24/07/14: Nablus rising: Gaza we hear your call

On Thursday afternoon activists from SFP and the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees (UPWC) marched towards Huwwara checkpoint, just south of Nablus, to face the Occupation. They were met with a volley of tear gas, stun grenades and rubber coated steel bullets. Two activists were hit with the potentially lethal bullets and required medical treatment. Despite the violence they faced SFP activists stood firm and lit fireworks towards the Occupation as a symbol of their support for the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

SFP has been leading the march against the illegal Occupation, regularly demonstrating at Huwwara checkpoint. SFP activists, led by female members, said:

Gaza we hear your cries. Nablus is rising and we will continue to march until we reach the beaches of Gaza and Yaffa and open all the roads home.

According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, Israel had murdered 736 Palestinians, and wounded a further 4,563. Overnight Israeli attacks have killed at least 23, including 10 members of one family. The death toll for Wednesday was 73, with intense (and ongoing) strikes on the Khazaa and al-Fakhari areas of Khan Younis. A briefing by UN OCHA said yesterday that Israel’s attack has, so far, damaged 90 schools, destroyed or severely damaged 2,655 homes, otherwise damaged a further 3,175, and damaged 18 health facilities.

The UN agency put civilian fatalities at 77% of the total Palestinian death toll, including 165 children. Hundreds of thousands of people in Gaza are now completely without power, while hundreds of thousands more are rationed up to five hours of electricity a day.

Yesterday, a Palestinian from Husan village near Bethlehem died of his wounds after being shot in the head by Israeli forces during a protest against the Gaza massacre, the third Palestinian killed in the West Bank this week.

SFP and UPWC implores not only people around the world, but also our fellow Palestinians to rise up. To find out how to join SFP please click here.

 الخميس -24-7-2014- سار نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه من حركة تضامن sfp ومن اتحاد لجان المراه الفلسطينيه  الى حاجز حواره -جنوب نابلس  وقد رفعوا شعارات تندد بالمجزره وتطالب بمقاطعه الاحتلال الاسرائيلي  وقد واجه جنود الاحتلال النشطاء المشاركين بقنابل الصوت والاعيره المطاطيه والغاز المسيل للدموع مما ادى الى اصابه اثنين من الفلسطينيين باعيره مطاطيه  واخرين بقنابل  الغاز المسيل للدموع ..وقد استمرت المواجهات فتره طويله حيث اطلق حنود الاحتلال الغاز المسيل على  بيوت قريه كفر قليل المجاوره  للحاجز ..

الجدير بالذك ان المجازر مستمره بحق الفلسطينيين في غزه  حيث وصلت حصيله الشهداء الى 736  وعدد الجرحى الى ما يقارب الخمسه الالاف  حسب وزراه الصحه الفلسطينيه ….نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه مستمرون في مواجهة الاحتلال من اجل وقف الحرب على غزه ورفع الحصار   …فرمضان هذه السنه ليس كما السابق  رمضان  هذا العام والاهل بغزه بلا ماء او دواء او طعام او كهرباء  ..رمضان ياتي في ظل قتل وتشريد ووتدمير كل ما يشير الاى معاني الانسانيه في غزه ..الى كافة الاصدقاء في العالم مزيدا من المقاطعه  مزيدا من المسيرت  والتحرك الشعبي الدولي  لمعرفة كيفية الانضمام SFP يرجى الضغط هنا.


IMG_0753 IMG_0757IMG_0771IMG_0787 IMG_0779IMG_0830 IMG_0813 IMG_0808 IMG_0801 IMG_0795IMG_0865 IMG_0852 IMG_08341909513_582358131883843_1447348716033981922_o

24/07/14: While Gaza burns so will the Occupation

Late on Wednesday evening/ Thursday morning activists erected barricades on a main road near the illegal colony of Yitzhar. Activists burnt tyres and created an earth mound to prevent the movement of settler cars around Palestine.

