please click here for more details.


نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه من حركة تضامن من اجل فلسطين حره              sfpيشاركون في المسيره في قريوت –جنوب نابلس

شارك اليوم نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه من حركة تضامن من اجل فلسطين حره sfp في المسيره التي انطلقت في قريوت- جنوب نابلس – بعد صلاه الظهر   احياء لذكرى النكسه ورفضا لسياسة الاحتلال الاسرائيلي العنصري والذي يهدف الى تنفيذ مشروعه الاستيطاني والذي يهدف الى تقسيم الضفه الغربيه الى كانتونات  وقد توجه المتظاهرون الى الاراضي المهدده بالمصادره مرددين شعارات لا للاستيطان لا للاحتلال ,وقد واجه جنود الاحتلال الاسرائيلي المتظاهرون بقنابل الغاز والرصاص المطاط وقنابل الصوت مما ادى الى اصابه العديد بالغاز المسيل للدموع.

SfP اكدوا على الاستمرار بالمسيرات الشعبيه ناشدوا الجميع العمل مقاطعة الاحتلال الاسرائيلي

11291756_1037725562927429_520862315_n 11423335_1037725566260762_741160783_n 11262349_1037725559594096_357115219_n 11418463_1037725556260763_832231037_n 11355569_1037725552927430_2081998834_n 11428971_1037725542927431_208978446_n 10965306_1037725546260764_7778201_n 11289682_1037725536260765_1441908905_n 11350349_1037725532927432_1120521991_n 11356281_1037725522927433_40055820_n 11355398_1037725529594099_372515502_n 11329552_1037725526260766_2040479116_n 11350351_1037725512927434_1041913849_n 11124898_1037725519594100_788264969_n 11418271_1037725509594101_1479003632_n 11419930_1037725516260767_2103726552_n 1938111_10206131459619697_1690218782_n 11325536_10206131459699699_1428511625_n 11281904_10206131449299439_296871059_n 11330496_10206131449259438_910037232_n 11358860_10206131449219437_330468631_n

27/03/15: SFP prisoners update

Following on from our update earlier in the week, Samer Maklouf and Mohammed Qaed appeared again before Ofer Military Court on Thursday 26 March. The Judge allowed the Prosecutor more time, intern the boys without trial or charge again, until Sunday 29 March. We hope that the original decision to release them both on 4000NIS fines will stand and they can come home to their worried families.

Thank you again to all those that have already donated to help us raise the money for the fines. We would be ever so grateful for your continued donations as we await the outcome of the Apartheid Court hearing on Sunday.

Ayman Gharib has been interned without trial or charge since December 2014. On 16 March his mother and wife went to visit him at Meggido prison but the prison authorities rescinded their permits and refused to allow them to see him. Ayman’s next Coirt appearance has also be postponed until 6 May 2015. By then he will have spent nearly 6 months away from his young family without any trial or charge brought against him by Apartheid Israel.

Ghassan Najjar has been held by Apartheid Israel since August 2014. He still has not received any trial or charge. Fortunately his father and sisters have also now been given visiting permits to visit him. His wife and baby son have also seen him. Ghassan has only met his son 3 times since he was born, 2 of those through prison glass. He is due back in Apartheid Military Court on 19 April 2015. By then he will have spent over 7 and half months in prison. His wife asks everyone around the world to please help bring Ghassan home, so he can hold his son again:

I know how frustrating it is, being back in our home countries and feeling helpless about what we can do to support the struggle, but contacting your MPs or other appropriate people and applying pressure is a massive thing we can do. If no one stands up to say it’s not right, if we become complacent then it looks like we are accepting this. I cannot accept that this will continue. I can just about handle visiting my husband in prison, I don’t want to have to visit our son in prison in 17 years time.

We would like to thank everyone around the world for their continued support. Please hear Ghassan’s wife’s call and write to your respective representatives and demand Ghassan and the other prisoners are released. For more details about SFP’s campaign to release Ghassan and contact details for letters please click here.

Thank you.



