14/09/14: ACTION ALERT: Ghassan’s detention order renewed for 3rd time

On Sunday 14 September Ghassan Najjar, community activist and SFP Steering Committee member, appeared before Petah Tikva interrogation facility court where a military Judge renewed Ghassan’s detention order for another 7 days. This is the third renewal following his kidnapping on 27 August.

Ghassan’s family are extremely concerned for Ghassan’s health. As previously reported by SFP Ghassan has an underlying knee injury, which he was due to have surgery on and in the meantime was receiving daily painkilling injections. Ghassan is also suffering back pain from the stress positions he is being held in during interrogation. He is receiving medication but typically this is only aspirin and Israeli prison doctors have been accused on many occasions of turning a blind eye to evidence of torture of detainees and inadequate care.

Ghassan was kidnapped from his home on 27 August and since then he has only been able to briefly call his parents once. His lawyer is only able to see him in court for the few minutes he appears and the Israeli Military Judge renews the order under which the Israeli Security Services can continue to hold Ghassan. Ghassan has had no legal advice and his lawyer has not had access to the ‘evidence’ against him. He is also not able to be present with Ghassan while he is being interrogated, which can typically last for hours each day, before detainees are returned to isolation.

Petah Tikva is a notorious interrogation facility inside historical Palestine (‘Israel’), in violation of international law, which states that prisoners must not be transferred out of the territory they are detained within by the occupying force. This also prevents many families from being able to visit their loved ones, as Palestinians are regularly denied permits to travel inside ’48 (historical Palestine, ‘Israel’). Many Gazan families are permanently denied, with their loved one often not seeing their family for many years.

Human rights organisations have repeatedly documented cases of torture, with Palestinians held for weeks on end in tiny cells, subjected to extreme temperatures and constant artificial light. They are then interrogated by the Israeli Security Services for hours on end, shackled with their hands behind their back to metal chairs. Many Palestinians also report beatings and threats against them and their families if they do not ‘confess’. Lawyers are not able to access or accompany their clients during these weeks of interrogation.

On Tuesday 9 September 35 year old Raed al-Jabari died while in Israeli custody. Raed was due for release on bail but was pronounced dead, with the Israeli Prison Service claiming he hung himself. However, following an autopsy, which showed no marks around his neck you’d expect to see if someone hung themselves, the cause of death was established as internal bleeding from multiple blows. It is clear Raed was murdered by the Israeli prison authorities, following his torture. In a similar case a week prior to Raed’s murder, 33 year old Muhammad Hussein Rabee was hospitalised after being tortured for 35 days inside another notorious Israeli interrogation facility in Jerusalem, known as the ‘Russian Compound’.

As of 31 July there were 6,578 Palestinians illegally held by Apartheid Israel, this includes 446 Palestinians held under what is known as administrative detention orders. These detainees receive no trial and are not charged, and their lawyer has no access to any ‘evidence’ against them. They are held under secret orders authorised by an Israeli Military Judge, which can be renewed indefinitely. 73 year old Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq, a community leader and SFP member, is currently being held under a 4 month administrative detention order after he was kidnapped in the middle of night by the Israeli Army on 26 August.

The number of detainees held by Apartheid Israel has already rapidly grown with many Palestinians kidnapped during Israel’s war on the people of Gaza not included in the above figure. The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society also released a statement that in the last week alone a further 174 Palestinians had been kidnapped across the West Bank area of Palestine.

SFP urgently asks all friends around the world to sign and share our petition calling for the immediate release of Dr. Yousef and Ghassan.To sign the petition and share with your friends and colleagues please click here.

Please also see our campaign, with suggested letters for your respective representatives, regarding he illegal detention of Dr. Yousef.

In addition, we would ask that you kindly continue to email the British Consulate in Jerusalem asking them to intervene in the case of Ghassan. Ghassan’s one year old son is half British and both his son and British wife are understandably distraught. Please email Suha Zeidan (suha.zeidan@fco.gov.uk) at the Consulate and ask them to visit Ghassan in Petah Tikva and raise the matter of his immediate release with the Israeli Government.