Activists said:

We will continue to resist the occupation and remove the Apartheid system that is built on Palestine: from the river to the sea.

Activists also confirmed that they will continue to shut down the roads to the Zionist colonies and prevent the free movement of criminals around their land.

Since the massacre on Gaza SFP has been intensifying its efforts to face and remove the Occupation from Palestine. We are very grateful to all those people around the world who have shown solidarity and also donated to help the people of Gaza. SFP would welcome any donations, big or small, you are also able to make to help fund our activities so we too can work to end the illegal Occupation, ongoing Nakba and seek justice. To find out how to donate please click here.

تمكن نشطاء من المقاومة الشعبية بعد منتصف يوم الاربعاء يوم الاربعاء من اغلاق تام لشارع مستوطنة يتسهار جنوب مدينة نابلس

حيث قام النشطاء باشعال الايطارات و وضع السواتر الترابية و الحجارة على شارع المستوطنة

وقال النشطاء انهم مستمرون في مقاومتهم الاحتلال و ازالة الفصل العنصري في كافة ارجاء فلسطين من النهر الى البحر و اكدوا انهم سيستمرون في اغلاق الطرقات على المستوطنين الصهاينة في كل مكان

Picture from previous blockades of military road by activists (archive picture - 11/07)

Picture from previous blockades of military road by activists (archive picture – 11/07)

22/07/14: Tear gas at Iftar in Burin and Huwwara

As the village of Burin prepared to break their days fast, known as Iftar, the Israeli Army invaded, indiscriminately firing tear gas, stun grenades and rubber coated steel bullets. The brave youth of the village defended the village against the attack, which went on for four hours.

This came at the same time as a large demonstration marched on Huwwara checkpoint, just south of Nablus and east of Burin. The Army attacked the demonstrators who were calling for an end to the massacre against Gaza and their determination to continue their solidarity with their brothers and sisters in the besieged eastern Palestine.

SFP has been and continues to join the marches on Huwwara and calls on all Palestinians to face the Occupation across Palestine and rise up in support of Gazans. For further information and SFP’s latest action at Huwwara please click here.

حاولة عدد من جبات الاحتلال الاسرائيلي اقتاحم قرية بورين حيث دارت اشتباكات عنة بين جنود الاحتلال و الشبان في القرية استمرت اكثر من اربع ساعات متواصله حيث استعمل الجيش قنابل الغاز المسيل لدموع و الرصاص المطاط و قنابل الصوت حيث اصيب شابان من القرية بالرصاص المطاطي و تاتي هذا الاشتباكات في الوقت التي كانت تدور بها اشتباكات على حاجز حوارة العسكري اثناء المسيرة التضامنية مع مدينة غزة التي تتعرض لحرب غاشمة من قبل الاحتلال الاسرائيلي

Huwwara checkpoint, just south of Nablus, Monday night (21-22/07) [photo courtesy of SFP activists and photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan]

Huwwara checkpoint, just south of Nablus: Monday night (21-22/07) [photo courtesy of SFP activist and photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan]

Army attack Burin on Monday night/ Tuesday morning


Army attack Burin on Monday night/ Tuesday morning

Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan

22/07/14: SFP says “No Justice; No Peace”

On Tuesday afternoon SFP and the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committee (UPWC) faced the Occupation at Huwwara checkpoint, just south of Nablus. As the activists reached the checkpoint and began shouting their slogans in solidarity with Gaza the Army threw stun grenades and tear gas directly into the group. They continued to fire volleys of tear gas at the activists and press and several activists were treated for tear gas inhalation.

Today’s action was led by female SFP activists who have been growing in their numbers within the movement. Their message to their fellow Palestinian women was clear:

Rise up and join the struggle. They are killing our babies in Gaza. Now is the time to stand with your brothers and sisters in Gaza and take to the streets to remove the Occupation from our land.