15/03/15: SFP honour the memory of Rachel Corrie with Qaryut village, the Israeli Army attacks

On Sunday 15 March activists from SFP, accompanied by students from Birzeit University, took olive trees to the village of Qaryut, just south of Nablus, to plant trees for the international martyrs Rachel Corrie, Tom Hurndall and Vittorio Arrigoni, all murdered by the Israeli Occupation. They also planted trees for Tristan Anderson, injured by a tear gas canister shot at his head in the village of Nilin in 2008.

As activists planted the trees the Israeli Army attacked the peaceful action, knocking one of the Palestinians unconcious. The soldiers then prevented Red Crescent teams from administering first aid and dragged the unconcious youth by the arm across the rocky terrain. The soldiers eventually allowed the youth to be carried in a stretcher down the hillside. Footage released to the media by SFP shows the brutally of the soldiers attack.

Rachel Corrie was murdered on 16 March 2003 while trying to protect a Palestinians home in Rafah from an Israeli bulldozer. The bulldozer drove over Rachel and then reversed back with the blade down, killing the young activist. This followed shortly by the killing of Tom Hurndall on 11 April 2003 (Tom eventually died on 13 January 2004) by an Israeli sniper, while he was trying to rescue young Palestinian children in Rafah, terrified by the Israeli gun fire. Vittorio was murdered by allegded Salfist terrorists after being kidnapped in Gaza 2011. All three activists fought tirelessly for freedom for Palestine, and each year Palestinian activists remember and honour them, including SFP.

Qaryut village is surrounded by dozens of illegal Jewish-only colonies, which are constanting seeking to further encrouch and steal more Palestinian land. SFP has continually supported the village in their resistance to the illegal Occupation of their land and seeks to increase our support. We would ask people around the world if they would kindly consider donating to our campaign to buy olive trees and thyme (Palestinian herb planted and farmed largely by women)  to support the reclaiming of Palestinian land. Please click here for more details of the campaign and how you can donate.

 اليوم الاحد -15-3 -2015

نشطاء المقاومه الشعيه من حركة تضامن من اجل فلسطين حرة sfp  يحيون ذكرى راشيل كوري وشهداء التضامن الدولي في قريوت –جنوب نابلس .

توجه نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه من sfp والقطب الطلابي من جامعه بيرزيت ومؤسسات الشراكه من اجل التنميه, الى قريه قريوت لاحياء ذكرى راشيل كوري التي استشهدت بتاريخ 16-3-2003.

وقد قام النشطاء بزراعه اشتال الزيتون ووضع صور الشهداء راشيل كوري وتوم هاردنال وفيتوريوا اريغوني وصور الجريح تريستان الذي اصيب بقنبله من غاز مباشرة في وجهه , واثناء زراعه الزيتون اقتحم عشرات الجنود الاسرائيليين وقاموا باطلاق القنابل الغاز المسيل والرصاص الحي بطريقه ووحشيه وقاموا باعتقال اثنان من المشاركين احدهم اصيب بحالة اختناق تم نقله من قبل الجنود بطريقه لا انسانيه حيث وقع اكثر من مره على الصخر والحجاره دون تقديم العلاج والدواء له .

نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه sfp طالبوا بتحقيق العداله ضد قاتل راشيل كوري .واكدوا انهم مستمرون في زراعة الزيتون .في كافة الاراضي المهدده بالمصادره .

حرزه تضامن من اجل فلسطين حره sfp اختاروا قريوت كونها تتعرض لاعتداءات المستوطنين وتتعرض ايضا لمخطط استيطاني يهدف الى ربط المستوطنات ببعضها البعض مما يؤدي الى عزل القرى الفلسطينيه جالوت وقريوت وقصره وغيرها الى كانتونات معزوله عن بعضها البعض .

SfP يشكرون كل من ساهم في شراء الزتون والزعنتر,ويدعوا الجميع الى المساهمه من اجل زراعه الزيتون وتعزيز صمود المزارعين الفلسطينيين على أرضهم

11043306_10205488375142987_9020645535698732937_o 11029564_10205488269020334_3836748954580870588_o 10974628_10205488277980558_2989138940609946233_o 10958002_10205488395823504_1655669776_o 10861075_10205488221979158_680235570592294955_o 10855071_10205488373942957_7088644440927472996_o 10847403_10205488215418994_6729449873299628395_o 10432940_10205488193938457_8074026998256529783_n 11025892_10205488204538722_6989242257044710283_o 11024208_10205488226259265_8837523315164161006_o 11010003_10205488213378943_5701423077864577644_o





05/09/14: Wedded to the land – Qaryot

On Friday afternoon the villagers of Qaryot joined by SFP and many Palestinian associations staged a wedding ceremony at Qaryot’s ancient spring. The spring is frequented by illegal settlers, who are trying to steal the water supply and claim the land and history as their own.