Your help does make a difference and we understand was the reason Ghassan was able to finally, briefly, call home. We kindly ask you keep up that pressure until Ghassan and Dr. Yousef are both safely home with their families, along with all Palestinian political detainees. Dr. Yousef and Ghassan both tirelessly campaigned for Palestinian prisoners, suffering harassment and imprisonment from the Occupation as a result. Ghassan is due back in Court on Sunday 21 September, where is interrogation could be renewed again, please keep up the pressure and demand his unconditional release.

اليوم الاحد -2014-09-14 ..قررت المحكمه الاسرائيليه في مركز تحقيق بتاح تكفا  تمديد توقيف  الاسيرغسان النجار ثمانية ايام اخرى,و يذكر ان غسان معتقل  منذ حوالي 18 يوم  يوما مع العلم ان هذا التمديد هو الثالث في ظل ظروف صحيه  صعبه يعيشها غسان النجار حيث لازال ممنوعا من التواصل مع المحامي ومع عائلته, وقالت والدته انها تشعر بالقلق على صحة ابنها غسان الذي يعاني من اوجاع في الظهر والقدم  والذي يعيش ظروفا نفسيه صعبه وقاسيه وناشدت الهيئات الدوليه التدخل من اجل اطلاق سراح ابنها غسان  وتامين العلاج له كما طالبت من كافه الهيئات الانسانيه والحقوقيه  التدخل من اجل السماح للمحامي زيارة غسان


ACTION ALERT: SFP launches campaign calling for the immediate release of Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq


Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq held without charge or trial

“Stay Humanized”

Dr. Yousef

Solidarity Movement for a Free Palestine (SFP) and the Tanweer Cultural Centre are demanding the immediate, unequivocal and safe release of Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq. Known for the phrase “stay humanized” Dr. Yousef lived by this philosophy despite Israel’s attempt to silence him.

On 26 August 2014 73 year old Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq, a retired Economics Professor at An-Najah National University, was arrested from his home in Nablus by the Israeli Army. The soldiers ransacked Dr. Yousef’s home, which he shares with his only daughter.

Dr. Yousef was taken from his home at approximately 02:30am and transferred to Huwwara Military Camp, just south of Nablus city. 7 days later Dr. Yousef appeared before an Israeli Military Court where a Judge consented to Dr. Yousef’s detention, without charge, for 4 months.

Dr. Yousef is known to his friends and the community as a gentle, wise and considerate man. In 2005 he co-founded the Tanweer Cultural Forum where youth and the community gather to organize cultural events, such as poetry readings, filming showings and community volunteering. Dr. Yousef has also been an inspiring and integral member of SFP, resisting the illegal Occupation of his land through non-violent methods.

This is not the first time Dr. Yousef has been interned by Apartheid Israel. He has been arrested 3 times, the last being in 2010 when he was held for 4 months. In total Dr. Yousef has spent nearly 3 years in Israeli Apartheid prisons.

Born in the village of Deir Istiya in Salfit district of the occupied West Bank area of Palestine, Dr. Yousef became a lecturer in Law and Economics at Palestine’s biggest and most prestigious University, An-Najah National University, Nablus. Dr. Yousef was fondly thought of by his students at An-Najah National University in Nablus, where he taught Economics and Law for many years prior to his retirement.

Dr. Yousef had returned to the West Bank area of Palestine in 1993, with the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and the signing of the Oslo Accords. Despite being Palestinian he had been prevented from returning to his homeland, living in exile with the PLO in Tunis. Since then he has also been preventing from visiting his capital city, Jerusalem, by his Occupiers.

Dr. Yousef has worked tirelessly for his people, his community and Palestine. As a result he has been a constant target of the Occupation. Now in his seventies he is suffering from high blood pressure and should be at home enjoying his retirement and his only grandchild.