SFP has been stepping up its activities against the Occupation as the massacre on Gaza continues. SFP has been regularly facing the Occupation at Huwwara both during the day and at night. As of this morning the Gazan Ministry of Health stated that 604 have been murdered and over 3,700 injured. As the minutes and hours past the death count rises.

SFP and the UPWC urge people all around the world to rise up and join the struggle for freedom for Palestine. We have been overwhelmed by the pictures of tens of thousands of people around the world taking to the streets in solidarity with Gaza. We extend our sincere gratitude. However, we urge you all to now take direct action against the enablers and supporters of the Occupation in your respective States and cities. We urge you to occupy buildings and take down the infrastructure that supports and profits from the Occupation of Palestine.

In London there is a direct action group taking creative action against those that enable the war criminals. If you are based in London, UK we urge you to join the group. Or if you are based elsewhere please get in touch with them to seek ideas about how you can commence direct actions in your countries and cities. To contact them please click here.


نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه يكثفون نشاطهم ضد الاحتلال على الحواجز الاسرائيليه

توجه نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه من حركه تضامنsfp  وناشطات من اتحاد لجان المرأه الفلسطينيه  الى حاجز حواره –نابلس للتعبير عن رفضهم لاستمرار المجازر التي ترتكب بحق الفلسطينيين  في غزه,  في ظل تزايد القصف الجوي والبحري والبري  حيث وصل أعداد الشهداء الى 604 شهيد ووصل عدد الجرحى اكثر من 3700 جريح معظمهم من الاطفال والشيوخ  والنساء.

جنود الاحتلال الاسرائيلي  واجهوا النشطاء الذين كانو يحملون صور الشهداء وصور المجزره  والاعلام الفلسطينيه  بقنابل الصوت والمسيل الدموع  ووالاعيره المعدنيه المغطاه بالمطاط  على المشاركين وحتى الصحفيين المشاركين في تغطيه الاحداث .

حركة تضامنsfp  اذ تحيي باعتزاز  كافة المتضامنين الدوليين والاشقاء العرب  في  انحاء العالم على وقفتهم الرائعه والبطوليه  وعلى ما يمارسونه من مسيرات  وانشطه تضامنيه وحملات مقاطعه للاحتلال الاسرائيلي BDS  وندعوا الجميع الى عمل المزيد من الانشطه التضامنيه  وملاحقه قاده هذا الاحتلال  وتقديمهم للمحاكمه  كمجرمي حرب .

حركة تضامن sfp اذا ترحب بكافة المتضامنين الدوليين  الذين يرغبون بالانضمام الينا في فلسطين  والمشاركه في الانشطه  والفعاليات التي نقوم بها من اجل غزه من اجل فلسطين حره




IMG_0779 IMG_0786

Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan

Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan


Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan

Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan


Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan

Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan


Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan

Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan


Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan

Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan


Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan

Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan


Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan

Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan


Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan

Picture courtesy of Nablus photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan


IMG_0795 IMG_0801 IMG_0810 IMG_0811

18/07/14: Demand for justice met with fire

At noon on Friday SFP activists again went to Huwwara checkpoint, just south of Nablus, to take their message of justice for Gaza directly to the Occupation. The activists were met with a barrage of tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets. Photographer Nasir Ishtayeh was hit with a bullet and severl youth required medical treatment for similiar injuries and tear gas inhalation.

SFP will continue to face the Occupation until Palestine is free. We ask all people around the world to join the struggle and abide by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions request from Palestinian civil society.

مع بدء الحرب البريه على غزه توجه بعد صلاة اليوم الجمعه 18-7 نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه من جركة تضامن من اجل فلسطين حره sfp ومجموعات شبابيه الى حاجز حواره للتعبير عن غضبهم لاستمرار الحرب على غزه ولعمليات القتل التي تتم بحق الانسانيه بشكل عام والاطفال بشكل خاص ووقام العشرات باغلاق الشوارع واشعال الاطارات ورشق الحجاره على جنود الاحتلال الاسرائيلي الذي واجهوا النشطاء بوابل من الاعيره المطاطيه وقنابل غاز الاعصاب بشكل همجي وقد اسفرت اعتداءات جنود الاحتلال الاسرائيلي عن اصابه احد الشبان بيده واصابه الصحفيين علاء بدارنه وناصر اشتيه هذا واستمرت المواجهات ساعات طويله
نشطاء حرمة تضامن من اجل فلسطين حره sfpلا زالوا مستمرين بعمليات الاحتجاجوالتظاهر حتى وقف الحرب على غزه