Hundreds of villagers gathered, along with a symbolic bride and groom and marched to the spring. Upon arrival the villagers performed a traditional wedding ceremony and the demonstrators danced dabke and sang to Palestinian liberation songs.

The settlers and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism have been attempting to expropriate Qaryot, and its neighbouring villages, lands by claiming them as Jewish historical sites. Qaryot is surrounded by 7 illegal colonies, whose residents regularly steal land, burn olive trees and attack villagers. Last month Apartheid Israel declared it was confiscating 4,000 dunums of Palestinian land near Bethlehem for the expansion of more illegal colonies. All in direct violation of international law.

SFP stands firmly with Palestinian villagers as they remain steadfast in the face of the colonisers. Next month the olive harvest will commence across Palestinian and SFP welcomes volunteers to join us helping farmers harvest their olives in the face of settler and army attacks. We will shortly be launching a campaign but in the meantime you can find out how to join us by clicking here.

اليوم الجمعه -5-9-2014-شارك نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه  من حركة تضامن SFP  مؤسسات الشراكه من اجل التنميه واهالي قريوت نشاطهم ضد الاستيطان والتي تميز هذه المره عبر( عرس فلسطيني )تميز باغاني ودبكات شعبيه واهازيج وطنيه شارك بها زجاله من قريوت  توجهت من وسط بلدة قريوت الى نبع الماء الذي ياتي الاف  المستوطنين في هذا اليوم من كل عام لاقامة الحفلات  معتبرين ان هذا المكان مقدس حسب توراتهم  مع العلم ان  الاحتلال عبر وزير السياحه اعلن  ان المنطقه سياحيه وذلك بهدف السيطره  على ما مساحته ثلاث  الاف دونم  بهدف ربط المستوطنات بعضها ببعض وفرض سياسة الكانتونات (المعازل )في التجمعات القرويه  وعزلها عن بعضها وهذا ما يقوم به الاحتلال الاسرائيلي العنصري  حيث قام مؤخرا بمصادره 4000دونم من اراضي جنوب الضفه الغربيه (بيت لحم)وقرر بناء وحدات استيطانيه جديده في نابلس  وهذا كله مخالف للقرارات الدوليه التي اعتبرت ان الاستيطان غير شرعي …الامر الاخر اننا على ابواب موسم قطف الزيتون ومعظم المزارعين يعتمدون على هذا الموسم لتغطيه نفقاتهم ومستلزماتهم الحياتيه الامر الذي يعني حرمان الاف العائلات الفلسطينيه من مصدر رزقهم الوحيد الذين يعتمدون عليه بشكل سنوي

حركة تضامن SFPترحب بكافة المتضامنين الدوليين الذين سيشاركون هذا العام المزرارعين في قطف الزيتون الذي سيبدأ في اوائل شهر  اكتوبر (10) في كافه المواقع الريفيه


18/06/14: Israeli terrorism continues…. Teenager left for dead

As Apartheid Israel conducts mass terrorism across the West Bank area of Palestine in their alleged search for 3 missing illegal settlers, they invaded Nablus city again last night, badly beating a teenager and leaving him for dead. The Army also kidnapped a further 51 Palestinians bringing the total arrests across the occupied West Bank to nearly 300 in 5 days.

The Army attacked across Nablus city in the early hours of the morning, firing volleys of tear gas into sleeping residents homes and firing live ammunition at young children who bravely attempted to resist their acts of terror. As well as kidnapping Palestinians the Army have been stealing and destroying property and homes, and attacking Palestinans. Below details one such example.

Qusi Mahmoud Qandeel, 19 years old, left his home on the south mountain just opposite Balata refugee camp, at around 03:30am as usual to go to his work in a local bakery. Despite the massive Army presence in the city, Palestinians bravely and resolutely will not allow the Occupation to prevent them from attempting to conduct their daily lives. So despite the Army being all around and sound bombs and shooting being heard across the city Qusi left for work to help his family as normal.