SFP and Tanweer demand his release and would ask people around the world to assist in our campaign in the following ways:

  • Please sign and share the petition demanding the release of Dr. Yousef and the end of the use of administrative detention. Please click here to sign the petition and share widely.
  • Write to your local representative and raise the issue of Dr. Yousef’s case, requesting they raise it with the Government. A template letter can be downloaded here.
  • Write to your Foreign Minister and demand they raise the case with the Israeli Ambassador and the EU Foreign Secretary. A template letter can be downloaded here.
  • Write to the Israeli Commander and demand Dr. Yousef’s immediate release:

Letters should be addressed to Lt. Colonel Sharon Afek Legal Advisor to the Israeli Army in the West Bank Chief Military Attorney:

P.O. Box 10482, Beit El, West Bank
Tel: 972-2-997-7071, Mobile: 972-50-551-1782
Fax: 972-2-997-7326

  • Write to Baroness Ashton, EU Foreign Secretary. A template letter can be downloaded here.
  • Join and promote the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel. To read the call and learn more please click here.
  • Join and/ or step up actions against the enablers and profiteers of the Occupation, particularly G4S, which provides much of the prison infrastructure for Apartheid Israel. For some ideas please visit here.
  • If you would also like to contribute a message of solidarity for Dr. Yousef’s family, SFP are collating messages that we will pass on. Please email your messages here.

10/09/14: Thank you – Ghassan able to telephone home

Yesterday Ghassan Najjar was able to telephone his parents from Petah Tikva interrogation facility, where he has been held in isolation since 31 August. He confirmed that bar his back pain, that he is now receiving medication for, he was doing well.

SFP would like to thank all those that wrote to the British Consulate and signed our online petition. We urge you to continue to email the Consulate (details below) and sign and share our petition as Ghassan is due back in Court, where a Judge could extend his detention again, on Sunday.

This demonstrates your solidarity and action really does make a difference. The Red Cross contacted the Israeli Prison Authorities and shortly afterwards Ghassan was able to make a short phone call home. We hope with your continued help, Ghassan will have full access to his lawyer and return home soon.

Please continue to write to the British Consulate in Jerusalem urging them to maintain pressure on the Israeli Authorities to release Ghassan safely to his family. Ghassan’s one year old, half British son, is very much looking forward to seeing his father.

You can email Suha Zeidan at the British Consulate in Jerusalem at Suha.zeidan@fco.gov.uk

Please also sign and share our petition calling for the immediate release of Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq and Ghassan.

UPDATE (07/09/14): Detention of Ghassan Najjar – lawyer denied access

Yesterday, Sunday 7 September, Ghassan Najjar, kidnapped from his home in Burin nearly 2 weeks ago, appeared again before Petah Tikva Military Court. His detention for interrogation was again extended for a further 7 days. The lawyer was not able to speak to Ghassan as the Shabak (Israeli internal intelligence) denied him access.

In addition, we have learned that Ghassan is suffering from back pain and the Israeli prison service has denied him medical care. The lawyer managed to get this information from the Prosecutor yesterday as he was unable to see Ghassan. Ghassan also has a previous knee injury for which he was due to have surgery. He was on pain killing injections and we assume these have not been administered either. Palestinian prisoners are often held in stress positions for hours at a time during interrogation. The pain Ghassan is suffering is only likely to increase due to this torture.

Ghassan was transferred to Petah Tikva from Huwwara Military Camp on Sunday 31 August. Since then he has been held in isolation and interrogated without the presence of a lawyer or contact with any family member. Petah Tikva interrogation facility is inside historical Palestine (Israel) and therefore Ghassan’s lawyer is unable to attend and we are reliant on temporary Palestinian lawyers inside ’48 to attend Court. Normally lawyers are allowed access to their clients, however Ghassan has been denied access to his lawyer.

Ghassan’s family are distraught. The olive harvest is due to start shortly and Ghassan played a key role helping his elderly mother and father harvest their trees, which are in the most dangerous areas of his village, near the illegal colonies of Bracha and Yitzhar. SFP is supporting Ghassan’s family and in regular contact. We have launched a petition and we kindly as that you all sign and share the petition widely. Please click here to sign.

We are particularly asking that people write to the British authorities and the British Consulate in Jerusalem as Ghassan’s wife and child are British citizens. Please write and call the British Consulate and demand they visit Ghassan in Petah Tikva. Details are below:

British Consulate General
15 Nashashibi Street
Sheikh Jarrah Quarter

East Jerusalem 97200
P O Box 19690
The Occupied Palestinian Territories

In addition, SFP is urgently requesting volunteers to assist farmers in harvesting their olives in the dangerous areas. If you would like to join us this harvest please click here for more details.