16/07/14: No Justice, No Peace

At approximately 15:00 on Wednesday 16 July SFP marched towards Huwwara checkpoint, just south of Nablus, to take their message of support for Gaza directly to the Occupation. As the activists approached the checkpoint the Army immediately started firing volleys of tear gas at the demonstrators, cars and in the olive tree field. Several fields were set alight due to the tear gas being fired into the fields, despite activists being nowhere near the fields, and AFP photographer Jafar Ishtayeh’s car was set ablaze by a tear gas canister fired directly into the parked car. The Army also fired a volley of live ammunition at demonstrators.

This is the third time this week activists from SFP have faced the Occupation at Huwwara. As the bombs continue to drop on the besieged civilians of Gaza activists said:

While there is no justice there can be no peace. We demand justice for our brothers and sisters in Gaza and we will face our oppressors until their system of Apartheid and genocide falls and Palestine is free.

As of 0830 local time today, Israel’s attack on Gaza has killed 205 Palestinians and wounded 1,530, according to the Gazan Ministry of Health. The UN OCHA briefing on 15 July stated that 77% of fatalities were civilians.

Israeli NGO B’Tselem confirmed 34 children killed (by evening of 14 July), including eight victims under 6-years-old. Yesterday (15 July), at 15:00, the UN OCHA briefing gave a figure of 1,370 homes destroyed or severely damaged.

There have been reports from doctors in Gaza that banned weapons are being used against the civilian population resulting in severe and undetectable injuries.

SFP are determined in their stand against the illegal Occupation of their lands, from the east to the west. They will continue to resist the illegal Occupation and work to bring about its end despite its violence towards them.

Please click here for our reports from 12/07 and 14/07.


استمرار المسيرات  تجاه حاجز حواره

ضمن حملات التضامن مع غزه توجه اليوم الاربعاء 16-7 نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه من حركة تضامن من اجل فلسطين حره sfp الى حاجز حواره لليوم الثالث  وما ان اقترب النشطاء من الحاجز حتى بدا جنود الاحتلال الاسرائيلي اطلاق الرصاص الحي والاعيره المطاطيه  والغاز المسيل للدموع  الامر الذي ادى الى احراق حقول القمح واشجار الزيتون وتم اطلاق قنبله غاز بشكل مباشر  تجاه سيارة الصحفي جعفر اشتيه وهو يعمل مصور لوكالة فرنسيه  وهي كانت متوقفه .

 هذه هي المرة الثالثة التي توجه نشطاء حركة تضامن  هذا الاسبوع من SFP لمواجهه الاحتلال في حوارة. في ظل  استمرار القاء  القنابل على المدنيين المحاصرين في غزة قال نشطاء:

في حين ليس هناك عدالة يمكن أن يكون هناك سلام. نحن نطالب العدالة لإخواننا وأخواتنا في غزة وسنواجه الظلم  ونظامهم الفصل العنصري والإبادة الجماعية من اجل فلسطين حره

اعتبارا من اليوم، ادى الهجوم الاسرائيلي على غزة الى قتل  205 فلسطينيا وجرح 1530، وفقا لوزارة الصحة في غزة. ذكر مكتب  الأمم المتحدة مكتب تنسيق الشؤون الإنسانية في 15 تموز أن 77٪ من الوفيات كانوا من المدنيين.

وأكدت المنظمات غير الحكومية بتسيلم الاسرائيلية 34 طفلا قتلوا (بحلول مساء 14 تموز)، بما في ذلك ثمانية ضحايا تحت 6 سنوات من العمر.