At 04:30am, around the time the Army withdrew from Nablus, his brother Khames also left for work at the bakery. On his journey he heard a rasping sound, like someone trying to breath. As he investigated he found his brother lying on the ground unconscious, covered in blood. As he attempted to wake him and call for help his brother came round just enough to whisper to him that the Army had attacked him with wooden planks, before he fell unconscious again.

SFP visited Qusi is hospital (he also happens to be the cousin of an SFP member) where he is unconscious in Intensive Care Unit of Rafidia Hospital after undergoing an operation. Doctors confirmed that the next 72 hours he would be under intensive observation. Qusi was admitted with a serious head wound and blood was seen flowing from his ear. This can be a sign of a fractured skull or worse. Qusi also had a broken left hand, swelling on his neck and cuts all over his forearms, where he had clearly tried to defend himself from the blows.

Qusi was found near his home one hour after he had left. The soldiers had attacked him and then pushed him down the hill, leaving him for dead. Qusi is one of three brothers, but Qusi and Khames older brother was killed by the Army in 2004. SFP was very relieved that today his family are not mourning another son lost.

Nablus and across the West Bank area of Palestine is under heightened terrorism since the alleged disappearance of 3 illegal settlers last Thursday. Apartheid Israel has used to opportunity to unleash mass terror on the Palestinian population! not just targeting Hamas activists, which it claims kidnapped these illegal settlers, but any and all Palestinians. At the time of writing the southern city of Hebron is still under siege by the Army, with all entry and exit points blocked. Below also shows checkpoints south of Nablus, Huwwara, closed today causing massive disruptions. SFP understands Zatara checkpoint, between Nablus and Ramallah was also randomly closed by the Army, aiming to cause massive disruption and difficulty for the occupied Palestinian population. The closure and siege on Palestinian cities is reminiscent of the Second Intifada, when Apartheid Israel attacked Palestinians and their cities as they rose up in defiance of the illegal Occupation of their land. This was also noted by Palestinians yesterday in Balata refugee camp, which describe Monday nights invasion as like the Second Intifada.

Like Hebron and across the West Bank Palestinians are bracing themselves for another night of terror. SFP ask that you all share the truth and challenge the mainstreams media coverage of 3 illegal settlers alleged kidnapping, compared to the hundreds and thousands of Palestinians kidnapped daily by Apartheid Israel. We ask you to use the hashtag on social media #bringourboysbackhome to highlight to kidnapping of Palestinians, which is being used by Zionist to dominate social media feeds with false news about the alleged kidnappings of the illegal settlers.

في سياق الممارسات الاسرائيليه العنصريه بحق الشعب الفلسطيني وما يمارسه من اجتياحات ليليه واعتقالات فقد اقدم الجنود الاسرائلييون على اغلاق حاجز حواره وزعتره والتي تفصل بين نابلس ورام الله جنوب نابلس دون معرفه الاسباب وادى ذلك الى حدوث ازمه مروريه خانقه سيما ان سياسة الاغلاقات والتشديد على الحواجز اعادت الى الاذهان الاغلاقات والممارسات العنصريه ابان انتفاضه الاقصى
وعبر نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه عن رفضهم لهذه الممارسات مطالبين المجتمع الدولي بتحمل مسؤلياته ومؤكدين على ضروره تصعيد المقاومه الشعبيه في وجه الممارسات العنصريه الاسرائيليه وعن ضروره الاستمرار بالانشطه التضامنيه مع الاسرى المضربين عن الطعام



Khames Qandeel covered in the blood of his brother Qusi


Qusi Qandeel in ICU today (18/06/14)


Qusi Qandeel after being left for dead by the Israeli Army

Qusi Qandeel’s initial doctors assessment

Huwwara checkpoint, just south of Nablus today

Hundreds of commenters left stranded at Huwwara checkpoint as the Army arbitrarily close Nablus


Army firing indiscriminately in Nablus (18/06/14)


Army jeeps invading Nablus city (18/06/14)


18/04/14: Qaryut affirm that resistance is a duty

On Friday activists from SFP joined Qaryut villagers as they went to pray on their land, denied access to them by Apartheid Israel. As the demonstrators left after the Friday prayers, and without any provocation, female Army soldiers open fire with volleys of tear gas. Several villagers suffered severe tear gas inhalation with two people requiring medical treatment.