05/09/14: Wedded to the land – Qaryot

On Friday afternoon the villagers of Qaryot joined by SFP and many Palestinian associations staged a wedding ceremony at Qaryot’s ancient spring. The spring is frequented by illegal settlers, who are trying to steal the water supply and claim the land and history as their own.

Hundreds of villagers gathered, along with a symbolic bride and groom and marched to the spring. Upon arrival the villagers performed a traditional wedding ceremony and the demonstrators danced dabke and sang to Palestinian liberation songs.

The settlers and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism have been attempting to expropriate Qaryot, and its neighbouring villages, lands by claiming them as Jewish historical sites. Qaryot is surrounded by 7 illegal colonies, whose residents regularly steal land, burn olive trees and attack villagers. Last month Apartheid Israel declared it was confiscating 4,000 dunums of Palestinian land near Bethlehem for the expansion of more illegal colonies. All in direct violation of international law.

SFP stands firmly with Palestinian villagers as they remain steadfast in the face of the colonisers. Next month the olive harvest will commence across Palestinian and SFP welcomes volunteers to join us helping farmers harvest their olives in the face of settler and army attacks. We will shortly be launching a campaign but in the meantime you can find out how to join us by clicking here.

اليوم الجمعه -5-9-2014-شارك نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه  من حركة تضامن SFP  مؤسسات الشراكه من اجل التنميه واهالي قريوت نشاطهم ضد الاستيطان والتي تميز هذه المره عبر( عرس فلسطيني )تميز باغاني ودبكات شعبيه واهازيج وطنيه شارك بها زجاله من قريوت  توجهت من وسط بلدة قريوت الى نبع الماء الذي ياتي الاف  المستوطنين في هذا اليوم من كل عام لاقامة الحفلات  معتبرين ان هذا المكان مقدس حسب توراتهم  مع العلم ان  الاحتلال عبر وزير السياحه اعلن  ان المنطقه سياحيه وذلك بهدف السيطره  على ما مساحته ثلاث  الاف دونم  بهدف ربط المستوطنات بعضها ببعض وفرض سياسة الكانتونات (المعازل )في التجمعات القرويه  وعزلها عن بعضها وهذا ما يقوم به الاحتلال الاسرائيلي العنصري  حيث قام مؤخرا بمصادره 4000دونم من اراضي جنوب الضفه الغربيه (بيت لحم)وقرر بناء وحدات استيطانيه جديده في نابلس  وهذا كله مخالف للقرارات الدوليه التي اعتبرت ان الاستيطان غير شرعي …الامر الاخر اننا على ابواب موسم قطف الزيتون ومعظم المزارعين يعتمدون على هذا الموسم لتغطيه نفقاتهم ومستلزماتهم الحياتيه الامر الذي يعني حرمان الاف العائلات الفلسطينيه من مصدر رزقهم الوحيد الذين يعتمدون عليه بشكل سنوي

حركة تضامن SFPترحب بكافة المتضامنين الدوليين الذين سيشاركون هذا العام المزرارعين في قطف الزيتون الذي سيبدأ في اوائل شهر  اكتوبر (10) في كافه المواقع الريفيه


01/09/14: Al Fara’ camp under attack

As dawn broke in Palestine on Monday 1 September, Al Fara’ refugee camp was attacked by the Israeli Army. The invasion was under the pretext of arresting ‘wanted’ Palestinians, however the Army reigned terror on the camps residents.

The Army detained parents of wanted youths, threatening to arrest them if the youths did not hand themselves in and ransacking homes. They arrested Asim Mansoor, Ismail Badra, Ali Waked and Farouk Abu Hasan.

The brave youth of the camp attempted to defend the camp against the attack as the Occupation fired live ammunition, tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets and sound bombs. In addition, the Army used some residents as human shields as they invaded properties and businesses.