.. يوم أمس (15 تموز)، في الساعة 15:00، وقدم مكتب تنسيق الشؤون الإنسانية للأمم المتحدة في مؤتمر شخصية من 1370 منزل دمرت أو أصيبت بأضرار بالغة.

..كانت هناك تقارير من الأطباء في غزة أنه تم استخدام  الأسلحة المحظورة  ضد السكان المدنيين مما أدى إلى إصابات خطيرة وغير قابلة للكشف.

حددت حركة تضامن  SFP  موقفهم ضد الاحتلال غير القانوني لأراضيهم، من الشرق إلى الغرب. أنها سوف تستمر في مقاومة الاحتلال غير الشرعية والعمل على إحداث نهايته على الرغم من العنف تجاههم.



IMG_0013 IMG_0028 IMG_0040 IMG_0063 IMG_0058IMG_0044IMG_0099IMG_0088IMG_0080IMG_0104IMG_0105IMG_0107IMG_0118IMG_0148IMG_0154IMG_0213IMG_0185IMG_0224


14/07/14: Nablus will not allow the lights to go out for Gaza

Following their action in Huwwara checkpoint today, SFP activists joined Palestinian political parties and associations in a candle lit vigil for Gaza. Hundreds of Nablusi’s gathered to light candles and then marched around the main square of Nablus, shouting slogans and support for Gaza.

On early Monday morning the Gazan Ministry of Health stated that there were 172 murdered and 1260 injured. 36 of those murdered were children and 26 were women. In a UN OCHA briefing it was stated that 80% of those murdered were civilians. The death toll has since risen as Apartheid Israel continues it’s blood lust.

SFP implores people around the world to continue and step up their efforts by showing solidarity through demonstrations, boycotting and contacting your respective representatives to demand an end to Israel’s killing. We would also like to thank all those that have already shown their support and continue to do so. Even when the bombs stop dropping Palestine will still be occupied and we ask you all to keep the light shining on the Occupation until all of Palestine is free.

14/07/14: SFP and the Women’s Union step up the pressure on the Occupation

On Monday afternoon SFP and the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees (UPWC) again went to take their message in support of Gaza direct to the Occupation at Huwwara checkpoint, just south of Nablus. The soldiers violently attacked the activists pushing and attempting to punch women and young people. They also threw several stun grenades directly at the activists. One activists required medical treatment for an injury to his arm and several suffered cuts and bruises from the attacking soldiers.

Activists also read out the words of Mahmoud Darwish, the great Palestinian poet, from his poem “Under Siege”:

[To a killer] If you had contemplated the victim’s face
And thought it through, you would have remembered your mother in the
Gas chamber, you would have been freed from the reason for the rifle
And you would have changed your mind: this is not the way
to find one’s identity again.

However, despite the attempts to silence the resistance with their violence, SFP and the UPWC have vowed to step up their activities and continue to face the Occupation until Palestine is free and Gazans can live is safety.

SFP implores the world to join the struggle for freedom and boycott Apartheid Israel, and spread the word to your friends and colleagues. Please click here to find out how to boycott.

الاثنين 14-7 نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه من حركة تضامن من اجل فاسطين حره sfp ونساء من اتحاد لجان المراه الفلسطينيه  ينجحون بالوصول الى حاجز حواره  -نابلس :

تضامنا مع غزه توجه نشطاء من حركه تضامن من اجل فلسطين حره  واتحاد لجان المراه الفلسطينيه الى حاجز حواره للتعبير عن رفضهم للمجازر التي ترتكب بحق الواطنين في غزه  ومن اجل المطالبه بوقف الحرب  وهتفوا بشعارات الدعم لغزه وللمقاومه  كما  ارسل النشطاء  رساله الى الجنود بعض  تتضمن  ماقاله محمود درويش  في قصيدته تخت الحصار:

( إلى قاتل): لو تأملت وجه الضحية

وفكرت، كنت تذكرت أمك في غرفة

الغاز، كنت تحررت من حكمة البندقية

وغيّرت رأيك : ما هكذا تستعاد الهوية !