After the prayers the Council of Qaryut had stated to the soldiers, which had been proceeding to surround the demonstrators as they prayed, that they would be leaving the area and that the soldiers should not attack. Despite this, and as villagers started to walk up the mountain back towards the village, two female soldiers opened fire directly at them. This caused many people to suffer from tear gas inhalation as well as tripping up on the dangerous rocky terrain.

This is common terror behaviour from the Army, who claim in the media they are just responding to rock throwing – no rock was thrown. Last week SFP activists, medical volunteer and Council member Bashar Qaryouti was hospitalised after tear gas was fired towards him. Bashar was clearly wearing his Palestinian Red Crescent uniform at the time.

Qaryut is surrounded by several illegal settlements, forever seeking to steal more village land. Less than one month ago the Council was handed a letter from the Army saying they were confiscating thousands of dunums of land to create a tourist area. The land is rich in archeological finds. As a result, and combined with their continuing inability to access their main road, the villagers agreed to launch demonstrations to take back the land and open up their road.

We encourage all those of good conscience to join Qaryut and all Palestinians in their resistance by abiding by the request for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Apartheid Israel. To find out how to boycott and more about the campaign please click here.

11/04/14: Palestinians protest land thief and SFP activist hospitalised

On Friday after the midday prayers Palestinians across the West Bank demonstrated against the continual thief of their land by Aparthied Israel. SFP joined the village of Salem, east of Nablus, as they marched towards their land, land which they are continually denied access to and villagers fear may be blocked off to them altogether as the illegal settlement of Elon Moreh cuts into more of their lands. Villagers were met with Israeli Army aggression and a barrage of stun grenades and tear gas.

In Qaryut, south of Nablus, villagers went to pray in their land, an era where thousands of dunums are being stolen by Aparthied Israel. The peaceful protestors were met with tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets and stun grenades and SFP activists Bashar Qaryouti, also on the village Council and a member of the volunteer Red Crescent, was hospitalised.

As so called negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Apartheid Israel continue, Aparthied Israel terrorises and steals more and more Palestinian land. SFP asks all those of good conscience to abide by the Palestinians call for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Apartheid Israel. To find out how to boycott click here.


نابلس -قريه سالم- -نظم اهالي قريه سالم اليوم مسيره شارك فيها العشرات من الاهالي واصحاب الاراضي وتوجه المشاركون الى المنطقه الشرقيه من القريه وذلك احتجاجا على منع الاحتلال الاسرائيلي الاهالي الوصول الى اراضيهم متذرعا بعدم التنسيق تارة وبحجه ان المنطقه منطقه عسكريه وقد عبر الاهالي عن تخوفهم من نية الاحتلال الاسرائيلي مصادرة الاراضي والمقدره بالاف الدونمات وقد قام الجنود الاسرائيليين باطلاق القنابل الصوتيه وقنابل الغاز تجاه المشاركين بالمسيره

نابلس -قريوت -اليوم الجمعه شارك  العشرات من اهالي قريوت في المسيره الاسبوعيه للتعبير عن رفضهم لقرار الاحتلال الاسرائيلي  اغلاق الشارع الذي يصلهم مع رام الله ومصادره الاف الدونمات بحجه ربط المستوطنات بعضها بعض مثل مستوطنةة شيلو مع مستوطته عليه الامر الذي يحرم الاهالي من الوصول الى اراضيهم اضافه الى بناء المزيد من الستوطنات  وقد واجه الجود الاسرائيليين المشاركين بالمسيره بقنابل الغاز والاعيره المطاطيه  وقنابل  الصوت وقد اصيب حوالي عشرين شاب تم نقل البعض الى المستشفيات في نابلس من ضمنهم بشار القريوتي  احد نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه وعضو الsfp

Destroying Apartheid

Army terrorising villagers

Army terrorising protestors

SFP in Salem

Steadfast in Salem

Steadfast in Salem

Army terrorising villagers

Bashar Qaryouti in hospital

Bashar Qaryouti in hospital

SFP in Salem


Protestors in Salem


Protestors in Salem

SFP in Salem

04/04/14: SFP join Qaryut as they reclaim their land

On Friday 4 April SFP joined the village of Qaryut as they reclaimed their land near the illegal settlement of Gilo. Hundreds of villagers walked towards the illegal settlement and prayed on the land, watched over by settlers and soldiers. 