Mustafa Mahmoud Abu Bade bakery was attacked and volleys of tear gas were fired not only damaging the bread but also causing suffocation of the workers. Several other young men were wounded and taken to hospital, including one youth wounded in the stomach.

Al Fara’ camp, who’s residents are refugees from the north of historical Palestine, is often subjected to Army attacks and arrests. This latest invasion was the largest in several years.

داهمت قوات كبيرة من جيش الاحتلال فجر امس مخيم الفارعة ودخلت المخيم من عدة جهات وكانت الاعداد هي الاكبر منذ فترة واقتحمت العديد من المنازل بحجة البحث عن مطلوبين وعمدت الى اعتقال ابائهم وحققت معهم وافرجت عنهم لاحقا وهم عاصم منصور واسماعيل البدرة وعلي الواكد وفاروق ابو الحسن كما اعتقلت مجموعة من الشبان وتعرضت قوات الاحتلال للرشق بالحجارة والقنابل يدوية الصنع ( الكوع ) واطلقت قوات الاحتلال قنابل غازية وصوتية ورصاص مطاطي كما استخدمت الرصاص الحي وعاثت في المنازل واتفت المحتويات بحجة التفتيش وتسببت بتكسير العديد من زجاج سيارات المواطنين

رصاص حي ورصاص معدني ومطاطي وقنابل غازات سامه وخانقه وقنابل صوتيه وكلاب بوليسيه وتدمير للمتلكات وتكسير للمركبات واصابات بالغاز والرصاص المعدني واضرار ماديه بالمخابز وبعض المحلات التجاريه ورعب وهلع واقتحامات للمنازل هذا ما افاق عليه اهالي مخيم الفارعه فجر يوم الاثنين الموافق 1 / 9 / 2014 قوات كبيره من الجنود الاسرائلين يقتحمون مخيم الفارعه من جميع المداخل وقامت باقتحام العديد من المنازل باحثه عن شبان تدعي انهم مطلوبين وقد عرف من هذه المنازل منزل السيد ( عاصم حسن منصور ومنزل السيد اسماعيل البدره ومنزل المرحوم صبحي عبد الجواد ومنزل السيد عبد الولويل ومنزل السيد فاروق هارون ابو حسن ) وغيرها من المنازل وقد عاثوا دمار وتخريب في محتويات هذه المنازل كما تم تكسير زجاج مركبة السيد مصطفى محمود ابو لباده كما الحقت اضرار في مخبز المرحوم شوكت صبح ابو مجدي عندما اختنق جميع العاملين فيه جراء استنشاق الغاز وقاموا بترك المخبز شغار والافران تعمل مما ادى الى خراب العجين واحتراق الخبز وسقوطه على الارض كما تم اعتقال العديد من الاشخاص واستخدموا دروع بشريه وعند انسحاب القوات من المخيم الذين دارت بينهم وبين شبان المخيم مواجهات عنيفه امطروا سماء المخيم بالغازات السامه والرصاص الحي والمعدني مما ادى الى اصابة الحاجه ( فظليه حسن سبلان ام عادل الفدائي ) باصابات خطره جدا نتيجة استنشاقها الغاز الذي سقط وبكثافه على منزلهم علما ان الحاجه المذكوره طريحة الفراش وتعاني العديد من الامراض وتم نقلها الى مستشفى طوباس التر كي لخطورة وضعها الصحي كما اصيب شاب في رصاصه معدنيه في بطنه واصيب اخر برضوض وكسور في قدمه ونقلوا جميعهم الى المستشفى لاستكمال العلاج بعض الصور من اﻻرشيف دعواتكم لهم اخوتي بالشفاء والسلامه و

N.B This report was provided by an SFP activist and a resident of the camp, plus pictures.