جنود الاحتلال الاسرائيلي واجهوا النشطاء بالقوه والقوا عليهم قنابل الصوت  واستخدموا العنف  لابعاد وتفريق النشطاء  الا ان النشطاء اصروا على البقاء والهتاف لغزة  وناشد نشطاء  حركة تضامنsfp  العالم  العمل لمساعده اهالي غزه والوقوف معهم  ومقاطعة اسرائيل على جرائمها  وعدم احترامها للقوانين الدوليه والانسانيه


IMG_0018 IMG_0023

Palestinian women leading the resistance

Palestinian women leading the resistance

IMG_0033 IMG_0049 IMG_0070

Army attacking the protestors

Army attacking the protestors


Stun grenades thrown directly at the protestors

Stun grenades thrown directly at the protestors


Army trying to prevent the activists sending their message

Army trying to prevent the activists sending their message


Palestinian women confront the Occupation

Palestinian women confront the Occupation


Palestinian women leading the resistance

Palestinian women leading the resistance


Reading out Mahmoud Darwish's poem "Under Siege" in Arabic and English

Reading out Mahmoud Darwish’s poem “Under Siege” in Arabic and English


Protesters stage a sit-in at the checkpoint, refusing to be moved or intimidated.

Protesters stage a sit-in at the checkpoint, refusing to be moved or intimidated.

13/07/14: Statement from the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees

بيان صادر عن اتحاد لجان المرأة الفلسطينية
الحياة لفلسطين، والحرية لشعبنا
يواصل جيش الإحتلال الصهيوني بقيادة حكومة المستوطنين حربه الإجراميه ضد أبناء شعبنا، مرتكباً الجريمة تلو الجريمة، والمجزرة تلو المجزرة، بحق الأطفال والنساء والشيوخ والعائلات، بحق الأرض شجرها وحجرها وبحرها، مستخدماً أعتى وسائل القتل وأبشعها من طائرات ودبابات وصواريخ متطورة، فلا زالت آليات جيش الاحتلال تهاجم قطاع غزة المحاصر وتعيث فيه قتلاً وتشريداً فيقترب عدد الشهداء من المئتين نصفهم من النساء والأطفال، ويتجاوز عدد الجرحى الألف، وتهدم البيوت على رؤوس ساكنيها وتدمر المؤسسات الخدماتيه حتى بيوت العناية بذوي الإعاقة. وفي الضفة الفلسطينية وقلبها القدس تتواصل حملات البطش والقتل والتنكيل بحق أبناء شعبنا عبر عمليات الإقتحام الوحشية للمنازل والمؤسسات وحملات الإعتقال؛ وقد شكلت جريمة اختطاف الفتى محمد أبو خضير وحرقه حياً حتى الموت ذروة الإجرام الصهيوني، ولا زالت أعداد الشهداء و الجرحى والأسرى والمشردين في ازدياد.
يحدث ذلك كله في ظل دعم حكومات الغرب الامبريالية لجرائم الإحتلال،هذه الحكومات التي ترى في حرية شعبنا وتحريره لأرضه واستقلاله تهديدا لمصالحها في المنطقة، وفي ظل صمت مريب للأنظمة العربية.
إننا في إتحاد لجان المرأه الفلسطينية ونحن نشارك في معركة الصمود والمواجهة المتواصلة نستنكر الجرائم المرتكبة بحق شعبنا وأرضنا وفضائنا، كما نستنكر الدعم الغربي والغطاء السياسي الذي يتم توفيره لجرائم الإحتلال سواء كان الدعم مباشراً وواضحاً أو مستتراً، ونؤكد على حق شعبنا مقاومة الإستعمار الكولونيالي الإستيطاني الإحلالي لفلسطين، متمسكاً بحق العودة للاجئين الفلسطينيين إلى ديارهم التي شردوا منها وحق تقرير المصير وحق إقامة الدولة الفلسطينيه المستقلة كاملة السيادة وعاصمتها القدس، وهذه حقوق ثابتة غير قابلة للتصرف ولا تراجع عنها.
إننا ومن واقع الألم والمعاناة، ومن واقع الصمود والثبات والإصرار، وإنطلاقا من اليقين بحتمية انتصارنا نطالب المجتمع الدولي أن يتحمل مسؤولياته تجاه شعبنا،عبر آليات واضحة لاحقاق حقوقنا على أرضنا تبدأ بتوفير الحماية الدولية المؤقتة لشعبنا، ومساءلة ومحاسبة مجرمي الحرب الصهاينة، فقد آن الأوان للمجتمع الدولي أن يتوقف عن الإدعاء بوجود عملية سلام لم يستفد منها إلا الإحتلال الذي عزز سيطرته على الأرض والإنسان موغلاً في سياساته العنصرية، مكرساً نظام فصل عنصري هو الأبشع في تاريخ البشرية.
إننا وفي الوقت الذي نحيي فيه مقاومة شعبنا بكافة أشكالها وأطيافها، ونحيي الشباب والشابات المنتفضين في ميادين المواجهة في كافة أرجاء فلسطين، نحيي الشعوب العربيه وكافة أحرار العالم الذين هبوا للتضامن معنا في كافة أصقاع الأرض..
وإننا أيضا ومن موقع المسؤولية ندعو:
1- القيادة الفلسطينية للتصدي لمهمة وحدة شعبنا لتكون هذه الوحدة الدرع الحصين الذي يحمي قضيتنا ، والعمل على بلورة إستراتيجه وطنية للنضال، وبالتالي وقف المفاوضات والتنسيق الامني مع الإحتلال الذي شكل خنجراً في خاصرة شعبنا ونضاله.
2- جماهير شعبنا للمزيد من المشاركة والمواجهة المباشرة للاحتلال، والتوحد في الميدان انتصاراً لشعبنا وقضيته ووفاءً لشهدائنا وجرحانا وأسرانا وللثكالى والأيتام والمشردين من شعبنا.
3- نساء فلسطين إلى المزيد من المبادرة للفعاليات الوطنية والمزيد من المشاركة، استمراراً للدور الكفاحي للمرأة الفلسطينية الذي مثل نموذجاً عالمياً للنساء والشعوب .
4- أحرار العالم والشعوب العربية إلى المزيد من الفعاليات التضامنية، وإلى المزيد من الضغط على حكوماتهم بتوفير الدعم الحقيقي لنضال شعبنا ومن أجل مساءلة ومحاسبة مجرمي الحرب الصهاينه.
5- إلى توسيع حملة مقاطعة دولة الكيان الصهيوني “إسرائيل” وفرض العقوبات عليها وسحب الإستثمارات منها على المستوى العالمي والعربي والوطني، كما ندعو إلى حملات جماهيرية واسعة لمقاطعة البضائع ” الإسرائيلية”.
الحياة لشعبنا رغم كل جرائمهم
المجد والخلود والوفاء لشهدائنا
الشفاء لجرحانا والحرية لأسرانا
اتحاد لجان المرأة الفلسطينية

A statement issued by the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees (UPWC)

The life in Palestine and freedom for our people

The Zionists Occupation, led by a Government of settlers continues to commit war crimes against our people. They commit crime after crime, massacre after massacre. The rights of women and children, the elderly and families, are violated and their right to their land stripped from them and to enjoy the sea lapping at the feet. They use the most powerful means of killing, aircraft, tanks and advanced missiles.

The number of martyrs draws near to 200, half of them women and children and more than a thousand have been injured. And still the Occupation Army continue to kill, attacking the besieged Gaza Strip and destroying the homes of families making them homeless as well as mourning their dead. They destroy their homes over their heads and destroy institutions providing care for those with disabilities.