Earlier in the week Qaryut had been handed a paper stating that Apartheid Israel was confiscating thousands of dunums of village land to create a tourist area. Land of particular archaeological and historical significance. In a meeting, attended by SFP, earlier in the week the village vowed not to give up their land. Today marked what activists promised would be the start of a campaign to reclaim back all their land.

The villages of Qaryut, Qusra and Jalud are surrounded by numerous illegal settlements. Illegal settlements built on stolen Palestinian land and housing criminal settlers who just this week set fire to some of Qaryut’s ancient olive trees.  

SFP and Qaryut are united in their resistance and determination. We ask all those who believe in freedom and justice to join us in that resistance and abide by the Palestinians request for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Apartheid Israel. To find out how to boycott and join the campaign please click here.

31/03/14: Settlers burn olive trees in Qaryut

Settlers from the illegal settlement of Eli set fire to 11 old olive trees belonging to the village of Qaryut at dawn on 31 March 2014. The criminal settlers, accompanied by the Israeli Army who provided flares to light up the area, attacked after midnight. As reports came in to Qaryut of the attacks the Fire Service were prevented from attending the scene by the Army.

Last week the Army informed Qaryut they were confiscating thousands of dunums of the villages lands. These are land rich in archaeological significance and therefore Apartheid Israel seeks to steal it to expropriate Palestinian land and history.

In addition, Jalud, neighbouring Qaryut, was informed today that 300 dunums of their land was being stolen by illegal settlers seeking to expand their illegal settlement further, building a school and cemetary for the settlement.

Qaryut, Qusra and Jalud are surrounded by numerous illegal settlements and their outposts, stealing Palestinian land. SFP has been working closely with Qaryut and it’s neighbours, supporting them in their resistance and taking back stolen lands. We ask you all to join us in supporting the villages by abiding by the request of Palestinians for boycott! divestment and sanctions against Apartheid Israel. To find out how to boycott please click here.


أضرم مستوطنون إسرائيليون فجر الاثنين النار في أراض زراعية في قرية قريوت جنوب مدينة نابلس وقالاهالي القرية ان عددا من المستوطنين من مستوطنة “عيليه” الإسرائيلية القريبة من قريوت، تسللوا لتلك الأراضي بعد منتصف الليل، وأشعلوا النار في 11 شجرة زيتون رومية معمرة حيث ان المستوطنين كانوا تحت حراسة من جيش الاحتلال الإسرائيلي الذي أطلق قنابل الإنارة، فوق الأراضي المستهدفة قبل أن يبدأ المستوطنون بإشعار النيران، كما منع الجيش طواقم الدفاع المدني الفلسطيني من الدخول للأراضي وإطفاء الحريق.
و في نفس السياق حيث قامت قوات الاحتلال بالاستيلاء على الالاف الدونمات من قرية قريوت بهدف توسيع المستوطنات وعمل مناطق سياحيه هناك حيث تم الاستيلاء على جيمع المناطق الاثرية في المنطقة
وفي صباح هذا اليوم قامت قوات الاحتلال ايضا بمصادرة 300 دونم من اراضي قرية جالود بهدف انشاء بؤرة استيطانيه جديدة هناك
والجدير بالذكر ان قريتي قريوت تتعرضان لهجمات شبه يومية من قبل المستوطنين
حركة التضامن من اجل فلسطين حرة (sfp) تدعم جميع القرى التي تتعرض لاعتداءات من الاحتلال الاسرائيلي
ونرجوا في اخوتنا في الدول العربية و جامعة الدول العربية لممارسة الضغط على اسرائيل لوقف الفصل العنصري ونحن نطلب من جميع محبي العدالة وحقوق الإنسان بالتقيد الطلب الفلسطيني للمقاطعة وسحب الاستثمارات وفرض العقوبات (BDS) لمناهضة الفصل العنصري إسرائيل.