15244_10152609471466855_3155350183925472557_n 1555574_10152609599061855_1039447906960984851_n 1604969_10152609599271855_445054722840231593_n 10351385_10152609599266855_248012311690041714_n 10434142_10152609471706855_513146940250618834_n 10517544_10152609471606855_8617067791363232964_n 10583856_10152609599231855_531272033399136081_n 10599168_10152609472051855_3869480096148760054_n 10622706_10152609471916855_7747750461378810315_n 10635795_10152609599261855_3042484152130894820_n 10639401_10152609599151855_1030817889900016342_n 10645074_10152609598911855_5748038007280987259_n

UPDATE: Detention of Dr. Yousef and Ghassan Najjar

Ghassan Najjar:

Yesterday SFP activists attended Salem Military Court with Ghassan’s lawyer as we had been told Ghassan would appear in Court. By the afternoon it became clear Ghassan was not at Salem. After investigations by his lawyer SFP was informed that Ghassan had appeared in the secret Court at Petah Tikva on Sunday 31 August, where he had been transferred. His detention was extended for a further 7 days.

Petah Tikva is the notorious interrogation facility where Palestinians held there are held in isolation and have no access to legal advice or outside contact. Ghassan was transferred there for interrogation along with Yassar Bashar Qadous (18 years old) who was arrested from Burin one day after Ghassan.

Ghassan was held for over a month at Tikva in 2010, so knows all too well the games the Israeli interrogators will use. Therefore, SFP suspects Yassar has been arrested in order to try and apply pressure to him, due to his lack of experience, to talk against Ghassan.

Ghassan is a father of 1 year old, who he was very much looking forward to spending time with when his son visited Palestine.

SFP is in constant contact with their families and all the youth of Burin. We will shortly be launching a campaign for the release of Ghassan and would kindly ask you to keep checking our website for details of what you can do to help. In the meantime if you would like to send a message of solidarity to Yassar’s and Ghassan’s family, SFP are collating messages that we will pass on to the family. Please email us here with your message.

Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq:

On the same day SFP learned of Ghassan’s transfer we also spoke to Dr. Yousef’s lawyer who confirmed an Israeli Judge had approved an order to detain Dr. Yousef for 4 months without trial or charge, known as administrative detention.

Dr. Yousef is 73 years old and suffers from high blood pressure. SFP will be launching an urgent appeal later today for Dr. Yousef’s immediate and safe release. Like Ghassan and Yassar we are in constant contact with Dr. Yousef’s family. If you would like to send a message of solidarity to Dr. Yousef’s family, SFP are collating messages that we will pass on to the family. Please email us here with your message.



Ghassan dr yousef

URGENT: SFP activists kidnapped by the Israeli Army

On 25 August Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq was arrested from his home by the Israeli Army. Dr. Yousef is a retired Professor at An-Najah National University and runs the Tanweer Cultural Forum in Nablus, as well as a member of SFP. A man in his 70s Dr. Yousef has been subjected to years of imprisonment and harassment by Apartheid Israel. To this date SFP have still be unable to track his whereabouts and no lawyer has had any contact with him.

He was arrested from his home in Nablus, where his daughter was the only one at home with him at the time. It was part of a campaign of arrests by the Israeli State to attack the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Several other people were arrested across the West Bank, including Abu Keefah, a comrade of SFP, and refugee living in Balata refugee camp. Both men are older and SFP demands their immediate release. We implore people around the world to sign the campaign letter launched by Samidoun organisation and we will be posting further updates as they become available.

Dr. Yousef on the right with SFP in the Jordan Valley


Following Dr. Yousef’s arrest, Ghassan Najjar, SFP Steering Committee member, was arrested from his home in Burin on 27 August. Ghassan is a community leader and has been imprisoned by Apartheid Israel previously. The day before he had defended the children of Burin as they were at school and the Israeli Army attempted to arrest the children.

Ghassan was taken to Huwwara Military camp. While other SFP members were visiting his family, his family received a phone call from soldiers at Huwwara at approximately 17:00 stating he was still at the camp. SFP’s lawyer had been told earlier in the day he was going to be transferred to a prison inside the ’48 territories.

SFP demands and will work tirelessly until Ghassan, Dr. Yousef and all Palestinian prisoners are home free. We ask you to please raise the issue with your local representative, asking them to raise Ghassan and Dr. Yousef’s case with your respective Governments and particularly the European Foreign Representative, Baroness Catherine Ashton. Please also keep checking SFP’s website for further updates on what you can do to help.