In the West Bank, and in the heart of Jerusalem, they are continuing their campaign of oppression, murder and torture against our people. Invading their homes, institutions and arresting. Now they have taken their Zionist crimes to a new level by kidnapping the a child, Mohammed Abu Khudair, burning him alive. And still the number of martyrs, wounded, prisoners and displaced persons is on the rise.

All this is happening with the support of the Governments of Western imperialism. These Governments see freedom, independence and liberation of our people and our land as a threat to their interests in the region. The crimes of the Occupation are allowed to continue, all with the suspicious silence of the Arab regimes.

We in the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees (UPWC) are engaged in a battle of steadfastness and confrontation. We continue to denounce the crimes committed against our people and our land, and condemn Western support and political cover that is provided for the crimes of the occupation, whether that support is clear and direct or veiled. We affirm the right of our people’s resistance to colonialism settlement in Palestine and insist on the right of return for Palestinian refugees to the homes from which they were displaced. In addition, the right of self-determination and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with full sovereignty with Jerusalem as its capital.

We are the reality of pain and suffering, and the manifestation of steadfastness and determination. As our inevitable victory approaches we call the international community to assume its responsibilities towards our people, through the mechanisms of a clear vindication of our rights to our land. We also demand a provisional International protection force for our people and the accountability of the Zionist war criminals.

It is time for the International community to cease to claim the existence of a peace process that has only benefited the Occupation, allowing it to strengthened the control over our land and institute racist policies through a system of apartheid, which is the ugliest in the history of mankind.

We applaud the resistance of our people in all its forms and spectra, and we salute the young men and women rebelling in the fields in all parts of Palestine. We also salute the Arab peoples and all people around the world that have shown solidarity with us.

We also call upon people to implement the following:

  1. The Palestinian leadership to tackle the task of unity of our people, protecting our cause. A leadership that is working to develop a national strategy for the struggle, and thus stop the negotiations and security coordination with the Occupation, which form a dagger in the side of our people and their struggle.
  2. We call on the masses of our people for increased participation in the struggle and direct confrontation with the Occupation. We call upon it to achieve victory for our people and our cause and to fulfill the wishes of our martyrs, our wounded, our prisoners, our bereaved, our orphans and the homeless of our people.
  3. We call upon Palestinian women to provide more initiative and direction for national events and to increase their militancy, providing positive role models for women and people around the world.
  4. To the people of the free world and to the Arab people we ask you all to show greater even greater solidarity through events, and apply more pressure on your Governments to provide real support to the struggle of our people and for the accountability of the Zionist war criminals.
  5. We call for the expansion of the campaign to boycott the state of the Zionist entity “Israel” and the imposition of sanctions and divestment at the global, Arab and national levels. We call for a mass campaign to boycott “Israel.”

Life for our people, in spite of all the crimes committed against them;
Glory, eternity and loyalty to our martyrs; and
Healing of our wounded and freedom for our prisoners.

Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees

13/07/14: SFP join students from An-Najah University in showing solidarity with Gaza

SFP joined students from An-Najah National University in Nablus at a gathering in the city’s central square to show solidarity with Gaza. Students shouted slogans and implored Nablusi’s to rise up in support of their Gazan brothers and sisters. They also, along with SFP, committed to step up their actions against the murderous Occupation.

At the time of writing there were 167 Palestinians murdered, the majority of which are civilians according to the UN. Yesterday the Israeli Army instructed Palestinians to leave their homes prior to a mass bombing campaign. The targeting of civilians and civilian homes constitute a war crime under international law.

SFP has vowed to step up its activities against the illegal Occupation and its attempts to massacre the Palestinian people. SFP implores Palestinians and internationals to join the struggle for freedom. Now is the time. We would also like to extend our thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have taken to the streets in support of Palestine. We ask you to please continue and grow your efforts as we all work together for a free Palestine.

N.B. All photos were kindly provided by Nablus based photographer Ahmad Talat Hasan