Ghassan Najjar SFP Steering Committee


27/08/14: ‘Education’ courtesy of the Israeli Army in Burin

As the school children of Burin returned to school after the Summer holidays they were greeted with tear gas and stun grenades courtesy of the Israeli Army. On Wednesday 27 August soldiers stormed the school in an attempt to arrest students as they undertook lessons, firing indiscriminately. At the time of writing Burin is still declared a closed military zone by the Army.

Burin Boys School is near the main road frequented by settlers and Army. The Army placed a watchtower near the school in an act of provocation. Prior to the Summer holidays the Israeli Army regularly attacked the school during lessons and threatened to arrest the youth.

Surrounded by the illegal colonies of Yitzhar and Bracha, home to some of the most extreme Jewish terrorists, Burin is regularly attacked by the settlers and soldiers. Only yesterday the Army set up checkpoints around the village, restricting access, under the pretext of security.

اقتحمت قوات كبيرة من جيش الاحتلال الاسرائيلي مدرسة بورين الثانوية و دارت اشتباكات عنيف بين الطلاب و جنود الاحتلال حيث قام جنود الاحتلال بطلاق قنابل الصوت و الغاز المسيل لدموع داخل صفوف المدرسة في محاولة لاعتقال عدد من الطلاب لكن تصدي اهالي القرية والطلاب للجنود حاله دون اعتقال اي طلاب و حتى الان تم اغلاق جميع مداخل قرية بورين و اعلانها منطقة عسكرية مغلقه

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25/08/14: Burying a child in Nablus

On Monday 25 August 16 year old Hazem Hassan Ashour succumbed to wounds he sustained after being shot in the head by the Israeli Army at Beit Furik checkpoint the previous week. Hazem had been demonstrating with others at the checkpoint in solidarity with Gaza and calling for an end to the Occupation when the Army indiscriminately opened fire.

Large crowds joined the demonstration, which left from Rafidia hospital in Nablus to his home in the city, before mourners laid Hazem to rest in the cemetery. Hazem adds to the growing total of Palestinian children murdered, wounded and displaced by Apartheid Israel since their latest massacre started. On the 49th day of the Israeli massacre against Gaza (24 August) the total murdered had grown to 2,122 Palestinians: 1,633 of whom are civilians, including 507 children and 292 women, killed; and 10,621 others, mostly civilians, including 3,224 children and 2,056 women, wounded.

SFP encourages activists around the world to continue and step up their efforts against the profiteers and enablers, including Governments, of the Occupation. We would also like to thank all those that have already and continue to take part in actions around the world in support of the Palestinian people and freedom.

نابلس -الاثنين -25-8-2014-شيعت جماهير غفيرة في مدينة نابلس جثمان الشهيد حسان حازم عاشور16 عاما من مدينة نابلس والذي استشهد اليوم الاثنين متأثرا بجرحه التي اصيب بها يوم الجمعة الماضي في مواجهات اندلعت على حاجز بيت فوريك في اعقاب مسيرة انطلقت من نابلس باتجاه الحاجز نصرة لغزة… وانطلق موكب التشييع من مستشفى رفيديا بنابلس الى منزل ذويه لالقاء نظرة الوداع عليه ومن ثم الى مثواه الاخير…حركة التضامن من اجل فلسطين حره sfp تدعوا المؤسسات الدوليه القانونيه والانسانيه لتوفير الحمايه للشعب الفلسطيني وخاصة الاطفال الذين يتم قتلهم دون اي مبرر كما ترحب حركة تضامنsfp بكافة المتضامنين الدوليين في العالم على دورهم الفعال في حملة المقاطعه ومحاسبه الاحتلال الاسرائيلي على المجازر الوحشيه بحق الشعب الفلسطيني كما ترحب sfpبكافة المتضامنين الدوليين الذين يرغبون بالقدوم الى فلسطين

Photos courtesy of Ahmad Talat Hasan

Photos courtesy of Ahmad Talat Hasan


Photos courtesy of Ahmad Talat Hasan

Photos courtesy of Ahmad Talat Hasan


Photos courtesy of Ahmad Talat Hasan

Photos courtesy of Ahmad Talat Hasan